Friday, February 14, 2020

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020


I'm done stressing out over stupid uneventful chapters of Fukumoto's evil series that promote and revel in demons, darkness, sin, lying, deceit, theft, selfishness, gambling, crime, murder, godlessness and immorality. I have come to know God and this hobby simply is not compatible with my faith. The blog being taken down was a sign to me that it is time for me to get away from this waste of time I have overindulged in for 8 years of my life. I would give back all the so-called "fame", all the money that you all donated, and all the skills i acquired if it meant I could go back and learn to love the Lord sooner. Then I would have made more of the time I had with my dad and honored him while he was still alive instead of describing what kinds of works I was translating to him on what turned out to be his death bed and watching him squirm in horror at all the terrible things Fukumoto has written about.

I first got into Kaiji because of its naked description of the twisted morals of society as they are, like Tonegawa's "Money is worth more than life" speech. I cheered for Kaiji as he showed how a Slave could beat an Emperor. I thought there would be more of that "overcoming the morally corrupt society" vibe. But over time I feel as though Fukumoto forgot the morals that founded his early works and has begun to slip away and side more with the Tonegawa mindset. In my eyes, the Tonegawa series and all the comedy spin offs focusing on villains show more and more how Fukumoto has lost his initial character and is now selling himself as a laughing stock and giving into the darkness that it seemed like he was trying to fight against. Washizu went from an evil corrupt murderer that was possessed by demons to a comedic hero helped by all the gods of every world religion for no reason but a gradual change in Fukumoto's mindset, it seems to me. His character shows the transformation of Fukumoto's morals in a nutshell. So unless the themes of Fukumoto's works change back to how they used to be, I refuse to participate in them any longer.

I would say I'm sorry to let you down, but there are a great number of translators itching to get their hands on Kaiji, Hero and Mamiya so I'm sure it will take no time at all for somebody to spring up to replace me. Tambur is still as motivated as ever so definitely reach out to him and send him your translations of the new chapters. I entrust the decision of whose translation to use to him. I have talked with Biggums about quitting before and he said years ago he was ready to be done so we will most likely need a new cleaner as well. The upcoming Kaiji chapter will be my last one, I have already finished the translation and Tambur is typesetting it now. The one after it is up for grabs. I hope you all see what I'm talking about and understand my perspective. I might get into streaming again, I'm not quitting mahjong. I might feel more up to being present on the discord as well. So I'll see you around. Have a great life and God Bless.

-James "Sonickrazy" Bragg

Friday, January 24, 2020

R.I.P. FKMTkrazy Blog, 5/24/11 - 1/22/20

As I'm sure you have already noticed, the vast majority of the posts on this blog have been taken down and reverted to draft status. This is because Takeshobo, the publisher of most of Fukumoto's mahjong manga, issued a DMCA takedown through "Comeso GmbH". We at FKMTkrazy are devastated by this action, and we will be looking into other ways to continue our passion of translating Fukumoto's amazing series, whether through uploading them directly to Mangadex or by utilizing a different platform to announce our releases. But in any event, we cannot use Blogger any longer, meaning the end of our heartfelt blog posts about the series. I personally am worried that it may also jeopardize our ability to scanlate in general, as after the recent suing of Cloudflare by Takeshobo, it seems that they are cracking down on uploads of their series all together. After the takedowns have concluded, I might consider removing the links to the chapters and reposting the posts just for the contents of the blog itself. But it seems it is too dangerous now to continue doing this as we have been for any longer. I am open to suggestions for what we should do now.