Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 67

The beginning of play-by-play mahjong action starts from this chapter! Thanks to js06 for the script, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading, as well as another set of helpful mahjong notes at the end of the chapter.

"Everything is suspicious!"

This chapter starts out quick, immediately jumping into Kaiji's thoughts and a bunch of mahjong theory. He notes that the 2-pin would be a dangerous tile to play, as it is the dora, and could provide Muraoka with the necessary tile to complete his hand! But since that is so obvious, wouldn't Muraoka know that and plan to not use the 2-pin, and therefore it would be the safest? But what if that's a trap as well? And Muraoka actually needs the dora, because of the Mangan restriction? Kaiji quickly falls into the never-ending cycle of "he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think" and loses his grip on reality for a moment, giving us a glimpse of the true turmoil his mind is in. The only thing that allows him to keep his cool is the strict logic his uses to analyze his choices.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death Pie Chapter 2

And for Mahjongkrazy's second release, we bring to you the second chapter of the epic Mahjong Manga, Death Pie!! And this chapter is pretty much all Mahjong; we're introduced to Muramatsu, who always gets Double Riichi...!

Thanks to our friends at HappyScans! for working on this with us.

'kay, I said I wasn't gonna do too much blogging on this series, but really, how could I NOT bring up the freaking amazing strategy that is Muramatsu's No-Ten Double Riichi? In case you didn't catch it, he grabs a tile from the wall, and if he likes what he sees, he replaces it with a tile in his hand he wants to get rid of in a style similar to Ichikawa's trick from Akagi; quickly moving the tile over his hand and grabbing the displaced tile.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 66

Finally! This chapter of DKaiji features some genuine mahjong action! But that also means there are some pretty technical mahjong terms and concepts in this chapter. And because we love you guys, Sonickrazy has helpfully provided a notes page for your convenience. Thanks to js06 for the precise translation, Biggums for the timely cleans, and Sonickrazy for the prompt proofreading and notes page.

"It's as if I'm bottled inside a jar!"

Muraoka starts off with another one of his Oscar-worthy acts, discarding a tile that of course won't deal into Kaiji's hand. But Kaiji remains calm (for the most part), because he's still holding on to his final card, his final hope! Then there's another one of Fukumoto's analogies, this time a bit on the weird side. Kaiji is stuck in a jar, the jar "made of their expectations". In other words, the jar is symbolic of their devious plans, and Kaiji is stuck inside. But! But, Kaiji still has a grip on the edge of the jar, and he still has a chance to pull himself out. Granted, he has no idea where to go even if he does get out, but the priority lies on getting out first!

Friday, June 22, 2012

HERO Chapter 1

Well, if you thought Death Pie was the surprise I was hinting at in the last Akagi post, you'll be surprised to find that the real surprise is more surprising than that surprise you were surprised at earlier! So, Surprise! We have for you the first chapter of Hero: Gyakkyou no Tohai! For those of you not in the know, Hero is the sequel to Fukumoto's classic manga, Ten, which is the manga that Akagi was based off of! And now, the English-Speaking world will finally be able to continue this epic saga!

When I read Hero for the first time, I was expecting it to be similar to Washizu - Enma no Tohai in style... an alternate interpretation on the history of the Ten universe that would be interesting, but not anywhere near as meaningful or innovative as the series it spun off from. Well, gentlemen, I am happy to report that I was mistaken. You can feel Fukumoto's writing in every page of this sequel, and there was clearly no part of it that got through without Fukumoto saying yes to it. So I consider this a worthy addition to the FKMT collection, and certainly worth taking a break from Akagi to scanlate. :)

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't read Ten yet, you can find it here. Please don't read Hero until you've finished Ten all the way; there are spoilers for the end of Ten from the very first page and I feel like you'll enjoy it much more if you know what happened before. Thank you.

And what better way to celebrate the release of Hero to the english-speaking world than by coming to Mahjong Day on Saturday at 23:00 GMT (5:00 MST)?! I certainly can't think of anything. Thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Kazuhiko for the typesetting!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 65

Another chapter of DKaiji is ready for you guys! This time around, Kaiji dodges yet another bullet and begins to plan his counterattack! Thanks to js06 for the quick script, Biggums for sending the cleans before even 64 was up, and Sonickrazy for proofreading the script pronto.

"Things could still be worse!"

