Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 36

For the fourth day in a row, we have a new DKaiji chapter for you to consume! And in this chapter... a crisis...?!

"He has yet to realize just how much of a crisis he is in...!"

Well... there's a lot of things I want to say about this chapter, but most of them will spoil stuff in future chapters... I couldn't help but read ahead. What I can say is that Kaiji probably picked out the hand he chose specifically because of those 4 1-sous he had; it must've hurt not to be able to deal any of them. The Narrator wastes no time in spoiling that something is horribly wrong that Kaiji has yet to realize. What could it be? Check back tomorrow. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

DKaiji Volumes 1-2 Redo

And just when you thought we couldn't possibly fit any more DKaiji into your lives, our good friend Skutieos has gifted us with redoes of the first 3 Chapters!! As some of you may recall from the Akagi Volume 10 post, Skutieos was the one who started We Can't Decide!, the group that I quickly scrambled into to release the first 13 chapters of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji. The translator for the project was a user by the name of Danno on Cloudflash's forums who had done bits and pieces of Japanese before in his career. He had more of a commitment to CloudFlash's works, however, so the translations were slow and, quite frankly, not very accurate. As a result, he left the project at Chapter 4, passing the translation baton over to Hisshouburaiken, who as many of you probably recognize is a very well-learned and successful translator. In light of this, Skutieos thought it best that he redo the first 3 chapters with his more-developed Japanese and Editing abilities, and allowed me to release them under the FKMTkrazy name. As I had nothing to do with this beyond uploading them, this again will be the only blog post I make on the matter, though I will tweet whenever there is a new redo up on mediafire. Worth noting is that I will leave the We Can't Decide versions up in their entirety on mediafire, as I have not heard word from Danno if it is okay to take them down. Please spread these new versions to as many sites as you can, however, and enjoy the chapters! ^^

DKaiji Chapter 35

Tic-tac-toe, 3 days in a row! Okay, that was lame. DKaiji 35 now up, wherein we see the setup phase of the 10th and possibly final match...!

"Those tiles were an edge wait around the Dora... did you see...?"

Man, I feel really bad for people who actually need the Mahjong Notes... there's two pages of it this time. But yeah, this chapter is pretty cool if you know what's going on, which I believe you should, seeing how simple most of the ideas are. Kind of makes me feel bad, though... we swiped the series away from PBM almost exactly where it started getting good. Not bad enough to give it back, though. XP

But yeah, Kaiji considers going for a San Ankou (three triplets) hand, but then discovers the better Tanyao, Pinfu hand with a possible San Shoku. Also, Muraoka knocks over two tiles that he switched out of his hand at the last minute, which were right around the Dora. He wastes no time in clarifying what they were to Kaiji in case he somehow missed it. So the question is, did he really make a mistake and is just trying to play it off as if he planned it? Or did he plan it, and is legitimately making sure that Kaiji knows what they were? Or did he plan to make the mistake, knowing that Kaiji would think that he planned it to get him to think the 6-7 were safe, and therefore rush into his real hand? Or did he think that that's what he would think, and so actually DID have another 6-7 in his hand to play off his suspicion that he would think that... think... his... yeah.

Find out this and more in the next installment of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 34

And our combo picks up again with another release! Today, we have the thrilling segue into the 10th Match between Kaiji and the President...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko as always for their excellence in all things, editing in particular.

"I'll show you what's what... I'll make you cry!!"

Aww, that's disappointing. Kaiji jumps to the correct (?) conclusion that Kazuya is suggesting that he'll take him back down underground, and from there, he reasons step-by-step that Kazuya is a rich elite, and that he was one of the people watching his Pachinko match. Whether this is true is all up to future chapters, but it seems probable, to me.

Anyway, Muraoka certainly seems happy to take more of Kaiji's money, even if it's technically Kazuya's. I just have a bad feeling that Kaiji is going to lose to a Haneman hand or something this time and have to be 14 Million Yen in debt to either Kazuya or Muraoka, depending on how they handle it. And don't worry, I haven't read ahead this time. <_< >_>

So yeah, just a normal segue chapter. Back to Mahjong action next time.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 33

And after a day of no releases, we're back with more Kaiji! How will Kaiji get out of this situation, with no money...?!

