Friday, March 30, 2012

Rude 39 Chapter 2

Surprise! Rude 39 is back with the thrilling second installment! We've been working on our Anniversary project for a while, so this is actually probably the only release you'll be seeing this week. But expect a mega-release of epic proportions come April! Anyway, in this chapter, Katagiri and Satomi head to the races!

Thanks to Skutieos for the Cleaning, Biggums for the redrawing (removing sound effects and the like), and Kazuhiko for the typesetting! Oh, and Mahjong Day is still on for tomorrow; 23:00 GMT. And that's 5:00 PM for me; I was wrong last time because of daylight savings. >>;;

"I'm feeling a wind of chance that only comes once every 10 years! Mmmm... what a wonderful wind it is..."

Something interesting about this manga is that Katagiri and Satomi fully know that they like each other, but are both trying to avoid the subject, like how Katagiri was dreaming of getting a schoolgirl to date him for money despite having turned down a romantic relationship with Satomi just the other day. But there's still enough hints for it to maintain a "romance" category, even though the story has mostly gone towards the general Gambling aspect over the romantic ones. It's kind of funny that Katagiri blew just about all of his money on Horse-Racing, of all things. But I guess that gives him more room to wow us and Satomi with his Pachinko skills in the next 9 chapters. Satomi is now in control of the money, though she seems pretty willing to give it up as long as it's Pachinko and not some crazy all-in gamble.

The Pachinko strategy in this one was nothing new if you've watched the Bog arc of Kaiji (and I don't know why you wouldn't have), but what's different is that Katagiri actually uses smaller balls, rather than just having it briefly discussed like in Kaiji. Also, the One-Shot concept was carried over for the Bog, only the Bog makes it long and difficult to get to the prize hole that's always open, whereas it's easy to get to the Tulips in this machine normally, but they're only open for a little while after the numbers on the slots match up. Oh, and I have no idea why they're called Tulips. Maybe because they open and shut, kind of like they're blooming?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 48 & MKaiji Chart

Well, I'd say Mahjong Day was a smashing success! 10 people showed up this time, making for an awesome 2 hours. Let's aim for even more, next time! And to do that, we have the last chapter of DKaiji Volume 5 ready for your consumption!! Thanks to Biggums for the awesome cleans, as always.

"Kaiji looked straight past it!! He has missed this critical signal!!"

Kaiji's relieved at getting his Yakuman back, the employees that went out to see Kazuya's girls home come back and are shocked at the 40 million being wagered, The President tells them to shut up, all normal stuff. What's less normal is that, while Miyoshi was giving Kaiji his signal, Kaiji was so overwhelmed by the frantic situation of moments before that he stares off into space, and that space is inconveniently right where Miyoshi is. By the time he comes to with the help of Kazuya, he realizes that Miyoshi is finished giving his signal and that he is in some serious shit. Thankfully he gets his first discard for free by matching what the President plays, but he needs to somehow portray to Miyoshi that he needs that first signal repeated, or else only work with the 2nd signal and have to play around the octave he's given. An understandable mistake, but certainly a lethal one.

Oh, and the extra pages featured a summary chart of MKaiji, showing how the arcs were spread across the different volumes. I found that to be kinda cool and a good indication of what we'll have to do when we eventually do get back to that series, so I went and translated it for you:

Pretty cool. Oh, and by the way, FKMTkrazy's first anniversary is coming up; it's on the 2nd of April! Hmm... I wonder what we could do for that? Another chapter of Rude? A full volume of something? Another early FKMT work? Decisions, decisions. But we're back to Akagi v16 now, so expect some chapters of that over the next week.

Friday, March 23, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 46 & 47

After nearly a week of delay, we're back with a thrilling, intense, exciting double release of DKaiji!! I know I say something like that about every chapter, but seriously, this pair is exceptional in intensity. Go read!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning! Mahjong Day will be tomorrow at 23:00 GMT, which is 4PM MST (where I am). Be there or be a useless piece of shit who is better off dead!! (read the chapter... I didn't just say that to make you want to come; it's a reference. >>;;)

 "It's turned into a horrible nightmare...!!"

 Well, Kaiji certainly seems quick to beat himself up over his mistakes. But it's pretty amazing that he managed to assess a few sequence-based hands and decide that he couldn't get to Mangan in just 15 seconds, even though there was a hand that he could have used that he didn't see (which Osamu managed to guess last time! Good job to him!!). It's pretty reasonable he couldn't find it, considering he was in a state of panic at the time. But regardless, he sees that he has no shot at Mangan, so he decides to go find at least one of the three missing tiles to get him to tenpai... and knocks over his triplet of 3-man, which Kazuya and Muraoka find hysterical. An intense chapter, paving the way for an even more intense chapter...!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mahjong Day Kraziness

Okay. I've noticed that the attendance rate for Mahjong Days has dropped down sharply in the past weeks. So, to hopefully remedy that situation slightly, here's some of the crazy stuff that goes on at Mahjong Day! Which will mostly consist of screenshots. Mahjong day is every Saturday at 23:00 or 00:00 GMT! Come and join us sometime!

