Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 39 & 40

And to finish out the volume, we have for you Chapters 39 and 40 of Kazuya-Hen! In these chapters, Kazuya works out why the Asian Three are so set on clearing the game! Will he find a way to counter it?

Thanks to Crump for the speedy cleans and to Tambur for the fantastic typesetting! I will be (actually!) streaming more of the mahjong game about cheating, Akko de Pon! Ikasama Hourouki, this Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST).

Special Announcement: Do you like gambling manga? Of course you do. And since you do, you will most likely enjoy Seikimatsu Bakuroden Saga, a movie based on the manga of the same name. I helped to quality check it, and if Hokuto no Gun releases the second movie and/or the manga I will more than likely be helping with that as well. There's only two gambles in the movie, the first of which is Cee-Lo or Chinchirorin, which was also in Season 2 of Kaiji! The other is Tehonbiki, which is organized similar to Cho Han from Akagi, but it's basically Roulette with cards, only with a complex betting system and where the dealer (or "banker") directly influences the outcome. Check it out!

Especially Special Announcement: Restricted Rock-Paper-Scissors (or "Restricted RPS" or "Rippus") has undergone quite a few changes since our last beta testing session, it's even seen a greenlight on Steam! As such, we should be having another Beta Testing session on Saturday, March 1st, at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC. Be there!

Chapter 39
Chapter 40
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 38

I actually should have had this chapter up days and days ago, but I recently discovered Dangan Ronpa and have been obsessed with it for the past 4-5 days. I tend to get super, super obsessed with things that I'm interested in, that's probably part of the reason I've been able to keep an interest in FKMT for so long. But it's not like I would've made the process that much faster by putting up this chapter when I was supposed to, anyway, the cleans for the next chapters aren't ready, still.

That aside, thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Tambur for the super-fast typsetting. Negative thanks to me for sitting on this for so long. I'll be streaming that mahjong game about cheating again this Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST), and there will be a mahjong night the following day, Saturday, at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST).

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"Are you herbivores or something, you idiots?!"

Friday, February 14, 2014

Akagi Chapter 196

Inb4 the inevitable "why are you releasing Akagi, I want more Kaiji, it's gotten so goooood" comments. I'm aware that we've just hit the midpoint of the Kazuya-Hen series, and we will definitely be releasing more chapters very soon, but I'm not going to be stopping Akagi this time, unlike what we did for DKaiji when it got to its midpoint. Partially because we have so many cleaners right now and it'd be a shame just to not take advantage of their cleans, and also because Akagi is about to get really good really fast.

That said, thanks to Tambur for the ridiculous typesetting, and to TA for the crazy cleans. I will be streaming more of Akko de Pon! Ikasama Hourouki next Friday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST), and we will be having a mahjong night tomorrow at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST).

"Preposterous! Riichi?! You're calling Riichi?!"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 36 & 37

Ain't no gettin' off this train we on! Yeah, 2 more chapters of Kazuya-Hen in 2 days, not sure if this streak is gonna keep up, but it's fun while it's lasting. Thanks again to Tambur for the light-speed typesetting, and to Crump for the shockingly speedy cleans.

I will be streaming more of the mahjong game about cheating, Akko de Pon! Ikasama Hourouki, tomorrow at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST). There will be a mahjong day the following day, Saturday, at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC.

Chapter 36
Chapter 37

"They're so different from the guys I thought were MY comrades!!"

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 33-35

2 Days later, and we have THREE new chapters of Kazuya-Hen for you!! I'm actually genuinely surprised, myself! This is all thanks to Tambur for speeding through the chapters while not cutting any corners in his typesetting, motivating me and Crump to work ahead of him. Seriously, you would probably not be seeing these chapters for a month if not for him. I foresee a month with lots of releases!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning, and I already gave a massive thanks to Tambur. I would tell you that I'm going to be streaming a mahjong game about cheating this Friday, and that there will be a mahjong day this Saturday, but I'm sure there will be another release between now and then anyway. Oh, I guess I told you anyway.

Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35

"We're finally getting to the climax... the real deal!"

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kazuya-Hen Chapters 31 & 32

After a long two-month absence, Kazuya-Hen is back with the conclusion of Mario's backstory! Who actually killed José, and why is his money in Mario and Antonio's house?! All these answers and more in Kazuya-Hen 31 and 32!

Thanks to Biggums for cleaning, and to Tambur for a very, very quick typesetting job. Translated by me, instead of js06.

"Did Antonio... maybe... kill both Old Man José and Pedro...?"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Akagi Chapter 195

And just two days later, we have 195 for you! In this chapter, Washizu and Akagi face off in a one-on-one Kendo match with real swords! Metaphorically, of course.

Thanks to TA for the cleans, and to Tambur for the quick typesetting job! I will be streaming some more of the cheating mahjong game, Akko de Pon, this Friday the 14th at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST). There will be a Mahjong Night the following day, Saturday the 15th, at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC.

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"Way to give me the cold shoulder, Washizu Iwao..."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Akagi Chapter 194

Finally reached the end of the Volume! In this chapter, we end the South 1st Round, 2nd Honba, and enter the 3rd Honba! Can Washizu manage to get the Gods on his side and receive a beneficial starting hand?! In other news, Kazuhiko is now back after a month of having no computer access! You know what that means?! ...Nothing for right now, he has a lot of work to catch up on for other groups. But hopefully he'll be back to work for us soon enough. Also, thanks to Denji on Batoto, I was able to majorly flesh out the FKMT Hitlist! You can see it by clicking on the far right tab on the bar at the top of this page.

Thanks to Iapetus for the cleans, and to Tambur for the quick typesetting! I will be streaming a Mahjong game for DS not unlike Tetsuya tomorrow at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PM PST). Mahjong Night will be this Saturday at 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC.

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"Where are my reinforcements?! Why have you all stopped supporting and protecting me?!"