Thanks as always go to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their great Edits!

"I imagine it will make up for it... if he gives me his body...!"

Okay. I finally get it. After all these years, I get it at long last. What do I get? Simple. I get why everyone always ships Kazuya with Kaiji. It's because of the last page of this chapter. That's the reason. Kazuya could have said it some other way. He could have said "I'm gonna take you underground and have you work". He could have said "I'm gonna put you to work for the rest of your days". But no. He chose to take the route that would lead to the most innuendo of any phrase he could use to describe taking Kaiji away into forced labor. "Give me your body". All of the consensual and non-consensual slavery pics finally make sense to me. Add this to the fact that Funai mentioned "Giving up your body" in MKaiji, and used Prostitution as one of the possible outcomes, and you have a line that cannot possibly have been meant to avoid any connotations of Sex Trafficking. Now I can finally read all those fanfics and look at all that fanart and say "yeah, that makes sense." rather than thinking "Dear god, why him?". I am so glad.

Besides that, though, it's rather convenient that Kazuya was there in order to lend Kaiji that money. Makes you wonder how he knew to come here right then. Seems to me like he has something for Kaiji. And again, back to why everyone ships them. It's starting to make total and complete sense. They were MADE for each other. I may not know who he is, but it doesn't matter. He's the perfect match for Kaiji. Probably more than Mikoko. Okay, that's enough of that. Next chapter should be good. We'll get to see how Kaiji reacts to that not-so-innocent comment. Look forward to it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 32

And another chapter up, right on time! This time, Kaiji rages and the President gloats about the unlikely 3-4-7 man wait...! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko, as always!

And to those who missed it, we still need some lovely fanart for our Mahjong Notes page! Don't be shy; we'd love to have fanart to spice up our scanlations!

"Dammit...! It's nothing like that, you idiot...!! I can't do that!!!"

Well, looks like DKaiji is finally starting to look as good as the rest of the parts; Kaiji gets upset about losing and blames it on Miyoshi, while the President gloats in his face. Basically, the president's hand was 2-2-2-4-5-6-7, so either the 3, 4, or 7 would give him a sequence and isolate a pair. The technical classification for that is an "Irregular Wait", but you can think of it as a Closed Wait (2-4) mixed with an Edge Wait (4-5-6-7) if it makes it any easier.

Anyway, yeah, Kaiji has to work with what Muraoka gives him if he wants to keep playing even after he's been found out. It's not the greatest plan in the world, and is transparent as glass, but it was either coming up with that on the spot or having to admit that he came in with next to nothing compared to Muraoka's 200 Million. Should be interesting to see how he worms his way out of it next chapter, since he's totally out of ideas at the end of this one.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 31

...No, really. A Triple Release day. I can't believe it, either. But it's happened; we've released 3 chapters in a single day. Just imagine what we can do in a month!! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko, as usual, for their excellent jobs!

Read the chapter or be spoiled!!


Wow. I have to say, this one caught me by surprise. Like, for real. I was freaking out when I realized what the President did. Plus, I totally was with Kaiji in that I thought he should play the 3-man next; I had no idea that it was a landmine. If you don't understand what allowed for Muraoka to Ron, stay tuned, it's explained next chapter. I also like how Muraoka just turns to Kazuya and acts like he planned it from the start. Just makes him all the more villainous.

So, Kaiji could lose it all now; with even one Ura-Dora, the hand will become Haneman and he'll have to pay 15 Million Yen, 4 more than he has. But if there aren't any, it will stay at Mangan and he'll still have 1 Million. But god damn, that was a giant stroke of luck for Muraoka. It would have taken a ton of luck to be able to pull a fast one on Miyoshi without even realizing that he's sending signals; something tells me he's got a suspicion. But we'll see.

Oh! And you notice that we have a very sad and empty-looking Mahjong Notes page? Just a white background and nothing else. So lonely. What it needs is some Fanart to liven it up! So if you're an artist, feel free to send in any FKMT fanart you have and we'll put it into our releases!! Isn't that awesome?! Just send it to shinichiakiyama@hotmail.com as an attachment and we'll put it up!

