Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rude 39 Chapter 1

And for our third release of the day, as well as our 100th overall, we have the long-requested Rude 39!! The story of a broke, divorced gambling addict who finds new love in the strangest of places...! All of our staff was involved in this, with myself as translator, Skutieos as cleaner, Kazuhiko as typesetter, and Biggums as the redrawer! Look forward to more of this series as time goes on!

MKaiji Chapter 18

Hey, I did say we'd be back to Kaiji, didn't I? :) Nah, we realized that we were a few chapters short from hitting our 100th release, so we did another chapter of MKaiji so we wouldn't have to have a chapter of DKaiji be upstaged by our 100th. This should be our 98th release, so with another chapter, we'll be at our 100th! What could it be...?!

Thanks again to Biggums and Kazuhiko for a job well done.

- Kaiji and the others expand on what having extra stars on the floor means for them
- The situation reverses as people with stars start taking them to the floor above, so Kaiji and the others have no choice but to buy stars before the prices spike
- They are unable to buy any stars, but can secure some cards from people who have more than they need.

Yeah, pretty much all of this was new content, and it raises a few valid points; the stars on the floor certainly did go over being an average of 3 per person for a while, and if Kaiji had bought some more stars after Mark sent the fellow with glasses down to the other room, he would have found the prices dramatically lowered. But the organizers quickly convinced players with no cards and more than 3 stars to come to the floor above, so supply no longer matched demand, and the prices skyrocketed. So yeah, another interesting chapter.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Akagi Chapter 134

The final chapter of Akagi Volume 15 is upon us! In this chapter, Akagi continues his winning streak in the 2nd and 3rd Honba... but could disaster strike in the 4th Honba...?! Thanks go to Biggums and Kazuhiko for another great volume!

Oh, and in celebration of this momentous chapter (not really, it just so happened to be on the same day...), we have Mahjong in about 3 hours!! Team or Normal Mahjong, it's up to you.

"Now that he is a puppet, I will make him dance...!!"

Things seem to be going well for Akagi. Washizu can't do anything in the 2nd Honba, dealing in yet again, and the 3rd Honba goes to Akagi again after having Yasuoka deal into his hand. However... this is a sign of Washizu's flow returning to him...! Akagi felt the need to have Yasuoka not only deal in, but also felt the need to call for a quick Fanpai, which means he had a feeling that Washizu wouldn't be dealing in, that round! Not only that, but the 2nd Honba was leaps and bounds better than the 1st in terms of Washizu's Hand; he actually had something going. So this 4th Honba would clearly tend even more towards Washizu, which, looking at what his hand is, is undoubtedly true! Chun, Chanta, Hon Itsu, Ii Pei Kou... Haneman! Add Riichi and Ippatsu onto that (if he has Suzuki deal in), and that reaches Baiman! With Ura-Dora, perhaps even Sanbaiman! Not to mention if Akagi deals in, himself, now that he has no control over whether or not to deal what he draws... that would be a nasty 1200 ccs he would need to lose, far more than the 500 he has left! Truly a disparaging situation for Akagi... but could he have some reason for calling Riichi despite this awful state of affairs...?!

Oh, and more Kaiji, next. But after another release, we'll be at our 100th...! What does that mean...?!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Akagi Chapter 133

After several days of Kazuhiko being too busy to do anything in the manga department, we have 133 ready for consumption! 134 should be up relatively soon. Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko, as always.

Mahjong tomorrow! We'll try for 23:00 GMT again, but only 4 people showed up last time, so that may not be permanent, but we'll see.

"That is a sign of weakness...! A betrayal of his demonic virtues...!!"

All right, lots of Akagi badassery and Washizu drooling in this one. I loved the scene that the above quote came from; Washizu's so creepy when he gets excited. But yeah, looks like I was wrong. The "going below zero" rule appears to not apply, since Washizu is currently at -1200 points. So we could concievably see Akagi taking all of Washizu's money in the 5th Hanchan alone... though that would be strange, since there's a 6th Hanchan as well. But it looks like Akagi's gonna be going on a winning streak for at least one or two more Honba; Washizu's flow is absolutely disasterous. All Washizu needs to do is Tsumo to end the round and take away some amount of Akagi's blood; Akagi is at a point where even 50 or 100 ccs would dampen his ability to function. His fingers are already numb, who knows what would be next.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Akagi Chapter 132

After a 2-day hiatus, another chapter of Akagi is up! Probably no release tomorrow... Kazuhiko is having a very, very busy weekend. Also, we are drawing ever closer to our 100th release...! Perhaps we could do something special for it...!