First, we have an incredible 24-Han Yakuman from Noname, who has shown up to every Mahjong Day since it started:

Bear in mind, you only need 13 Han to make a counted Yakuman. So essentially, Noname got nearly two times what you need to make a Yakuman!! Talk about overkill! And it didn't help that all the new Dora were from his San Kan Tsu, which is rare enough by itself! Some day, I'll get a Yakuman myself and join the ranks of Noname and Kazuhiko in the Yakuman club. Great job!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 44 & 45

Today, we have a double release for you, as promised!! And in these chapters... Kaiji makes a truly dire mistake!! Thanks to Crump for the cleaning, and to Sonickrazy for his awesome, amazing typesetting. That guy is going places.

And to celebrate, we have Mahjong today! Back to 00:00, or I won't be able to make it. But you could probaby show up at 23:00 and start without me to irritate me.

"This is an unmitigated disaster! An unprecedented mistake!!"

In case you didn't catch it, Kaiji's hand is really good. Like, unbelievably good. Like, so good that he could potentially take over half of the President's remaining funds in one fell swoop, and if not, can easily secure that he doubles his money. So good that he has to pick it up and admire it for the godsend it is... and send the pinzu tiles tumbling down to the floor. Jeez, it's always something with you, Kaiji!!

For the non-mahjong players out there, this is actually an easy mistake to make while picking up a row of tiles at once (the friction between the tiles allows you to pick up the entire row at once by pressing on the two sides). Press too little, and you'll only pick up the tiles on the edges. Press too hard, and the tiles will go flying, as happened to poor Kaiji, here. That's also how the players always knock over all their tiles at once instead of having to push down 4 tiles at a time. This comes into play in normal Mahjong when you're building the walls at the start and don't have an automatic table; the fastest way to stack the wall is to make two rows of 17 tiles, and pick up one of the rows to stack on the other. Learning to do this leads to a lot of frustration as the tiles fly everywhere if you press too hard.

Anyway, I'm sure that everyone will like seeing Kaiji on his hands and knees crawling around for THE BEST FREAKING HAND IN THE GAME. Even I got into the fun. But let me just say, this is gonna get real intense, real fast.

"I've gotta make Mangan with these tiles I've got left!!

Leaving behind Kaiji's tile-searching rain dance for now, I swear that there's gotta be some symbolic meaning behind that freaking lamp. It's what allows Maeda to peer on Kaiji's hand, it's prominent in just about every single panel that shows the whole room, and now it's hiding Kaiji's tiles, not letting him get past that one mistake. I'm sure the Language Arts teachers of the world would squeeze some kind of meaning out of it, if Manga was a scholastically accepted form of media. Maybe it represents Kaiji's inhibitions towards... um... well... see if you can find something, I'm done...

Anyway, Kaiji tries to find some way to make a Mangan out of the 31 tiles he has left, but it seems as though Muraoka's threat has come to fruition one way or another; without those three tiles, this setup does not appear to have any Mangan hands at all! Again, we have a literary device to couple with our lamp symbolism: Irony. Perhaps 43 could even count as foreshadowing. This Manga should be studied alongside Catcher in the Rye and Bridge to Terabithea, dammit!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 43

A release out of nowhere!! After only a day, we have another fantastic installment of DKaiji for you! And in this chapter, the Mahjong resumes...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs. Also, Kazuhiko will be taking a leave of abscence for a while, so I'm taking over for him in the typesetting department. So expect slow, lower-quality releases until he comes back in early april. >>;;

"No way can it happen three times in a row...!!"

The President seems just as shocked as we are to hear that Kaiji has decided to go all-in, this time. But that shock leads way to joy, as he happily applauds Kaiji for listening to his plights. However, he does taunt Kaiji, pointing out that there is a very easy way for him to lose practically immediately, regardless of how well he plays or what he looks out for... and that is if he cannot get a Mangan from the 34 tiles he has to work with. Kaiji dismisses this using the very logic that befell Mark in MKaiji: If Scissors comes out twice or three times in a row, it can't come out again! While he's right that the chances of there not being even a Mangan in his 34 tiles is quite small, it is still possible that another, unforeseen stroke of bad luck could befall him. And judging by his face at the end of the chapter, that could very easily be the case...!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 42

And with a mere 5 days of delay (lol...), we're back with more DKaiji! In this chapter, Kaiji considers Muraoka's proposal... and comes to an unexpected conclusion...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for a job well done. Kazuhiko has been very busy as of late, but he says he's back to stay!

"If I tried some shit like that, I'd be screwing over nobody but myself!!"