Akagi Chapter 126

Well, I thought it might take some time to get up... but here's the next chapter of Akagi, less than an hour after Kaiji!! With this, we are now ankle-deep into Volume 15! What surprises await us in future chapters?!

"The Mutual Battle where both players bet their fortunes... the Death Match... Resumes!"

Okay, let me start out by saying that the RAWs for this chapter were just dreadful. Absolutely unuseable. And yet, somehow, Biggums managed to turn it into a beautiful, clear-white thing of beauty in no time flat. Let me show you what I mean. This is Page 20 in the raws:

Tilted to one side, a very prominent Gutter shadow, grey everywhere, and the other side of the page can be seen shining through the bottom-right panel. Compare that to this, Biggum's clean with Kazuhiko's typesetting on it...

...And you can see why I am so utterly impressed. This is why I don't clean the scans myself. Biggums, you are a wonderful, wonderful person. Thank you.

Ahem. Now, on to the chapter itself. This chapter seems to drag on for a while because Yoshioka (the white-suit guy) takes whole pages to express simple, single ideas. But he does point out something that people reading may have forgotten: Washizu has a tremendous advantage. He can afford to deal into Akagi's hand a few times at worst, but more importantly he is in the lead point-wise, allowing him to team up with Suzuki and take the game away from Akagi at a moment's notice. Not only that, but the flow should still be with him after that Haneman Tsumo he made a single round before. Well, it should... but it seems to be with Akagi, since getting into Tenpai now could spell disaster, now that Akagi's tenpai could very easily be waiting on that 4-pin. Only time will tell who ends up with the real advantage.

In case you missed my last post, Volume 4 of DKaiji next. Then 15 of Akagi. Then 5 of DKaiji. And back and forth in that fashion we go. I think that's the best way to do it, anyway, since going back and forth between chapters kind of takes the momentum out of it. Off we go!

DKaiji Chapter 30

And we're back with more Kaiji! I actually technically released this yesterday, but didn't advertise it at all because I had to go to bed and kinda half-forgot to take it down. >>;; But anyway, it's up now for real. Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for editing, as usual.

"If he has enough safe tiles to tide himself over, he might last the 17 Steps...!"

Yeah, this was actually translated and cleaned before 29, since we thought we were gonna have to wait for PBM to release it before we could start. I also thought at the time I translated this that Biggums had wiped away the sound effects for PBM's release of it, but in reality he did the whole chapter over to more fit into my style. So I wound up sending Kazuhiko in with all these Sound Effects that he had to find creative ways to put over the original Japanese ones. I don't plan to make a habit of it.

Anyway, this chapter was pretty good. I think next chapter will be really interesting, since we'll be able to see if Muraoka has enough safe tiles to dodge Kaiji's wait. I like writing for Kaiji; he talks a lot like I do, with a kind of rebellious attitude. I feel like I should be clarifying more in the margins, since a lot of the readers will have just come here from Hakairoku Kaiji and aren't really into Mahjong that much... I'll have to think some more about how to handle this series differently from Akagi.

Speaking of Akagi, expect 126 next! After that, I think we'll go and finish Volume 4 of DKaiji, since the poll seems to indicate that alternating volumes would be best. So we should be going back and forth between Kaiji and Akagi volumes from here on in, unless something happens to make us pick something else up, I guess. Expect us!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kaiji Part 3 Chapter 29

All right, we're finally up to bat for the Kaiji team! Let's get ready for some releases of Volume 4!! Also, from now on, rather than calling it Kaiji Part 1 and Part 3 and so on, I'll just be shortening it to "MKaiji" for Part 1 (Mokushiroku Kaiji), and likewise "DKaiji" for Part 3, just for this blog. That way we won't have to type out "Mokushiroku" every time we want to talk about the first one.

Thanks to Biggums for the excellent cleaning and re-cleaning, Kazuhiko for the excellent typesetting and re-typesetting, and to the Project Bite Me team for letting us pick up where they left off!

"The Ninth Match, where Kaiji has no choice but to win!!"

Well, I've been keeping up with PBM's scans of the series, so I don't really have a lot to say about this chapter, since it's mostly just about Kaiji's strategy of having a 6-8-9 sou wait to catch the Prez by suprise. So this blog post is mostly going to be about the differences between our scans and that of PBM before us.

