Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 8

The story continues! What will happen next in Kazuya's riveting novel?! Well time to find out, in Chapter 8 of Kazuya-Hen! Thanks to Js06 for his Japanese-English abilities ad Biggums for his Photoshop magic!

It's only a flesh wound!

Tatsuya doesn't seem so determined at being a knight in shining armor this time around. He pleads with Arisa, asking her to not stab him. Obviously, that doesn't work. However, Tatsuya survives. But what's Arisa's excuse to not be stabbed? "I could never wear a swimsuit again!" Well, it is a reason, but I'm not even sure if one would be able to walk after being stabbed in the leg. Tatsuya doesn't really care though. A sword through her leg! A cry of pain. At this point, Arisa doesn't hesitate to stab Tatsuya in the body again, but  he survives yet again. Tatsuya chooses Arisa's second leg and it goes through. No swimsuit modeling in Arisa's future it seems. Interestingly, the narrator (pretty much Kazuya thoughts) isn't being very impartial. Calling Arisa a "bitch" and "annoying" you can tell what his opinion on these actions are.

But things are looking up for them! There are only three swords left and eight holes, six of which have metal plate protectors. I'm sure you guys could do the math but I did it for you guys. 75% (6/8) chance of hitting a metal plate on the 3rd-to-last sword, 71.4% (5/7) chance on the second-to-last sword, and 66% (4/6) on the last sword. Together the chance that all three swords hit metal plates is...35.3%. It's surprisingly low, isn't it? A two-third chance that one of them will be stabbed by the end of this, and that one probably fatal.

So who's gonna carry that weight?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 7

All right, here comes the 7th chapter of Kazuya-Hen! There was little mix up in the last chapter. The title of Kazuya's book is not "Love is mightier than the Sword" but actually "The Sword is mightier than Love". This means that the outcome of the gamble in the book seems much clearer.

Anyways, thanks to the usual crew for the effort put in for this chapter. Js06 for his blitz scripts and Biggums for his cleans. This is the second time I'll be proofreading so if you guys catch any more mistakes, make sure to let me know!

Old man in audience is not amused.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Akagi Chapter 67

This should've been done a long time ago, but silly me, I forgot to send the cleans to Kazu. Thanks, by the way, go to Doc for those very cleans, and to Kazuhiko for putting up with all the text he had to do this chapter.

Mahjong Day does not look probable for this saturday, either. If you're itching for some mahjong action, you should head on over to and ; they've got an amateur mahjong league going on right now.


  • Pretty much nothing, just a few added lines here and there.

Yeah, this chapter was jam-packed with exposition, and so there's not a lot in it that wasn't in the anime. It's interesting to see how much Washizu's art has evolved even since we first saw him 2 chapters ago, his face has gotten even wider, his nose longer, his eyes even bigger, and his hair is now draping on both the front and back of his shoulders. Oh man, these blog posts are so thought-provoking and deep, I can't hardly stand it.

I guess the only thing I can say about this chapter is that I tried to explain the uma and oka stuff more in depth than they did in the anime... though obviously you'll still need to do some research if you want to really understand how it all works, I hope I gave enough information for people reading this for the first time to go "uh... okay, I guess?" So yeah. Fun stuff.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 6

Here it comes guys. The first "gamble" of this saga! Although it comes in a sort-of strange manner, it is a gamble nonetheless! Thanks to Js06 for the speedy translations and Biggums for the beautiful cleans.

Note from Sonickrazy: Peng proofread this chapter on his own, despite what the credits page says. I think he did a fine job!

Baby just say yesss~

What is Kazuya's illustrious goal, you ask? To become an author! A famous, well-renowned, and respected author! In his mind, that is the only way to earn praise from others! As his father's money and influence can't possible affect how he writes, right? Apparently his first novel is a romance novel, of all things. "Love is mightier than the sword". A somewhat-altered idiom that seems intriguing. But the title is more sinister than it seems. So, a rich guy ("boss") tries to get the girl by flooding her with gifts and money. 50 million yen in the end, in fact. But the girl thinks it's a good idea to take the money and run with a pretty boy she's probably in love with. The boss isn't too happy, and orders his men to capture them, which they do after a few days. And this is when the story becomes less Disney-esque. 

The couple is strapped into boxes with seven openings each, 14 total. Nine swords are rolled out. One by one, swords will be stabbed into the openings. Incidentally, nine of the 14 holes have metal plates that will block the swords. The couple will also be able to pick which openings the swords will be stabbed into. A really interesting gamble in my opinion, if a bit simple. But restricted rock-paper-scissors seemed simple at first too, right? I tried to think of a way to get an edge in the game, but I'm dumb so I couldn't think of much. Maybe the readers can think of something that would lead to an advantage?

Of course, Kazuya's debut novel could be a gritty, hard-boiled tragedy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 5

Woo! We're rolling these chapters out! In this chapter, more ambiguity awaits! Though maybe more of the psychological variety. Thanks to Js06 for the translations, Biggums for the cleaning, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading (read: personification of the characters).

Not bad Fukumoto...not bad. But Mikoko is definitely better.

So, Kaiji is very passionate about his ideas of revenge on Kazuya. But still, he's a smart man, and he's got questions which I've sure we've been wondering as well. It's not just the ridiculous loss of human life! It's the practicality of it all! Why does Kazuya waste all this money for his entertainment? It's true, maybe Kazuya's simply a sadist, but remember, he pays the debts for not only the winner but the loser too! And a 10 million yen on top of all that! Oh but wait, money's not an issue. You see, Kazuya's in despair. Money doesn't mean much to a man who's lived his entire life at the top. It's often said the it's lonely being at the top. And it's true.