Miyoshi continues to justify his betrayal of Kaiji, this time by declaring that it is no concern of his if Kaiji gets hurt! After all, Kaiji's act of saving them previously clearly has nothing to do with it right? Wrong. All Miyoshi really wants is money. Money for himself, regardless if he hurts others, others that trust him. And Maeda is no better. Sonickrazy actually has a great analysis of the parallels between Miyoshi and Maeda versus Kaiji's former allies in Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors, Furuhata and Andou (minor spoiler alert). Here is his take:
Miyoshi and Furuhata are both shy, introverted people who desperately want to get rich quick, and are easily tempted to do so. Maeda and Andou both look after themselves first, and will follow anyone who has a good plan.
Given this parallel, it actually becomes quite easy to see why those two act the way they did. Miyoshi and Maeda generally have decent morals, but Muraoka's argument is simply too convincing for them to ignore. By condemning Kaiji as a traitor, Miyoshi is able to put his moral compass in check and follow through with his deep desire to get rich quick. Maeda, who as we know has practically no say on anything, is a "me-first" type of character that will quickly jump on the bandwagon if the prospects seem good. And if Miyoshi, his only real companion at the time since Kaiji had disappeared, thinks that tricking Kaiji is a good and justifiable idea, then he will follow along, especially if money is promised.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 64

Well, all the debate about why Miyoshi and Maeda betrayed Kaiji can stop, because this chapter exclusively explains exactly why those two did what they did. Thanks to js06 for translating, Biggums for cleaning, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

Now, onto the revelation.

"He is alone and helpless!"

The chapter starts off with Kaiji once again realizing his terrible predicament and Muraoka laughing maniacally because of his plan working out. But then we jump into Miyoshi's flashback, which elucidates how Muraoka managed to convince Kaiji's two friends into becoming traitors. Muraoka laughs at their supposed ignorance, thinking that Kaiji was broke when he had won a jackpot of over 700 million. And the worse part is, all his reasoning makes sense...if Kaiji were a typical resident of that greedy world! Of course it would seem like Kaiji would get the biggest cut, since he lead it. But it was actually an equal split between them (though it didn't turn out that way in the end)! But from Muraoka's reasoning, he sees the other two as "helpers", earning a "small" 100 million amount, rather than as the actual collaborators they were! After all, all three of them were risking all their livelihood along with Kaiji!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mahjongkrazy & Death Pie

Hey, this is gonna be a pretty short blog post, but for those of you who have been asking if FKMTkrazy would ever consider doing Mahjong Manga that isn't by Fukumoto, the answer is no. However, that's why we put up the Mahjongkrazy branch for all that stuff that wasn't written by Fukumoto, but is still Mahjong. And yes, we're going to scanlate Tetsuya at some point... when is the question. For Death Pie, I'm not really gonna do any blogging, even though I am the translator, because the releases are primarily for HappyScans. I'll still post a link to their blog posts here and leave the comments open, but I won't be opening up a new blogspot page or anything until we start releasing stuff that's exclusively on Mahjongkrazy. You can find Mahjongkrazy's mediafire here, but I'd suggest downloading it at HappyScan's mediafire, the link to which can be found at their blog.

...though I just gotta say, this manga is really, really crazy. Kazuhiko dug it up when he was looking for some Shimamoto manga that HappyScans could do, and saw in it the perfect collab between the two of us (Kazu is a member of both groups). It's got Mahjong, Shimamoto awesomeness, espionage, the works. It's a lot like Legend of Koizumi in that regard, but while still maintaining some semblance of seriousness about it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rude 39 Chapter 3

Happy Father's Day, everyone! I just got back from a wonderful afternoon with my own father, so as a gift, we have a special Father's Day installment of Rude 39! Well, in that Satomi's father appears once again! I'm totally not reaching for holiday significance, here!!

Thanks to Skutieos for the cleaning, Biggums for the superb redraws, and especially to Kazuhiko for going down to the library and downloading the cleans and translation from the internet, there, and finishing the chapter before he went home!

"That girl will never pay any mind to the block I put up to try and stop her... and no matter what, will always find another route to get around them."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 63

How can we celebrate the return of Akagi? Why not with more DKaiji? This time, we have chapter 63 ready for you guys, thanks to the regular people: js06, the translator, Biggums, the cleaner, and Sonickrazy, the proofreader.

Note: Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji is now up for your reading pleasure. For those who missed the second saga of Kaiji's adventures, then I suggest you read it now, because it's completely worth it.