First off, I don't use quite as big of words in my translations as you're used to from Momo, PBM's translator. When a character like Kaiji or Muraoka is speaking, I like to have them use pretty common language that someone could come up with on the spot, rather than wording that sounds rehearsed and well-written. With the narrator, I can go all-out with long, flowing sentences with big words that I need to look up, but I always put dramatic wording before particularly literary wording in that part. There comes a time, though, when you can't just slave over every single word and make sure the work is at the level of The Great Gatsby; you've gotta release the chapter, because there's a whole ton of volumes still left to do. So I feel like we'll be doing faster releases for sure; whether their quality is better is up to you to decide.

As for the editing and such, both Biggums and Kazuhiko were on the PBM team before this, so this chapter probably looks a lot like the releases from PBM did, at least in terms of what is cleaned, and what fonts are used. But over time, I expect that we'll start to develop our own style... I'm always trying to better my translations while still keeping them easy to read and understand, and I feel like things can only go up from here. So keep an eye out for more DKaiji; we're rushing forwards towards the finish line!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Akagi Chapters 124 & 125

A double release?!?! What is this madness?!?!?! It's Akagi, of course! How could we resist? Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for being so on top of everything again, and to YOU for reading this volume of Akagi! :D

Also, pics be spoilin'. Read the chapter or be spoiled.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Akagi Chapter 123

And here it is, not 24 hours after last release! In this chapter... AKAGI DIES!! Yes, it is true!! Read for yourself if you don't believe me!! Looks like the other 11 volumes are of a totally different protagonist... Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Thanks again to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their stupendous editing jobs! Thanks for helping me translate the life and death of this heroic man!!

- Washizu commands his henchmen to begin the blood extraction, 250 ccs at a time
- A Shinigami looms over Akagi as he feels his blood slowly and painfully drift away
- Akagi dies, and the whole room erupts into shock and dismay, except for Washizu, who giddily demands all of his money back, and Ohgi's arm, with it.

...Okay, so we know Akagi isn't really dead, but it sure must have seemed like it to people who read this when there were still only 14 volumes. Goddamn, this chapter was intense, with all the death and doom... Yasuoka was weeping, and Ohgi was scared out of his mind... and through it all, Washizu continued his cheerful banter with the dying man before him. Akagi certainly looks like a man drained of blood, and hopefully next chapter will shed some light on what's actually happening to him.

Oh, and the Shinigami thing... I considered putting it as "Grim Reaper", or leaving a long translator's note in the margins, but I figured everyone reading this has at least watched Death Note, so I probably don't have to clarify what it is. But I will. It's a god of death that sucks the life away from its victims as they pass away. There, that was easy. Get back to being in awe of this chapter.

EDIT: Also, new poll up in the sidebar to see what you guys want us to do after this volume. The end of this volume is a good place to stop (as in, there's no cliffhanger), so take that into consideration. Also, I excluded Rude 39 from the poll because I have something very special in mind for that manga. Just you wait and see. ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Akagi Chapters 121 & 122

Yes, another double release!! Once again, 121 got me so pumped that I couldn't hold off on 122. In these chapters, Washizu takes his draw, aiming for the 4-man...!! What will his draw be...?!?!

Thanks once more go to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent editing jobs! We're on a roll, wouldn't you say?

- Washizu tells Akagi that there is no way that he can stop the draw, now, and that he will most certainly draw the 4-man... and Akagi agrees.
- Washizu goes to take his draw, cursing Akagi in his mind.
- Yasuoka beats himself up for his Chi, and praises Akagi for his correct prediction of Washizu's luck.

Ok, I'll admit, this chapter didn't do a whole lot for us. Washizu goes to take his draw, Akagi acts cool, and everything else is just clarifying what we learned last chapter. But still, it was pretty cool to see Washizu so utterly shaken simply by Akagi's smirk. Really makes you wonder what the heck Akagi has in mind, and Yasuoka's comments really don't help with anything to that extent.

- Yasuoka and Yoshioka fret over what Washizu's tile is.
- Washizu gleefully draws his winning tile, and shoves it in Akagi's face
- Washizu cheerfully states that he doesn't care if Akagi trembles or not, as death is still death.