Kazuya has never had a real relationship in all his life. No friends, no explicit enemies. In his mind, he is the only real living human and everyone else was born in order to serve his purposes. How would someone really turn out with no real human contact? Would Kazuya have turned out differently if he was born to a regular family? He was just looking for a something real, and the way he saw it, he could definitely get some real human emotions out of desperate people in life-or-death gambles. He would even pay off the debts of those who accepted his deal. In his mind, it was a trade-off. His money for their emotions. And if it ended in their deaths, big deal. Kazuya could never emphasize with others to begin with, he never learned how to. It was annoying to get pampered all the time, it could of possibly been even depressing for Kazuya. He even wants a decent woman!

Is Kazuya naturally evil and sadistic? Or did his upbringing cause him to become and act the way he does? We may never know, as no one is willing to stick their neck out and tell Kazuya what's really on their mind.

Well, no one except Kaiji.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Akagi Chapter 66

All right, we're blazing straight on through Volume 8! In this chapter, Akagi meets Washizu for the first time! What a blast to the past! Thanks to Doc for the cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the prompt typesetting.

"Akagi . . . is now before his greatest opponent... Washizu Iwao!"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Akagi Chapter 65

All right, finally back to work on Akagi. I said I was gonna finish Volume 8, and so I shall. Doc has all the cleans for the whole volume ready for us to do, so I'll try and get through them quick as I can so we can get back to the new stuff. This chapter does present some new information as well, so you have that to look forward to. Thanks go to Doc for his prompt cleans and to Kazuhiko for immediately setting to work on typesetting the chapter.

Oh, and if you guys want to have a Mahjong Day this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, you should feel free, but I can't come as I will be playing Mahjong with Crump and his buds irl. But we should definitely get that started back up again.

"Even if I killed 5 or 6 pieces of human trash . . . there should be no problem with that!!"

  • More detail about the bribery and blackmail that Washizu used to get out of responsibility
  • Washizu explains that it is Ohgi that will be taking care of Akagi's corpse should he lose
So yeah, just a few more details about what Washizu did to avoid being sent to prison. But let's just get the obvious thing out of the way first: Holy shit, Washizu looks so different from how he does in the newer chapters. I think Fukumoto was still trying to find a face for him at this point; even over the course of the chapter we see his chin get rounder, his face get wider, his eyes get more large and twisted. Talk about art evolution.

Something interesting I found in this chapter was the idea that Ohgi and the Inada group were going to ensure that the body was disposed of properly... I imagine his white suits got a thorough beating after all the evidence they left behind when they were getting rid of it. Speaking of his white suits, Yoshioka's face hasn't changed all that much from his first appearance here; it's gotten a bit more detailed but he's still very much recognizable from the other White Suits, at least to me.

Okay, SPOILERS FOR VOLUME 14 will be below the cut, so please do not read on if you have not read up to the very end of volume 14, thank you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 4

And right after Chapter 3's release, we have Chapter 4 here for you guys! Lots of talking this time around, but it's quite interesting. Kudos to Js06 for the script, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the transformative proofreading.

Really though, it kinda sounds like they're on a date.

Oh those cute little tildes that make Kazuya sound so endearing. Can you imagine how charismatic he sounds? Anyways, Kazuya continues to attempt to seduce explain himself to Kaiji, who wants none of his excuses. You see, Kazuya wasn't actually "personally involved" in all of their deaths. He was only the sponsor! Think about it. You're in insurmountable debt. Then, Kazuya comes to you with an offer. He will clear your debt and on top of that give you 10 million if you win his gamble? The only fine print is that if you lose, you lose your life. Fair deal, right? Kazuya isn't forcing anyone to accept his deal anyway! But Kaiji doesn't like it. It's still forcing them if they basically have no choice! Still though, the way the gamblers act is quite deplorable. Begging him to let them in the gamble and begging him to let them out if they lose. It is a bit lacking in sportsmanship, but hey, it's their life they're talking about. I'm sure anyone would do anything to get out of it. Even if that does include death threats from beyond the grave. What did catch my attention, however, was that it wasn't the gamble itself that killed the gambler (unlike in MKaiji's bridge), it was the men in black who bludgeoned the poor soul to death.

Could this give a clue as to what Kazuya has in store for Kaiji?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 3

Sorry for the delay folks, I went on a little vacation to Mexico. But not to worry, because here's the third chapter of Kazuya-Hen! Thanks to the rest of the crew for keeping up the good work while I was away. Js06 for the translations, Biggums for the cleaning, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

Kazuya is a gentleman of many interests.

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, Kaiji was being horrified at Kazuya's complete lack of regard for life. And in his rage, Kaiji makes the oh-so-wise decision to sign the contract and stamp his seal. Let's hope that he read it carefully this time, but I'm just hoping Fukumoto doesn't pull the same trick twice. Revenge is all he wants, for himself and for those who have lost before him. Kaiji is very impatient, and I'm unsure how well he will perform under such intense emotions. Luckily, Kazuya generously offers a meal to Kaiji at his restaurant! Too bad this restaurant features cruel entertainment. Some pretty insane and nasty things happen at this restaurant, and Kazuya has even provided a "hypocrite counter" for those who claim to not be interested in such acts. Kaiji immediately jumps on the hypocrite counter, which Kazuya finds hilarious.

We'll see how this plays out.