"I saw a man-eating beast!"

Sill reeling in shock from his betrayal, Kaiji attempts to retrace his steps and recall exactly when he should of detected their treachery. We find him in a flashback scene to when Miyoshi and Maeda first meet him and suddenly we're transferred into one of Kaiji's famed metaphors! This time Kaiji is just fishing for some innocent koi fish...only to be attacked by a man-eating beast (read: alligator)! It's true Kaiji was a bit caught off guard when he realized that those two had not even mentioned how they would split the rewards. But why would he? After all, he just saved their life...multiple times in fact! He opened up his heart a little, and this is what happened. (On a side note: kudos to Miyoshi for his quick, if shoddy, cover-up attempt.)

And now that Kaiji is questioning what they told him previously, he sees the logical flaw in their plan. It would be rare for someone to accept a high-stakes game in the first place. No one in their right mind who go for it again if they lost the first one! Except of course, if they think they'll win! And what do you know, Kaiji accepts the high-stakes game, and Kaiji loses. And what does he do next? He goes in again. Right into those three's devious little plans. Both Kaiji and Muraoka are trying to trick the other, and who wouldn't play a game they thought they could always win in? Certainly not someone as logical as Kaiji.

But at least Kaiji realizes his mistake. He sees what he did wrong. And the first step to success is admitting one's mistakes. But the next step is to correct or compensate for them. And just how is a Kaiji supposed to do that?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Akagi Chapter 142

Another chapter of Akagi, and the last one of volume 16, as well as the last of what I like to call the "2nd Part" of the Washizu Arc, the 5th Hanchan! And as with 141, this chapter was typeset by the wonderful and dare I say ravishingly handsome Smokey, as Kazuhiko is still without internet.

Thanks to Deakachu for the cleans, and to Smokey for the typesetting!

"For better or worse, the final Hanchan has been set in motion!"

Well, I was right, Akagi did bring up the fact that Suzuki is just as capable as Yasuoka of pulling off a false Ron or Tsumo to end the round quickly. I like how his "one condition" is something that benifits neither player, and the agreement that it was a condition for actually drastically lowers his chances of success. Just shows how confident Akagi is that he'll win. Besides, Washizu only has 27.5 Million Yen left... 27,500 points. With just 4 more Mangans, he can take that away from Washizu, no sweat. Why even worry about the end of the match? Unless those 4 Mangans turn out to be very difficult to squeeze out of Washizu... In which case it's very possible for Washizu to win a massive amount from Suzuki and run away with his lead. Will the game come down to how long it takes for Akagi to get those 27,500 points in direct hits? Or will it instead be Akagi who needs to run away with his lead? Find out in the next Volume of Tohai Densetsu Akagi!!

...Only, you're gonna have to wait a bit, because of Kazuhiko's internet people. Also, expect some more Rude 39 from the Non-Kaiji team, and possibly even a special surprise...!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Akagi Chapter 141

Surprise! More Akagi, at long last! You've probably been wondering just what the heck was taking us so long to get the next chapter done... Well, Kazuhiko recently moved, and as a result he had no internet for a few days. But that few days turned into a week and a half, so I emailed him to ask what was wrong, and in one of his spots of internet connectivity, he managed to reply that his internet people are "idiots to the max", and that he doesn't know when he'll be back. So I enlisted the help of one of Kazuhiko's good friends and an infrequent typesetting understudy for FKMTkrazy, Smokey, to get 141 and 142 done in the time it takes Kazuhiko to get back online. So it's gonna be nothing but DKaiji indefinitely until Kazuhiko gets back online.

Thanks to Deakachu for the quick cleans, Smokey for filling in on the typesetting, and to Mr. Peng Yang, Mr. Crump Biggums, and Mr... js06 for being so diligent as to keep y'all too occupied with DKaiji to notice that there was a shortage of Akagi chapters.

"Why, it's only law enforcement, detective!"