And this chapter, in stark contrast... full of win. So full of win. I mean, just look at that 2-page spread of Washizu's face. So breathtakingly creepy. And also, Washizu finally seems to understand that Akagi simply does not tremble or get scared, but also understands that he will enjoy the death much the same. Akagi seems to be looking grim, perhaps trying to wrap his head around what is about to happen to him. Kazuhiko was proud to say he was able to use several new fonts in his typesetting of this chapter; see if you can spot them all. I am loving these chapters; check back daily... we should have a ton of chapters up, this week.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Akagi Chapter 120

Yeah, so much for slower releases. Akagi is back, and this time, Washizu gets even more freaky and possessed...!! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their great editing jobs.

- Yasuoka beats himself up for trying to find a way around Washizu's monsterous luck
- Washizu draws the one tile in the whole draw pile that gives him 4 Dora
- Washizu claims that that tile was given to him by God's Messenger to finish Akagi off
- Akagi claims that Washizu's God is an idiot.

Wow. This chapter was really pretty fascinating; if we can trust Washizu (and the evidence of his claims in the 5-man draw seems pretty convincing), then the God of the Akagi world is not only Manevolent but is also totally backing Washizu up. This combined with the whole thing in the Third Hanchan about him being possessed by Demons makes me think that the whole supernatural universe has come to this Mahjong table to kill Akagi. So let's get this straight... Washizu is favored by the rules by a good 300 to 1 or so, pulls Hanemans and Yakumans out of nowhere that have very good chances of winning, has the entire supernatural world on his side when the Flow is with him, has years of experience in this ruleset of Mahjong and even more in normal Mahjong, has been trying his best from the very start, and yet Akagi has survived this long with just his smarts. Seems pretty outrageous to me. And yet, he still seems to have something up his sleeve... what could it be? I mean, Washizu has exactly one draw left, and God is guiding his hand supposedly. No room for Akagi to bust in. I suppose we'll have to wait and see!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Akagi Chapter 119

The Akagi Train cannot be derailed!! No double release this time, but Akagi 119 is now upon us, and it reveals what the "Opposite Side" mentioned in the last chapter is!! A big thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their respective excellence in their jobs. Again, Read or be Spoiled!!

Also, Mahjong this Saturday. Be there or be Furuhata.

- Washizu taunts Akagi once again, saying that, now, there is nothing that he can do to stop the oncoming loss of blood... and Akagi agrees.
- Yasuoka is dumbfounded until just before Washizu draws... his fourth 5-pin...!!
- Washizu makes his Kan, giving him a Rinshan Tsumo, San Kan Tsu Mangan if he draws the 4-man on his next turn!!

Well... I believe Washizu has finally shown his true colors, here. Let's recap for a second. When Washizu got his Divine Revelation, his hand was in shambles, with only 1 winning tile. And from there, he grew his hand up to this Rinshan San Kan Tsu hand. Obviously this is an incredibly unlikely feat of luck... let's see how unlikely. Looking only at the tiles he drew after his revelation, he first had to have Yasuoka play the 8-man. When Yasuoka drew, there were 18 tiles left, only 1 of which was 8-man. After that, to let the new Dora support Yasuoka's hand so he couldn't bail out Akagi, he had to draw either the 9-pin, 1-pin, or 2-pin, of which there were 3 in the 17 tiles left. Then he had to draw the 3-man, which had only 2 tiles left out of 15. After Suzuki played the 6-man and he called Kan, he again had to draw 9, 1, or 2 pin for the indicator (2/14), and THEN he had to draw the 5-man, of which only 2 remained out of 13. After that, he had to draw the 5-pin from the 10 tiles remaining, and will now have to draw anything but the three 4-mans for the dora (6/9), and then finally will have to draw a 4-man on his final draw out of the 8. So to recap, the chance of this happening for Washizu, even excluding all the other people's draws, is...

