Friday, August 23, 2013

New Side Project Options

So, now that we're done with Rude 39, I suppose we have room for another side project to put out once every couple months on the side. Of note is the fact that I am NOT looking for a major commitment like Hero or Washizu that you'll be expecting regular releases from, this is just something for me to work on when I don't have anything else going on. We have the RAWs for the following Fukumoto works, so if you see one you like, please give it a vote in the poll on the sidebar, and don't forget you can vote for multiple!

Also, THERE WILL BE A MAHJONG DAY SATURDAY AT 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST)!! That's today for some and tomorrow for others. See you on the IRC!

First, we have for you the leftovers from last time I asked you for a side project, to which you loudly replied "RUDE 39". These were scrounged up by our good friend Skutieos, but aren't actually as rare as some of the other stuff I have in store for you. First up of those is...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rude 39 Final Chapter + Retrospective

At long last, we're finally done with all of Rude 39! It took us... good god, it's been over 2 years, hasn't it? Well, we finished it, probably to the delight of some and the sorrow of others. I have some new early Fukumoto works we can pick up on the side next, and I'll put them in a separate post. But for now, let's finish off this series with style!

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who worked on the series to get us to this point! Thanks to Skutieos for his Cleans in c1-4, to Biggums for his redraws in 1-5, to Kazuhiko for his Typesetting in 1-5, and last but not least to TA for Cleaning and Typesetting this chapter as well as the two previous ones!

Chapter 11 Link

Rude 39 Complete Volume Link

Well, this chapter was certainly more intense than any of the ones before it... there were a lot of close calls and moments where you think it's all over, but in the end our prep school students pull through and overtake the Pachinko Pros by the smallest of margins. They call out for Katagiri, but he is nowhere to be found, as he has left them without saying goodbye. This is certainly not polite behavior. You might even call it... Rude? Yes, and to put a nice little tie on the whole series, Katagiri and Satomi walk away together, with promises that wherever they go next, they'll be Rude as Rude can be!

So yeah, I personally felt that the series changed starting with chapter 6, and I really can't say I fully enjoyed the change. It became more serious and less comedic, though each chapter did have a few funny moments. Overall, this series really doesn't compare to anything else Fukumoto has done, but I still enjoyed it and would like to do more of what Early Fukumoto has in store. And now, below the cut, some of my favorite moments from the series.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Akagi Chapters 174 & 175

Two new chapters of Akagi have arrived, courtesy of our new cleaners, Leoho and TA, as well as our faithful typesetter Kazuhiko! In these chapters, the South 1st Round begins, and Akagi gets a very exciting starting hand...!

In other news, I started school yesterday, so might slow down or speed up, we'll see how it goes. Let's try for a Mahjong Day this Saturday at the usual time, 22:00 GMT.

Chapter 174 link

Chapter 175 link

"You will need to make this final dealer turn of yours into an explosion! A bonfire of continued Honba!"

Yes, Washizu is downright giddy that Akagi just wasted one of his valuable rounds with that useless 3900-point win. He doesn't seem to care that Akagi outsmarted him by aiming for the tile that would come out from his hand if he folded. He is, in fact, altogether glad that he chose to do so. After all, those hands will invariably be cheap, meaningless hands. They will do nothing to overturn Washizu's tremendous lead! Yes, all that Washizu can rationalize from this cheap win is that Akagi must be aiming for the flow, not for the points. But Washizu is someone very in tune with the flow, and states that Akagi will not get anything from this win, no flow, no honba, no good hands. But Akagi's first six tiles would seem to dispute that claim...!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 21

At long last, the next chapter of Kaiji is here. Apologies for the long absence, but the summer has been rough. Thanks once again to those who helped make this long-awaited chapter possible. Js06 for his translating abilities, Biggums for his magnificent cleans, and Sonickrazy for his character-fleshing proofreading.

Note: Because of the chapter slowness, the next Kaiji release will be the rest of the volume (much like Illuminati-Manga), instead of chapters at a time until further notice. 


*death note music*

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 10

Hey everyone, it's been a week but we're back with the penultimate chapter of Rude 39, courtesy of the lovely TA! In this chapter, we have ourselves the first half of the showdown between our Prep School students and the Pachinko Pros!!

Also, may I remind everyone that we are having a Beta Testing session for Restricted Rock Paper Scissors tomorrow at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC. If you're coming, please download the file ahead of time so you can jump right in! The file is here.

Chapter Link

"I'll chase after them as long as I have to!"

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 9

Sorry for the week long absence, it's totally my fault as I was a bit unclear in my directions towards our two new cleaners. But we have for you today a new chapter of Rude 39, typeset by one of those two new cleaners, TA! We'll also have new chapters of Kaiji and Akagi coming up here pretty shortly, now that our group is working on them proper.

Thanks to Crump for the cleans, and to our new cleaner, TA, for typesetting this while applying to be a typesetter, as well! I'd say she did an excellent job!

download link

"Fear is merely the product of one's imagination!"

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Akagi Chapter 173

Well, that was certainly the longest hiatus we've ever had. 2 months, jesus. But we're back, and this time with two new cleaners, Leoho and TA! Thanks a lot to everyone who applied, and while I didn't choose all of you, if it turns out we do need more cleaners I'm sure the rest that applied will make wonderful substitutes. So don't give up, your turn may be coming!

Anyway, today, we have for you the 173rd installment of Akagi, courtesy of Leoho and Kazuhiko. I picked Leoho's clean because he was the first one to send me a clean that was up to our standards. Thanks a lot to him, and everyone else who sent me a clean for this chapter!

Chapter Link

"That 'Fold' was his true aim! Akagi had aimed for the 9-Pin that would come from Folding!"

Pretty epic chapter here, though the outcome was probably predictable based on the last chapter. Washizu is dumbfounded by Akagi's Riichi, but quickly rationalizes that the riichi must be to boost his hand up to Baiman, and therefore avoids dealing any tiles that would play into a Hon Itsu hand. Little does he know, Akagi does not in fact have a Hon Itsu, and instead has merely a Riichi Pinfu, worth 2000 points, with a wait on the exact tile that would come out of Washizu's hand should he choose to fold. Akagi was down by nearly 100,000 points, so it would only make sense that he would aim for the Hon Itsu Baiman hand. But instead, he aimed for the 2000-point hand, something that Washizu could not have predicted.