Thanks to Crump and Kazuhiko for their edits, as usual. Also, we missed Mahjong Day today, so we're gonna try again tomorrow. Same time; an hour earlier than normal, at 23:00 GMT.

"But nobody ever said it has to be over!"

Well, this chapter was filled with juicy metaphors and badassery, wouldn't you say? First was the "rock plate" metaphor referenced in the title of this chapter. Kind of silly, but it makes sense in a lot of ways. Akagi is like some kind of natural phenomenon that cannot be overcome through normal measures. Also, he's apparently a black mage, capable of reversing the blade and hilt of Washizu's Katana while he's holding it. That one's a bit more vague, but it refers to Akagi's ability to overcome Washizu's absurd superiority (Sword vs Fists, i.e. the fact that Washizu has a good 300 times more points to lose than Akagi) through some method that is not apparent to them. But in the end, Akagi still pwns Washizu and ends the Fifth Session without a hitch.

...or does he? In the usual Akagi "Double or Nothing" fashion, Akagi does the unthinkable and risks losing his remaining 500 ccs of blood with another Honba...! Usually, if the last dealer wins while in first place in the final round, the game simply ends with however much of a lead that player managed to obtain in that Session, since simply being in first gives you a minimum of a 40-point lead over the person in second by the standard "Uma Bonus" ruleset. In Washizu Mahjong, that 40 points translates to 4000 ccs or 40 Million Yen, so it's obviously a big advantage simply being in first. However, this is a necessary move if Akagi wants to take ALL 600 Million Yen that Washizu has; if he simply does enough to barely scrape by with first, that's only 240 Million Yen over the 6 Hanchans; not even half of what Akagi predicted him to have at the start. Therefore, he needs to drag his funds down further by extending this for another Honba if he wants to get all of his money by the end of the Final Hanchan.

Assuming that the game ends when a player's points go below zero, this will probably be the last Honba, though. If we also assume that Akagi gets a direct hit Mangan from Washizu next, that will equate to 12300 points (+300 for the 1 Honba). Since Washizu has 6800 points and 262.5 Million Yen left at the end of this chapter, that will take him down to -5500 points and 250.2 Million Yen. This will put Akagi and Washizu's final scores at +76 and -66, respectively, meaning a 142-point difference. This will drag Washizu's money down to 118.2 Million Yen, which is well within range for Akagi to take the rest within the next Session. It will be even easier if Akagi gets a Haneman or Baiman and drags that point total down even further. So just this one Honba, if nothing goes wrong, holds the potential to spell the difference between a great game (Washizu has a bit of money left over) and a perfect game (Washizu has no money left at all). Truly gameplay worthy of a genius.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Akagi Chapter 131

After a day of hiatus, we're back at the end of the day with another shocking installment of Akagi!! In this chapter, Washizu draws a very dangerous tile, the 3-pin...!!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs, as always.

"Enough with that stupid smirk...! Do you think I'm going to give in?!"

Yeah, wow. Akagi never fails to disappoint with his plans. This hand was like a mini-repeat of the East 4th Round of the Second Session... Akagi held off on dealing the Xia just to fuck with Washizu and get him to think he was having second thoughts. But the smile never left his face through the whole round, so it seemed like he was being crafty, anyway. What's really surprising is that Washizu dealt the 3-pin even knowing full well that it was more than likely what Akagi needed; Akagi's ever-present grin mocked him, saying "he'll go around it... he doesn't have the balls to play that tile". The thing was, unlike the previous rounds, the 8-pin would have been completely safe to play, here, since he'd just played it the previous turn. That would still keep him in Tenpai, albeit without any hope for a Yaku. But it's just like Cho Han at this point; no matter what Washizu does, Akagi always bets on the right outcome.