(1/18) * (3/17) * (2/15) * (2/14) * (2/13) * (1/10) * (6/9) * (3/8) = (432/601473600) = .0000718%

So... .0000718% is... just under 1 in 100,000. That is insane odds, sirs. If you don't believe me, try flipping heads on a coin 17 times in a row. That's how unlikely it is, not even considering the draws the others make or the chances of him having to draw with only 2 or 1 of the 3-man in the pile. Washizu may be kinda bad at decisions, but his luck is crazy. Even Akagi knows it. Next chapter should be crazy, as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Akagi Volume 10 - Sonickrazy-less!

Well, it's happened. It's finally happened. A FKMTkrazy release that I took next to no part in, beyond uploading it. This chapter was cleaned, edited, and partially translated by Skutieos, whom some of you may vaguely remember as the Editor for We Can't Decide in its initial stages. He's learning Japanese, as well, and wondered how I got started, and I told him that my first manga edits were with chapters of Akagi that were already covered by the Anime. So he's decided to take a crack at Volume 10 of Akagi, moving backwards from where I left off, and letting me put the finished product under the FKMTkrazy name. As I'm not involved with the process in any way beyond uploading, this is the one and only blog post I will make on the matter, since a lot of the content of my posts comes from my thought processes as I go to translate the chapters. But there should be some more Volume 10 chapters coming out bit by bit! Thanks for letting me release 'em, Skutieos!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Akagi Chapters 117 & 118

Surprise! A double release! Yeah, 117 got me so pumped that I went ahead and did 118 ahead of time. Also, we have another new Typesetter, Smokey! He has never read Akagi before, but I think he did a fantastic job on 117 nonetheless. A big thanks to our usual suspects, Crump and Kazuhiko, as well.

Also, I'm going to be translating a chapter of Master Keaton for HappyScans next; I feel like, since they've helped me so much with Datenroku Kaiji, as well as Kazuhiko being from there, I should repay the favor by translating a bit for them. I like Master Keaton, but goddamn is it hard to translate. So there may be a big gap between this and FKMTkrazy's next release. Stay tuned.

- Yoshioka (Washizu's main henchman) describes the awesomeness that is this hand.
- Washizu taunts Akagi, saying that there's no possible way he could have drawn the 2-pin
- Akagi taunts Washizu right back, and shows that he did, in fact, draw the 2-pin.
- Yasuoka notices that the Dora make his hand too expensive, much to Washizu's delight and Ohgi's dismay.

While not a ton of new stuff happened in this chapter, it sure as hell went into detail on just how unbelieveable Washizu's hand is. And it is; this hand is looking more and more like a winner... it all comes down to whether or not Washizu will draw his winning tile with the 3/10 shot he has. Definitely looking forward to the next chapt... oh, wait!

- Washizu tries to goad Yasuoka into letting him have his turn.
- Akagi tells Yasuoka not to listen to him, as letting him have a chance to draw his tile could be disasterous.
- Yasuoka finds a third option in calling on the 2-pin to change the order of the draws, much to Washizu's disgust.
- However, Akagi states that Washizu's hand is now in an even better spot to win thanks to this new development.

Wow. This chapter was awesome. So many ups and downs. I was totally rooting for Yasuoka and thinking he'd found the best possible way out, but the end of this chapter struck that down immediately. Also, I love Akagi's Demon Pit metaphor; it seems like he recognizes that Washizu has the luck of the devil, and if given a chance, he will find a way to break out of the ground and take Akagi's life. I think I know what this "opposite side" is, but I'll make you wait to see what it is for yourself. ^^

Overall, I think Mahjong manga is my forte, for sure. I could translate whole volumes of Akagi in a couple days if it weren't for my commitments to other manga. But things are picking up in pace for sure.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kaiji Chapter 17

All right, here's the last chapter of Mokushiroku Kaiji for a while... though the ending suggests the next chapter might be totally new. Kind of a downer, but I have a duty to fulfill. Speaking of duties, I noticed that Rude 39 has shot up in the poll... but I already started on Akagi v. 14. Should've waited to see, but once I'm done with that, I'll put up another poll.

Thanks to Sir Biggums and Sir Kazuhiko for the excellent editing jobs!