Okay, this decision of Kaiji's is sure to be controversial; on the one hand, it's quite risky because he's got no money of his own to work with, and betting 10 million at a time would allow him to avoid any chance of an accident and win back all the money he needs to pay Kazuya back, and probably even more. But on the other hand, he's already had two unforeseen instances of bad luck thus far, so he can know to look out for either of those two situations in the coming rounds. In other words, he knows to be careful with tiles that are around Miyoshi's signal and could be incorporated into tricky waits, and also to watch out for any octaves that he has 5 or more tiles in. So now that he can focus on those two weak points, as well as simply the basic tactics that have been carrying him thus far in the game. With all that in mind, it would take some freak coincidence to get through his defenses, this time. So whether he bets 20 or 40 million, he's all but certain not to lose the next round. I think that's why he chose to do it, even though he realizes that if it happens that he does lose, or even draw, he would have to go back to Kazuya and be in even more debt... if Kazuya will even let him borrow more.

Oh, and Rude 39 Chapter 2 should be up soon. The translation is done, it just needs to get redrawn, and then typeset. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 41

After a long break for Kazuhiko to catch up, another chapter of DKaiji hits the stands! In this chapter, Muraoka goes total sleazeball on Kaiji, and counters Kazuya's loan with a move of his own...!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning job, and also to Smokey for doing most of the typesetting work so Kazuhiko could just do some quick QC'ing.

"To 40 Million!! The bet is now raised to 40 Million Yen!!"

Poor Muraoka. He's embarrassed that Kazuya is being so "selfless" while he is doing barely anything, so he does the only thing he can think to do, and puts up all of his 40 million against Kaiji's... and wagers it all at once! How admirable! Kaiji would have to be some kind of heartless monster to turn down this kind offer from the deepest reaches of his soul!! Wouldn't he?! Wouldn't he?!?!

No, he wouldn't. Muraoka's just trying to push this offer through now that he knows that he can win against Kaiji. Kazuya doesn't seem to have anything to say about his money being bet all at once, so there's no way he can use that as a counter-argument. Can Kaiji figure out a way to convince Muraoka to drop the bet back down?! Or will he be forced to go all-in after two straight losses?!?!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 40

After last release's tremendous tropical storm, we're back with more of your favorite manga! And in this chapter, Kazuya decides whether he's going to loan Kaiji more money... and lots more!

Biggums. Kazuhiko. They be great. Thanks to mah homies.
"Things are about to get bloody, in here!"

Wow, lots happened in this chapter. Kazuya hands Kaiji 40 MILLION YEN, saying that he doesn't want to have to keep having Kaiji ask him for more loans. This is a big gamble on Kaiji's part, since if he loses now, there's no way in a million years that Kazuya will pay him back. Also, I guess Kazuya wasn't so strict about having to wait for Kaiji's attendent that he wouldn't spot him another loan... makes you wonder if he sees through Kaiji's bluff and is trying to milk all the labor hours he can out of the guy, or if he genuinely does assume that Kaiji kept a ton of money from the match with the bog, so he thinks it's a safe loan that can easily be paid back. I get the feeling it's the latter, seeing how he's still not charging any interest or anything. But I guess we'll find out at some point.

Something else that was interesting in this chapter (and sure to get a lot of fandom backlash about how Kazuya is a misogynist) was the fact that he had his girlfriends dragged out of the room against their will, presumably because what's happening next will be too intense for them to watch. He mentions that it will get "bloody", so maybe Kaiji will run out of money again and Kazuya will take out 8 250-cc containers and make him bet his blood. >>;; Okay, no.

Friday, March 2, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 39

And what better a release to follow up Rude 39 than the 39th Chapter of DKaiji! I'm tempted to do something crazy like the 39th chapter of Akagi, but that would be overkill. Anyway, yeah, a long gap between Rude and this, since Kazuhiko was having a busy week. People really seem to be liking Rude, so I'll probably be pumping some work into it while we're doing DKaiji. Rude is harder to translate than DKaiji, since there's a lot of content in each chapter. But we'll see how it goes.

Thanks to the usual suspects Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellence in all ways, not limited to Manga Editing. Oh, and Mahjong tomorrow, at 23:00 PM GMT. Be there or be as greasy as Muraoka.

"Isn't this whole boat made of mud?! Just like the old stories!!"

Woo, more crazy Fukumoto metaphors. For those of you who read this chapter in the original Japanese first, I think you'll get a kick out of the fact that the boat is a reference to the Mud Boat story. But yeah, Kaiji seems to be really mad at Miyoshi and Maeda for not realizing that this kind of outrageously bad luck could happen. From now on, Kaiji will have to watch out for any 5 tiles in his hand that could fit into a wait, or else he'll be forced to deal one, again. So yeah, It all comes down to whether or not Kazuya is willing to spot Kaiji another loan. If not, Kazuya will be earning himself 10 Mil's worth of Kaiji's Body, a la mode.