Well, now, Washizu has only 10,000 points left. If he deals into a Mangan hand now, he'll go below zero. But even so, it seems like he'll still have a good amount of money in that case... He has 266.4 Mil right now, so minus 12 Mil for the direct hit and he'll have 254.4 Mil. The end point totals would be +72 for Akagi and -49 for Washizu, so a difference of 121. That'd leave Washizu with 133.4 Mil, which might be enough to last him another Hanchan if he plays like he did back in the good ol' days. So Akagi would want to land a Haneman or Baiman to take even more money, but that's always the goal. So yeah, the 5th Session should be over soon.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Akagi Chapter 130

New Akagi for the 4th day in a row! This time, Washizu is discouraged at being so openly mocked by Akagi's ability to manipulate him...! Thanks to the usual suspects, Biggums and Kazuhiko, for their excellent work!

"Wha... What's this I've just drawn?! Why did I pick up THIS of all things?!"

Well, seems like Washizu's just about done for. Suzuki couldn't draw the 5-pin, and Akagi has shown that he predicted everything that Washizu would do, and in fact led him to do it. Washizu is now in Furiten after his draw spectacularly misfires, so he can't even win if Suzuki draws his winning tile. What's more, Akagi plays the 5-pin he needs, meaning he wasn't even in Tenpai until Washizu got into Furiten. Seems as though Yasuoka will deal in, now, and if not, Akagi has some way of knowing for a fact that Washizu will deal his winning tile on the next turn... though he IS in furiten, so the downside to Riichi-ing is now totally gone (Even if Akagi draws and deals Washizu's winning tile, there's no danger)... so maybe he just thinks Washizu will draw and discard his winning tile soon. We'll see.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Akagi Chapter 129

Akagi 129 is now up and ready! In this chapter, Washizu desperately tries to get into Tenpai as Akagi nudges ever closer to catching up...! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for the editing!

Oh, and Team Mahjong day went pretty well, but I'd like to improve it for next time, so I'll be starting it an hour earlier (23:00 GMT), as that time seems to work better for everyone. We don't have to do Teams next time, but we can if we'd like. ^^

"I've got you, now...! Your hand has been chained back...!!"

Well, seems like Akagi is in a dire situation... he got unlucky and chose a very difficult tile to deal, though Washizu doesn't actually need it. However, he figures out that he needs to play it, anyway, which sends Washizu into panic, causing him to call on it. While this gives him Dora 3, it puts his hand in a situation where he can only win off the 5-pin despite his hand being in a two-sided wait. If he draws the 8-pin now, his hand will be in Furiten and he won't be able to have Suzuki deal in. But all that matters is that Suzuki draws the 5-pin now; if he does, Yasuoka won't deal in, and Washizu will maintain his lead going into the final round. If not, Akagi could Tsumo, and if not, Yasuoka will deal into his hand. So any way you look at it, the next chapter is a critical point for Washizu. It very easily could mean the difference between him winning this Session or losing it. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Akagi Chapter 128, Akagi Fanart and Team Mahjong

Another day, another Akagi! This time, Washizu notices something in Akagi's hand that could spell disaster for him...!!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent editing jobs... and a special guest for doing their part...! Who could it be?! Read on! But not before finishing the chapter... by which point you'll know. >>;;

"At long last, the demon, Akagi, has given in...!!"

It's just like the last round of the Second Session...! Akagi has a Xia that he can't get rid of since it's the Dora! The only difference is that it's not an instant Mangan; Washizu would need to have another kind of Yaku since he's not the West seat. Can Washizu pull through and scare Akagi into letting him win off Suzuki's discard, or will Akagi guess correctly that the Xia is safe, and advance his hand...?! Only time will tell!

And, of course, our special guest. We did a credits page last time with Fanart drifting around the interwebs, but this time, we have a Professionally-Made illustration that is not a day old! I spotted this lovely masterpiece in a tumblr post yesterday, and was filled with FKMT glee at seeing such a well-made piece of fanart. So without a moment of hesitation, I made a tumblr account to ask the artist, Joanna Krotka, if we could use it in our Credits page, with a bit of alteration for the text. She said yes, so I set to work on creating a Credits page that would both fit the original style of her artwork and get across who in the team did what. I feel like I did a pretty good job of squeezing the text in there, but I'm willing to do it over again for future releases. Thanks again to Joanna for letting me steal her artistic talent! >>;;

(I wonder if I could get her to do a Kaiji picture, too... *daydreams*)

Ahem. Anyway. The rest of this post is going to be about Mahjong Day tomorrow at the usual time (0:00 GMT), where we will be adding a special twist! Check it out below the cut!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Akagi Chapter 127

Surprise! We're back two days early to bring you the next installment of Tohai Densetsu Akagi!! In it, Washizu is on the run, and seems to be falling for everything Akagi throws his way...!