- Disposing of extra cards through Draws is mentioned
- Kaiji describes the true face of RRPS
- A new side plot is introduced where people are saying that everyone can get a star for dirt cheap

Yeah, lots and lots of talking. Thankfully, it introduces a lot of new points, like the way that Buying and Selling came to take place, and what Tonegawa really meant in his speech. Also, Furuhata and Andou are still dumb. I don't know how they got themselves dressed to come here in the first place. And I especially don't know how Furuhata ever figured out how to get Kaiji to cosign his debts. The new thing about everyone being saved is kind of an overly hopeful solution... while it does make sense that more availability would make for cheaper stars, it also makes sense that if they can't buy the stars, they can't go anywhere, and people wanting to sell their stars could just sell them at the end of the game for much higher prices. So it's not exactly like selling stocks, to be sure.

Okay, so expect either Datenroku Kaiji 29 & 30 or Akagi 117 next. Kaiji 29 is being done by PBM, so it might take a while, yet, but after that, it's all ours. Also, I've started uploading my chapters straight to http://www.batoto.net/ , since I find that to be a much better alternative to Mangafox. I'm not one of those scanlators who complains that MangaFox is making money off my work; they get paid for the service they provide. I just feel like MangaFox is very unorganized and slow, while Batoto has a system that works very well. So feel free to upload them to MangaFox; I just won't be doing it myself anymore.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kaiji Chapter 16

And we're back, with more Kaiji! In this exciting installment, Furuhata talks! Oh, and also, there's some card playing somewhere. Thanks go to Biggums for another great Clean, and to Kaiji-kun for putting up with the horridly massive amounts of text he had to typeset!!

Also, Mahjong this Saturday at 00:00 GMT. Be there or be Andou.

- Furuhata goes on and on and on about how Mark got tricked by Kaiji, and also about how awesome Kaiji is.
- Furuhata makes the Quicksand metaphor, instead of the Narrator.

Dear god, what is this, Furuhata Explains It All?! Seriously, we get it, Fukumoto! Mark thinks Kaiji's cards are balanced, so he plays Paper! We don't need a history of the world! (Kaiji-kun made that complaint while typesetting, so I just had to share it with you guys. XD)

Yeah, okay, Andou's probably the stupider of the two. But I get the impression that a lot of this was Furuhata figuring things out as he went along, which is why he had to go step-by-step in his explaination to work out all the phases of Kaiji's plan. So Furuhata is still dumb. But at least now we know he's not as dumb as Andou. I'm so glad we figured that out.

As for Mark vs Kaiji, Kaiji's strategy was pretty damn awesome, and his speech to Mark at the end must have really felt good to people reading this for the first time. I feel like Furuhata analysed their match more than I ever could, so I'll just leave it at that.

So, here's my game plan: Finish up Mokushiroku Kaiji 17 since Biggums has it all nice and clean for me, work on Datenroku Kaiji 30 and maybe 31, then start on Akagi v. 14+. That might change if the poll suggests it, but that appears to be the clear favorite at the moment. FKMTkrazy has only just begun!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kaiji Chapter 15 & Other Oddities

And we're back with more Kaiji! And we got a new typesetter, Kazuhiko, AKA Kaiji-kun! And with him, more good news! I'm going to be going back to my roots in Datenroku for a joint project with HappyScans! That is, we'll be taking over Kaiji Part 3 from Project Bite Me!! Takes me back to when I was first scanlating with We Can't Decide. I was doing everything but the Translation back then, but now, I'm going to be doing the translation and nothing else! Funny, right?

As usual, thanks go to Biggums for the fantastic cleaning job, and for the first time, thanks go to Kaiji-kun for the excellent typesetting!

- Furuhata's pre-match thoughts get expanded with fancy hawk-flying metaphors.
- Mark specifies that he's talking to Kaiji alone
- A visual metaphor is added after Kaiji says he's "Fishing" for Mark.

Yeah, not a ton is new. I like how both Mark and Kaiji think they're being clever; Mark appeals to Kaiji's pride to get him to play, not realizing that's exactly what Kaiji wants him to do. Mark gets some idea of Balance from what Kaiji did the last two rounds, but not enough to realize how it could be used against him. Kaiji's plan was pretty foolproof, but it did require some pretty specific conditions for it to work.

So now, followers, I have a question for you, which I will explain below the cut.