Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 59

It's time for the start of the 7th volume of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji! I know a lot of you have been looking forward to seeing what will happen next in Minefield Mahjong, because I know I have! But now the wait is over, thanks to our translator js06, our cleaner Biggums, and of course our dear proofreader Sonickrazy.

"Are they telling the truth, or lying?"

We last left off with Kaiji having another one his mental breakdowns/panics as he starts to question the loyalty of his supposed collaborators. Tsk, tsk, Kaiji, don't you have the heart to just trust someone now and then? But his suspicions are not unwarranted. After all, Kaiji's world is one where betrayal spreads as fast as a forest fire and is just as deadly too. Two straight losses just after the stakes are raised is nothing to scoff at. And so Kaiji has no choice but to think up a plan.

He starts out with the obvious, by trying to think up a way to isolate Miyoshi and Maeda so he can question them in private. Only problem is, Kaiji is no interrogator, and he lacks the charisma to charm the two men into telling him the truth. After all, they can simply claim to be giving the president false confidence before striking him down. And even if they are truly betraying Kaiji, there's no way they would admit it so easily. Plus, Kaiji voicing his suspicions to the two could easily break the fragile confidence they have with each other.

But wait! Kaiji has another trick up his sleeve! And we all know how well his tricks work out, eh? He quickly slams his tiles to the edge of the table, and performs what I like to call the "Kaiji Shuffle", which involves an ambiguous movement of his hands and the tiles. Did he move his tiles around? Or was he just straightening them out? Regardless, he then moves onto phase two of his plan, which involves getting up to go to the bathroom. Of course, we have no idea what Kaiji's true intentions are, only that they somehow rely heavily on Miyoshi. Could this be another one of Kaiji's preplanned maneuvers with Miyoshi and Maeda? Or is Kaiji really just looking for an inspired bathroom break?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Akagi Chapter 140

After a short break, we're back with more Akagi! In this chapter, Washizu recovers from the intensity of the last round, and Akagi muses on what the next Session will be like. Thanks to Crump and Kazuhiko for their excellent cleaning job! Next chapter, Deakachu will be switching places with Crump in the cleaning department since he doesn't want to think of DKaiji as work. As such, Crump is now the Kaiji cleaner, and Deakachu the Akagi cleaner.

Also, Mayjong Day is tomorrow! Yes, I said Mayjong... because we'll be celebrating the birthdays of me and Crump Biggums during that time! See you all on the chatbox (http://xat.com/FKMTkrazy) at precisely 23:00 GMT (5PM MST, my time)!!

"The place where he would be face-to-face with the foretold man-eating beast!"

I hope none of you forgot how to calculate the end-of-session point totals, because it came up again in this chapter. If you did, check back a few blog posts to refresh your memory.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MKaiji Chapter 23

Four days, four releases? Why not? It's time to finish up Volume Two of MKaiji with the release of Chapter 23: Utter Defeat. Once again, thanks to js06 for the amazing translation and Deakuchu for the cleaning. This time however, Sonickrazy passed on the reins to our group, letting us proofread the chapter by ourselves. Hopefully we did well!

"He could only watch them leave!"

This time Kaiji is still in deep trouble. His plan has gone awry, his companions have panicked and fled, and he is left in despair. What's a Kaiji to do? Furuhata seems to have a reasonable idea. Salvage the plan! With the small remaining number of Scissors on the floor, try to win against them with the Rocks while they still exist! Obviously, once the Scissors are gone, the Rocks are utterly useless. They are nothing but dead weight to them, with an extra emphasis on "dead". But Kaiji sees through the "mania" of Furuhata's solution. With an analogy characteristic of Kaiji, he realizes that their plan is now akin to a broken glass: shattered in pieces and completely irreparable. A subtle touch to the analogy is that if you try to pick up shards of broken glass, you may cut yourself and end up in worse condition. Carrying this line of thought to Kaiji's now-broken plan, it seems clear that Furuhata's seemingly bright idea may actually work against them.

The reasoning that Kaiji has for abandoning his plan despite all that he put into it and all that rides on it is especially praiseworthy considering the state-of-mind he is in. Most humans would panic and pull a Furuhata or be swept along with Furuhata's false reasoning like Andou. The "monster" of gambling, as Kaiji put it, is a rather grotesque and addictive creature. And, as it shows, betting on a losing hand is not worth the bet at all, as both Furuhata and Andou both lose their precious stars. And just as Kaiji has all but lost hope, he is greeted by a confident, cigarette-chomping man flanked by none other than the two people Furuhata and Andou were just defeated by! Who could this man be? And why does he look oddly like Kurt Cobain?

Find out next time we release MKaiji! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Akagi Chapter 139

And for the 3rd release in 2 days, we have Akagi 139! In this chapter... Washizu finds a way out of his predicament!

