Monday, June 18, 2012

Mahjongkrazy & Death Pie

Hey, this is gonna be a pretty short blog post, but for those of you who have been asking if FKMTkrazy would ever consider doing Mahjong Manga that isn't by Fukumoto, the answer is no. However, that's why we put up the Mahjongkrazy branch for all that stuff that wasn't written by Fukumoto, but is still Mahjong. And yes, we're going to scanlate Tetsuya at some point... when is the question. For Death Pie, I'm not really gonna do any blogging, even though I am the translator, because the releases are primarily for HappyScans. I'll still post a link to their blog posts here and leave the comments open, but I won't be opening up a new blogspot page or anything until we start releasing stuff that's exclusively on Mahjongkrazy. You can find Mahjongkrazy's mediafire here, but I'd suggest downloading it at HappyScan's mediafire, the link to which can be found at their blog.

...though I just gotta say, this manga is really, really crazy. Kazuhiko dug it up when he was looking for some Shimamoto manga that HappyScans could do, and saw in it the perfect collab between the two of us (Kazu is a member of both groups). It's got Mahjong, Shimamoto awesomeness, espionage, the works. It's a lot like Legend of Koizumi in that regard, but while still maintaining some semblance of seriousness about it.


  1. "And yes, we're going to scanlate Tetsuya at some point..."

    You made my day, sir.

  2. You know what's funny? Yesterday, me and my friend were discussing Akagi and we agreed that there's not enough mahjong comics in English. Death Pie looks interesting.

    I'll vote for the ones I'm somewhat familiar with: Washizu, Tetsuya and Usagi.

  3. This manga looks interesting, if you can get used to the art style. First chapter felt kinda short though.

    Did I miss something, or why would you want to scanlate Tetsuya so badly?
    I mean I enjoyed the anime a lot, but were there any arcs left out or is the manga drastically different? Because there is still tons of Akagi and more FKMT work (Kaiji Kazuyahen, Hero, Washizu Enma no Tohai) which I would rather see scanlated.

    Never heard of most of those manga in the poll, gotta check them out. Thanks for the work as always :D

    1. Kazuhiko and Crump were all for translating the Tetsuya manga ASAP, but I was kind of hesitant, since I had your perception that FKMT manga should come first. But Skutieos started translating the first chapter, and it's certainly loads different from the anime. I may take over for him if he gets tired out, but the Tetsuya scans will not slow down FKMTkrazy, at least not right now.

    2. Crump also believes FKMT manga should come before Tetsuya. Tetsuya can wait until we're scanlating professionals, able to leap tall volumes in a single bound.

    3. For the record, Tetsuya manga is drastically different than the anime, and contains ~40 volumes. Yes, the anime left plenty out.

  4. Impressive first chapter. Though I do hope it will get more into a play-by-play mahjong style so I can see what actually happens.

    The 80s art style actually makes everything look really intense.