Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hi there, its Biggums. No new manga chapters yet, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween

I chiseled a Kaiji Pumpkin

For this blog post I spent some time scouring for the frighteningest, chillingest, spine tinglingest images that Fukumoto sensei could conjur up. There's a whole bevy of ghouls and monsters straight outta the online pages of these gambling mangas. Be warned, below the cut are some severely spooky FKMT metaphors!

What could be spookier than a manga page with no words? This one's just so cool its got the full moon, the, like shredded up cloak. Good stuff by that Hero artist ol what's his name. 

Remember that time Akagi was a zombie? That was so great.
I always thought this was a cool page. Washizu melting into the darkness. I think its especially cool to look at without the words too. "The Washizu that descended into the darkness. Yami ni Moritatta Washizu."
Remember that time Kaiji fought a giant spider? I sure don't! (ha ha rambo avgn) But yeah, consider this a special sneak preview of upcoming Kaiji chapters from me to you ;)

Then there's this Death/The Grim Reaper/Shinigami guy that Fukumoto loves to draw. He shows up everywhere. I remember first seeing him in the Kaiji anime during the Bridge of Life arc. I guess the fandom loved him so much they begged Fukumoto to include him in like, all the arcs ever.
Here he is hanging out with Akagi, sporting a cool dark cloak.
And here he is pulling a prank on Muraoka. What a trickster. Keep your eyes peeled for future sightings of this ghoul, he's sure to show up else where. Its like a Where's Waldo thing. 
Remember Atsuize Tenma? Its fun to reminisce about that, that was a whole darn year ago. But its all about that spooky 3rd chapter with this guy, Akachi. I recommend you go celebrate the holidays and get some good ol FKMTKrazy nostalgia going on by downloading Tenma Ch. 3 and reading it by the candlelight while you're home alone to get a real good scare. 

 Man that guy was so fucked up, not only does he hang out with those blue painter cultists from Earthbound, but he freakin cuts Tenma's sister and puts her blood on his riichi stick. Just, wow, this villain doesn't fuck around.

That's all for this year, fright-fans! Sorry if your favorite visual metaphor and/or favorite spooky Tenma villain didn't make it in. Feel free to leave a comment about it below (inb4 31 comments about the visual metaphors with Muraoka's ass)

One last thought, if my cackle-lations are correct, by this time in 2013, Halloween Oct. 31st, we should be all caught up with Kaiji part four and Akagi. Like if we keep releasing about 2 volumes a month, which is a pretty fast pace. We might even be caught up with Hero, who knows.
Here's to another year of good manga and spooks!


  1. Nice pumpkin, love it!

    man all those memories and ones to come. Fukumoto really is such a great story teller...

  2. Wow that pumpkin looks amazing!

    Here are two more from MKaiji:

    The shinigami on the bridge:

    Tonegawa is an akuma:

  3. That pumpkin needs moar zawa!

    ざわ。。。 ざわ。。。
    ざわ。。。 ざわ。。。

  4. Amazing carving skills there. Also, what a way to tease us, things aren't looking good for Kaiji. I wonder, if this arc ends in tragedy will then arc 4 have a happy ending?

  5. That pumpkin is incredible.

  6. I am literally checking this site for new chapters 10 times a day. I get the feeling you guys are just gonna release the last volume all at once, which I'd be okay with except the wait is killing meeee!

  7. Haha, now you guys need to release 1 single chapter to rub it in the face of overecspecting anons : D