As little as actually got accomplished in this chapter, I loved it because of Washizu and Akagi's exchange of dialogue. Washizu looked so elated when Yasuoka was shouting at him about what he wanted him to, and then so deflated when Akagi hit the nail on the head regarding what his actual intentions were. But the whole thing about false rons and false tsumos was pretty interesting, considering that the notion had never been brought up before, but was certainly always there. I felt like I didn't explain it enough in the translation notes when the Chombo Penalty was brought up, but basically you have to pay a penalty in mahjong if you make a critical mistake (like declaring a false win, having a hand with too many or too few tiles, knocking the wall over beyond repair, etc.) or are caught cheating. The round ends after you make the payment, since if it continued afterwards then someone would be at a disadvantage through no fault of their own, be it because everyone knew their hand or because soemone else had cheated and would have some advantage through it. However, since Yasuoka and Suzuki's scores don't count for anything, they can just make an error on purpose and suffer all the penalty in order to get their partner out of a sticky situation. I imagine Akagi is going to press Washizu about Suzuki doing that in the next chapter, as well.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 62

It's time for even more DKaiji! This time around, we get to see exactly what Kaiji's reasoning was when he left for the bathroom. And that is of course thanks to js06, our translator, Biggums, our cleaner, and Sonickrazy, our proofreader.

"The one being tricked...was Kaiji!!"

Kaiji has no choice this time but to accept the betrayal of his former comrades. But that doesn't mean he can't vent his rage against them internally right? "Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!! Traitors!!!" And boy is he beating himself up for it. Acting the fool for trusting them, for allowing them to trick him as he played into their hands (pun intended) over and over again.

The narrator then takes over (we haven't heard him in a while). He graciously explains Kaiji's reasoning behind all his previous actions, and most importantly, the true properties of the "Kaiji Shuffle". Reaffirming the betrayal, it is explained that Kaiji had straightened out his tiles before leaving for the bathroom. That is obvious enough, as we could see that ourselves. And Muraoka, as evil as he is, is no fool himself! He easily picks up on that little trap, and returns the tiles to their straightened position before Kaiji returns.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 61

Oh boy. You've been waiting for it folks. And man are you guys up for a treat! But first, let us take a moment and give thanks to those who allowed this treat to be given. A toast, to our glorious translator js06, to our exalted cleaner Crump Biggums, and to our revered proofreader Sonickrazy, the Messiah that hold our little group together! I also want to leave some thanks to all our readers! The "thank you"s and comments we received during the last post really motivated us! <3 <3

"See what cannot be seen! That is the heart of gambling!"

First off, a note. I intentionally did not typeset the original sign and quotation by Muraoka in order to preserve the artwork. It is a nice example of Japanese poetry, though in Sonic's words "Muraoka's handwriting is worse than ass", so don't use it as the best example.

We're back right where we just left off, with Kaiji finishing up in the bathroom. But he notices something in the mirror! What could it be? Incidentally enough, it's a message from Muraoka himself! "See that which cannot be seen! That is the heart of gambling!" The irony of the statement is not lost on Kaiji, who immediately condemns Muraoka for being, in his words, "a conman." Though at least Kaiji knows he's being fooled, by Muraoka at least. But when he returns, it'll be time to confirm Miyoshi and Maeda's true allegiances!

Friday, June 1, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 60

Another chapter of DKaiji folks! We finally get to see what Kaiji has in mind! Thanks to js06 for the quick translation, Biggums for sending me the cleans ahead of time, and Sonickrazy for proofreading it pronto.


Ooh, Kaiji really took a gamble this time. Leaving the room just like that is just inviting Muraoka to take a peek at his tiles. And in fact, this is actually Kaiji's intent all along! Why pull such a suicidal move at such a crucial juncture? Because it's Kaiji of course! High risk and high gain is the word of the game! But in all seriousness, he is actually very clear-minded about all this. When it comes down to it, he either has to give up trusting Miyoshi and Maeda and stick with his hand by himself, or give up his hand to confirm his two "comrades" allegiances. In all honestly, even if Kaiji had gone down the "keep his hand" path, and it turned out Miyoshi and Maeda were traitors, his amazing hand would have been for naught anyways. It would have been picked apart and demolished by Muraoka and his two conspirators, and would leave Kaiji destitute and even more unsure about his old pals.

And so, to the absolute glee of Muraoka (I learned several new ways to laugh maniacally during this chapter), Kaiji is forced to allow his hand to be revealed.  Kaiji does consider the "Young Master" that lent him the 50 million, but wisely concludes that the "Young Master" would have no real stake in his hand, and so would probably allow cheating to take place. A smart move, as the worst thing Kaiji could do at this point is place his faith where it does not belong. And since no one in the room is guaranteed to be on his side, it is almost inevitable that cheating will take place. With millions to gain and nothing to lose, who wouldn't? Certainly a greedy and corrupt Muraoka would not hesitate, Kaiji deduces.