Thanks as always to Crump and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs, and to Penguin71 for taking over the MKaiji blogging for me! :D

"He discovered a heretical pathway to maintain what was left of his life!!"

While it kind of got overshadowed by Washizu's strategy, I found his whole "Akagi is a phantom possessing a human body" analysis to be quite intriguing. It would seem as though Washizu is now convinced that Akagi has some sort of control over the way the tiles move, at least to a certain extent. That's why he chose to deal into Suzuki's hand rather than hope Akagi would deal into his; since Akagi got into Tenpai first, he would most certainly also get his win first, and probably enough Ura-Dora to bump it up to Haneman. It should be interesting to see what Akagi thinks of this move in the coming chapters.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MKaiji Chapter 22

Boom! A second release after the month long hiatus. But this time it's another MKaiji! Now I guess I should start off by pointing out that this isn't Sonickrazy posting, it's me: Penguin71. As some of you might now, I am the typesetter for MKaiji, and I am honored to have been given the chance to write the post for this release! Please treat me well!

As always, thanks to js06 for our translation, Deakuchu for cleaning, and of course Sonickrazy himself for proofreading. Now, onto the chapter.

"We've been had!"

After Kaiji noticed the discrepancy from the last chapter, he tries to figure out what is going on. Having bought up all the rocks, Kaiji seeing the number of scissors fall dramatically is like seeing his own blood, his life force, being pumped away! What could be happening? Furuhata panics immediately and insists on selling immediately, but Kaiji wants none of that! Taking a stand, Kaiji does what the old Kaiji who had just climbed aboard the ship couldn't, he held his ground. He kept his faith in his plan. An admirable action considering the circumstances. But he isn't just grasping at straws. He actually has a line of reasoning behind his decision.

If there are less Scissors, then eventually there will be less Papers, right? Papers, the bane of all Rocks, would come out more often because the number of Scissors, Paper's bane, would be less as well. And so it would statistically be more likely to win given the total numbers. Well, that's the theory anyways. But Furuhata has even worse news. Scissors are dropping rapidly! And two at a time at that! What could it mean? Well if we go back to the rules of Restricted Rock Paper Scissors, we'll notice that there's only one way two identical cards can be eliminated together: if they're played against each other. A tie between two Scissors, of course, ends in the discard of both Scissors. Cue the "zawa"s. Now Kaiji knows that his plan is doomed. Obviously, this leaves his two collaborators in shock and fear but frankly speaking, there's nothing poor Kaiji can do about it.

Or is there?

Akagi Chapter 138

After a Month-Long hiatus, FKMTkrazy makes its triumphant return with the 138th chapter of Tohai Densetsu Akagi!! In this chapter, Washizu makes a startling realization that causes him to re-evaluate his whole strategy...! Thanks to Crump for the cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the superb typesetting! Wow!

Also, Mahjong Day is today. I hope to see you all on the chat in a couple minutes. :) http://xat.com/FKMTkrazy

"The man sitting across from me is still far, far away from that level of corruption...!"

This chapter gives us an interesting peek at what Washizu's life has been like to this point: it shows his clients at his consultancy firm and how thankful they were to have the information they'd need to cheat the system and recieve their reward without any risk. It is for this reason that Washizu has always thought that nobody on the planet would be capable of ignoring risk and shooting straight for the maximum possible reward, explaining why he was so shocked to find that Akagi was going to extend the 5th session through Honba. His mistake was not realizing this earlier and allowing himself to be taken advantage of by not thinking through why Akagi was ignoring the risk of giving himself more chances to have his blood drained from him. But by recalling the expressions on the faces of his greedy, corrupt, cowardly clients and comparing them to the expression that Akagi has, he was able to piece together that Akagi does not consider risk as long as there is a reasonable reward to follow.

Going back to previous arcs, this makes sense given Akagi's character; when he was facing Nakai, he never considered for a moment that he might lose all of Osamu's money. He knew he could beat Nakai no matter what he pulled, so all he wanted was to teach him a lesson. Also, he has never kept the winnings from any of his games. He has always blown it off on gambling or given it away to keep himself stuck in poverty, and thus the simple life. That in mind, he is completely unlike any of the clients that Washizu gave advice to: He does not seek to acquire wealth, nor does he particularly care if he loses everything he has, up to and including his life (but stopping squarely at his dignity). In stark contrast, Washizu's clients ONLY seek to acquire wealth and increase their social standing. They are desperately afraid to be sent to the poverty level that Akagi so readily accepts... forget about giving up their lives to keep something as valueless as their dignity. It is for this reason that Washizu must accept that he cannot use the mode of reasoning he has been using on Akagi any longer: Akagi is unique, abnormal, and willing to die to have a shot at killing Washizu, who he sees as the worst kind of person.