Friday, May 13, 2016

FKMTkrazy Mahjong Tournament #2

So in light of our inability to release any chapters at the moment I decided now would be a good time to start the initial stages of our second mahjong tournament! And once again, the prize is a volume of a manga of your choice, translated by yours truly in a timely fashion! However, this time will be a bit different. As I do not have time to translate very many series at once, and considering that Mukoubuchi has already gone well past the 1 volume I promised to translate after last tournament, I will be willing to stop doing Mukoubuchi for a while to translate the manga you choose... IF you can beat me in the tournament!

However, as I kind of wanna keep doing Mukoubuchi, I don't want to just start from the bottom. If you want to win the prize, you'll have to earn the chance to take Mukoubuchi away from me for a while! The chance to win the aforementioned prize will only be given to the three that place the highest in the initial tournament bracket. Those three will then move on to the Championship Round, where they will play against me in a multiple-hanchan finale, where the winner gets the manga of their choice translated! And naturally, I'll be picking mukoubuchi if I win.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

One Poker Hen 121

After a bit of last-minute scrambling, we present to you chapter 121 of Kaiji!! Apologies for the delay, but it couldn't be helped as Tambur had a medical emergency this Tuesday and could not typeset the chapter on time, which is also why we did not have a Kurosawa chapter this week. Luckily for us, Kazuhiko the all-star typesetter who typesets for happyscans and Hokuto no Gun was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to fill in for him this chapter! I can't give you anything certain for our release schedule at this point but Tambur assures me that his condition is not critical and he will be able to typeset some more in a week or two.

Thanks so much to Kazuhiko for filling in for typesetting this time, and to Crump for continuing to provide us with cleans!

Chapter Link

"It's not giving up, it's cutting my losses!!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This time Tambur has medical issues so he can't typeset the chapter for today, and probably not anything else this week. I'm looking into getting another typesetter for the time being but for now here's a picture of a cute stray dog:

Looks kind of familiar...