Monday, September 29, 2014

The New Kurosawa Chapter 1

Yes! Thanks to Denji, our new translator, we now have for you the first chapter of The New Kurosawa! (I refuse to call it Shin Kurosawa, Shin can mean too many other things to english speakers) I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment so I really don't have the energy to write a full in depth blog post, but I'll do my best.

Thanks to our new translator Denji for the translations, to Crump for the awesome cleans, and to Tambur for the typesetting! I proofread this one a bit, but Denji did most of the work.

Chapter Link


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Akagi Chapter 214

Yes, two chapters of Akagi right around the 26th of September! If you don't get the significance of September 26th, go read Ten all the way through and it'll make sense. But yeah, we had a good time recognizing that special day yesterday, even if I couldn't make it all the way through myself and had to play a recording of the final arc of Ten PS2. I'm running on 2 hours of sleep right now, but that shouldn't stop me from bringing you this next exciting installment of Akagi!

Also, we got a new translator fairly recently who offered to do a FKMT series for us (not Kaiji), so be on the lookout for new chapters of a certain series about another long-nosed protagonist very shortly!

Thanks to TA for the cleans and to Tambur for the typesetting! Stream day and Mahjong day are on Friday and Saturday at the usual times (22:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT).

Chapter Link

"Washizu is in danger! A large risk still stands in his way!"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Akagi Chapter 213

So I may or may not be getting into some kind of groove here. We'll see. But either way, Akagi is back, and in this chapter, Akagi describes his thoughts after coming back from the dead, and instills a deathly fear in Washizu!

Thanks to TA for the faithful cleans in our absence, and to Tambur for the quick typesetting job! Tomorrow's the big day, Akagi's 15th Kinichi, so I'm gonna be doing a 24-hour stream here starting at 15:00 GMT (8:00 AM PST)! Here's the link to the schedule so you can pop in for your favorite part!

"I don't intend on having a South 4th Round."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Washizu Chapters 9 & 10

We're alive! Let me just get it out of the way first and foremost: we have officially (but possibly temporarily) DROPPED Kazuya-hen and will be leaving it to the kind anonymous poster in the previous post's comments section. The reason for this is because I am the only translator at FKMTkrazy, and while I thought I could do it, it turns out keeping up with 2 projects at once was too much for me since I now have a job that is very taxing on me. This is also an open message to the aforementioned anonymous poster: if you would like to become a translator for us instead of doing everything yourself, you are more than welcome, as our cleaners and typesetters are more than capable of handling Kaiji if we get another translator, and do not want to stop working on Kaiji. We also have raws for Kazuya-Hen v10-13, so do message me if you want them, even if you're not willing to join us.

Now that that's out of the way and our Kaiji readers have been appeased (lol as if), our grand comeback is with a brand-new double release of Washizu-Enma no Tohai! Now some of you may be ticked that this is not Akagi OR Kaiji, but we did say that we'd be doing this back when we released Chapter 7 of Washizu. This is the last Washizu we'll be doing for a while, it'll be back to Akagi after this. No matter how unmotivated I get, I REFUSE to drop Akagi, I've pumped so much thought into that manga and I'd hate to have someone else pick it up.

Speaking of Akagi, I will be doing a 24-hour stream (all-night vigil or 24-hour mahjong war, whichever you prefer) for Akagi's 15th Kinichi (memorial day) starting on Friday September 26th at 15:00 GMT (8:00 AM PDT) and going until the same time the following day. Yes, really! Here's the schedule for it, and here's the link to the stream! And now... here's the chapters!

Chapter 9
Chapter 10