Monday, July 30, 2012

HERO Chapter 7

And here we have the final chapter of Volume 1, leaving the 24-Hour Mahjong War on hold as we move on to another arc that I'm sure all Akagi fans will enjoy. :O Also, Mahjongkrazy has released another chapter of Death Pie and Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, both of which you can find in the Mahjongkrazy page link at the top of the page.

Thanks to Crump Biggums and Kazuhiko for the chapter. Mahjong Night is at 22:00 GMT, on Saturday, August 4th. Be there.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

HERO Chapter 6

For real, this time, I swear! Yeah, 11 days after Chapter 5, Kazu's charger finally gets back and his internet regains its ability to function, so there should be a few more chapters coming up here. I noticed that there's been quite a lot of votes in the poll, and I've been working on translating Akagi in the days since our last release because otherwise I would have nothing to do. So we're gonna be going back to Akagi after this, even though I'm sure that this chapter and the next one will leave you wanting much, much more of Hero.

Thanks to Crump for the prompt cleans, and to Kazuhiko for typesetting the chapter immediately after he got his charger back. Oh, and I'm going to start advertising Mahjong Night in every single blog post from now on... it will be at 22:00 GMT next saturday, because most if not all of the regular players outside the FKMTkrazy staff are from Europe, for some of whom 23:00 is at 1AM. Please make note of this.

Oh, and I couldn't help but put the best freaking double spread in the chapter as the blog pic, but it has spoilers, so please read the chapter before opening the blog post up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HERO Chapter 5

And without delay, the 5th Chapter of Hero - Gyakkyou no Tohai is now up! In this chapter, metaphors are expanded, pons are made, and hope is lost and found, back and forth!

Thanks to Crump for the speedy cleaning, and to Kazuhiko for finishing the chapter in one sitting!

"When it's your time to die... I don't mind being the one to kill you!"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

HERO Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Hero - Gyakkyou no Tohai is now up and ready for viewing! In this chapter, Hiroyuki explains last chapter's strategy and the final hanchan begins! Thanks to Biggums for the excellent cleaning, and to Kazuhiko for the quick, accurate typesetting!

"All four players are fighting to come out on top!! It's a battle royale!!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HERO Chapter 3

Hey, not too terribly long a wait, this time, right? Well, we're gonna be cranking out Hero Volume 1 pretty quickly over the next week or two, then the plan is to give you some time to vote on whether you want us to continue or switch back to Akagi once you've seen Volume 1 complete. I think you'll find Hero amazingly awesome and thrilling by the end of Volume 1, but I could be wrong.

Speaking of recent events, DKaiji is more than likely going to be stopped for about a month until Peng gets back from his yearly trip to China, where he probably won't be able to send anything or talk to us. But once he does get back, there should be an explosion of DKaiji since we gave him all the materials he needs to finish Volume 8 while he's there. Also, the third chapter of Death Pie was released the day after HERO Chapter 2, so it's been up for a while. Check it out on our Mahjongkrazy branch over there on the sidebar.

Thanks to Biggums for getting them cleans ready quickly (and it was no easy task, just read the chapter and you should get a feel for how much he has to clean every chapter), and to Kazuhiko for typesetting this beast.

"Ten vs. Hiroyuki! The battle of the Riichis!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HERO Chapter 2

At long last, the second chapter of Hero - Gyakkyou no Tohai is upon us! In this chapter, our Hero gets into a bit of trouble with his opponent, and has to try and figure out what's letting him win! I suppose this might be a 4th of July release, but it's after midnight here already, so I suppose I just missed the chance?

Thanks to Deakachu and Biggums for the cleaning, as well as Kazuhiko for the typesetting! Since this is probably gonna be the only release on the Mahjong-oriented side until it happens, lemme remind you that Mahjong Day is this Saturday (July 7th) at 23:00 GMT. Be there or be... um... a spinning tile, I guess? I can't pull relations to the chapter out at the drop of a hat...

"I'm sure not Akagi... But every now and then... I hit it big!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 69

Woohoo!! The start of another volume of DKaiji! This is the 8th volume of the 13 volumes in this saga! Leaves you wondering how much more could happen, hm? Anyways, let's give thanks as always to those who allow us to appreciate all this wonderful work. Js06 for the translations, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

"I can make it through!"

After the heart-stopping cliffhanger in the last chapter, I too was wondering if Kaiji had messed up again. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he's lost in a "all-or-nothing" gamble. But that tragic tendency is what makes this manga great, no? Fortunately, it turns out to just be Muraoka screwing with Kaiji. Better yet, it s stroke of luck that Kaiji hasn't seen in a long while, Muraoka deals the 2-man! And of course, this is nothing but a blessing to Kaiji, who now has two free turns! I have to say, after seeing Kaiji smile for the first time in ages, it is both relieving and slightly creepy. I prefer his "thinking" face for some reason.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 68

The final chapter for this volume of DKaiji is here! And man is it a really intense chapter. Let us give thanks for js06 for giving us such great translations over this entire volume, Biggums for the amazing cleans he does, and of course Sonickrazy, for his thorough proofreading. Once again, Sonickrazy has also provided a Mahjong Notes page for those who may need it.

(Sonickrazy here. Just so you know, our new Mahjong branch, Mahjongkrazy, is now up in the sidebar to your right. Follow that link and you'll find Skutieos's blog post, where he describes the first chapter of Legendary Gambler Tetsuya, which was released a short time ago. Check it out and leave a comment or two; the manga is definitely way different than the anime and, in my opinion, much better so far.)

"That is what it means to gamble!"

This chapter starts off with Kaiji deliberating on whether to deal the 1-pin or 7-sou tile. But why does it matter? As in the end, he will end up playing both, right? In that case, the order shouldn't really matter! But that type of thinking only works on the small scale! As the narrator points out, one mistake could doom our beloved Kaiji! Granted, the President will most likely never deal in, but every tile the he plays is possibly one that Kaiji can match! Or even better, a tile that can give information-starved Kaiji a hint as to what his opponent's hand is like, and therefore what tiles would be safe for him to play!