Thanks as always go to Biggums and Kazuhiko for being so devoted as to cut their breaks short!!

"An attack from the shadows! Akagi was not the only one he had to look out for!"

Okay, I've been kinda hoping and hoping that someone might send me some fanart that we could use for our releases, but so far that number has been 0. So I was forced to go out and find some that we could use, and I think I've amassed quite the collection. The one we chose this time is a very nice watercolor drawing by 雨月 on pixiv. We'll be using this for the rest of Volume 15 unless someone submits something awesome to us! :O

Anyway, the chapter. Akagi was right; Washizu is now on the run, and is falling for the same kinds of traps he fell for in the late 3rd and 4th Hanchans. The Yasuoka trap was kind of interesting; I haven't really seen Yasuoka winning all that much outside of quick-ditch efforts to kill Washizu's hands. Seems like there's still more we haven't seen, as if we expected anything less. It kind of intrigues me that Akagi's guessing correctly every single time about whether Washizu will play strong tiles or try and avoid him; reminds me of Cho-Han and how he was able to guess Even or Odd correctly nearly every single time for a Month. Yay continuity!

Friday, February 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 38

Ba-zam! We're back, with the 38th Chapter of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji, and the last chapter of Volume 4!! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for another great volume!!

"It's as if we've parted the red sea!! Truly a miracle!"

Yep... looks like Kaiji's gonna be giving Kazuya his body, after all. There really was no way for Muraoka to play the 2 or 8 man, looking at his discards... thanks to octaves, if he played logically, the 4-man would always be the one that he'd play on the turn where Kaiji played the second 9-pin. The whole "octaves" thing, speaking of, I'm sure went over a lot of people's heads... But basically, if you play the 3-man and 9-man and they both pass, chances are that the 6 man will also pass barring a Double Wait (such as 66 man and 88 man) or a single wait on 6-man.

Well, I think the rest of this part is all Minefield Mahjong... so logically, either Kazuya is going to loan him even more money, or there's going to be a break where he somehow gets back on his feet to challenge Muraoka or even Kazuya again. I haven't read into Volume 5 yet, so I honestly don't know. Let's find out, in the thrilling 5th volume of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji!!

...Only, we're gonna be taking a break for a week, since all three of us have a very busy week ahead of us. Kazuhiko has tons of schoolwork to catch up to, Biggums I believe is in a similar situation, and as for me, I have all sorts of school commitments that I can't break away from to translate. So sorry, but no Kaiji for another... 2-3 weeks, because next week, it's back to Volume 15 of Akagi! :D (Yes, I know, brutally awful place to leave off, but that's what we promised you guys when we started Volume 4. >>;;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 37

After a day with no releases, we have another chapter of DKaiji, piping hot and ready for consumption! And boy, is it an intense one... the Crisis reveals itself to Kaiji...! Thanks to our fabulous editors, Biggums and Kazuhiko, for another great release!

"Even though I know what his winning tiles are...!!"

This chapter was so awesome... full of ups and downs everywhere. First Kaiji thinks that the out-flowing Manzu are a good sign until he sees that he only has one tile left until he has to start playing Pinzu. He thinks he still has time until he realizes that he'll be forced to play either the 1-sou or 4-sou on his 17th turn whether he likes it or not...! There's still a chance that the president might pick out the 2-man or 8-man next chapter, so all hope is not lost, but it seems like Kaiji really made a mistake here by not going for the San Ankou (three triplets) hand that would have used up 3 of the 1-sou.

Oh, and he can't just borrow more money from Kazuya if he loses, this time... the attendant excuse only works once, and Kazuya said that he'll wait 30 minutes to an hour for the attendant to show up, so trying to say that he'd have to wait longer wouldn't get him to throw more money Kaiji's way. The way things are going, it looks like Kaiji may just have to "give up his body", after all...!