Monday, October 19, 2015

Mahjongkrazy Happenings

Hey mahjong fans! Did you know that mahjongkrazy has been releasing new mahjong manga?! Well now you do! I'm here to announce THREE series that are getting releases! Go check them out at "Mahjongkrazy Branch" up there in the top bar! Thanks to Denji and Chuck for keeping releases coming!

First, there's the ever-popular Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, which had a long gap in releases, but that gap has been broken by our resident damn punk, Chuck190! Tetsuya is a manga about post-war japan and the mahjong games that happened around the 1940's, which involved some heavy cheating. Releases done sporadically.

Then, there's Naki no Ryuu, one of the pioneers of the mahjong manga scene, which popularized doing crazy stuff while playing and looking cool doing it. It stars a guy named Ryuu who plays for Yakuza in high-stakes mahjong games, and plays in a way that defies explanation. Released every friday.

Finally, I'm doing a manga called Mukoubuchi, a tale of high-stakes underground mahjong. The 1980's saw a big economic bubble that led to high stakes games unlike anything the world had ever seen. And in it, a man some call Kai lives as a Mukoubuchi, a lone-wolf gambler that lives off high-stakes games. Terribly sorry, but releases will only be every other monday.


  1. I am just so happy with all of these goods! I just donated 25$ and I will be sure to donate more sooner, if I could I would just donated more but my budget doesn't allow for anymore ><" and I think this is just too little but I really want you to have whatever you want from my donation and don't just exclude it in any kind of service for us, you guys have done more then enough and you are the best!

    1. Thank you very much MrSL101! You donation and feedback is very appreciated!

  2. Hot gooey Mahjong all over my face. Thank you.

  3. Great news! Really liked the Tetsuya anime and always thought Mukoubuchi looked cool. If you ever need a proofreader I'd be happy to help.

  4. This is amazing!