Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tenma Chapter 6 - Merry Christmas!

Hey, everyone! It's Christmas! And you know what that means?! Presents! And boy, have I got a present for you guys!!
...What, you were expecting a release? Darn. Well, I guess I'll have to ask Santa for that one. Maybe there will be something new under the cut?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tenma Chapter 5

Ba-da-boom! Only 3 weeks this time! What a speedy releaser I am! ...No, but really, I should be able to get up to speed more or less after Christmas. Maybe I could even do a Christmas release of the final chapter of Tenma?!

Thanks a lot to Biggums for the excellent cleaning job, as always. Also, obviously, we won't be having Mahjong Day on Christmas Eve. That would just be silly. Or the next week, on New Year's Eve. And the week after that, I'm back in school. :( But we can probably do it then.

What's this?! Tenma is invited to the Mahjong League?! He is blessed by the gods to get the Dai San Gen hand often?!?! His opponent isn't someone hired by Hongou?!?!?! Yes, this is a major turning point in the Tenma series. I have no idea how it can all conclude in the next chapter, but we'll see.

Okay, first, a few Translation notes. The word that gets mentioned over and over and over in this chapter is "Blessed". The original word is something like "Fated" or "Destined", but the way it's used in context, those words are very hard to work into the story without sounding weird... so I just figured blessed would be a suitable alternative. Also, Satsuma's cheat actually has a name, "Surikae", but that's just a general term for switching items around without letting the opponent know. Funai calls his card-switching in Kaiji "Surikae". I think they transliterated it in the Ten translations as "Surikae", but I figured I already had enough Translator Notes cluttering up my margins.

Now, Satsuma. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time in all of FKMT manga that a character has recieved a traditional cutaway backstory? Sure, there's been little "Kaiji was this kind of person" flashbacks, but this is the first time I can think of where we actually have a story that takes place within the flashback. Regardless, he is certainly the most sympathetic character in the Tenma series, moreso than even Tenma himself. At first, I was wondering why Fukumoto was fleshing out the random opponent of the week, but then it became clear; he isn't just another opponent. He actually beats Tenma. The fact that he gives up the key at the end is of little significance... he beat someone who has won while being BLIND, for God's sake. Still, I don't think the ending could have been any better; he wins, but gives up the reward because the game would have gone to Tenma if he hadn't cheated. That just shows what a great guy he is. But still, I feel like it was more his luck that won; if the player to his left hadn't knocked over the Xia when he did, he wouldn't have even known to cheat in the first place. Not to mention that if he hadn't cheated, he would still have gotten the Xia, since the guy to his left would have called the 5-man, allowing him to draw it. But that might have made it even more discouraging to have won with an illegal Kokushi... his dad would never have wanted that. All in all, I'd say Satsuma has to be one of my favorite opponents in the series.

Tenma's role in this chapter was kind of... lacking, to be honest. He basically shows up, then it's Satsuma's show for the rest of the chapter. I'm glad it's not the last chapter, though, at least. And is it just me, or does Hiromi look way different now? Did she just cut her hair shorter, or did a lot of time pass since Chapter 3? @_@

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tenma Chapter 4

All right, sorry for the huge, huge delay... schoolwork, you know. But Tenma 4 is up, and this time, he faces off against the deadly shark, Jinnai! Thanks to Biggums for the cleaning job well done!

Also, to those who didn't know, no Mahjong Day today... I have somewhere I need to be. It could happen next week, but not sure. I'll let you guys know when I find out.

Ahh, another man in a Fukumoto manga stripped of everything because of Pachinko. What an evil game that is. Anyway, yeah, we meet another teacher at Tenma's school, and tomorrow is his only chance to impress the love of his life! So of course, he blows all his money on Pachinko and has to turn to a student for help. Luckily for him, Tenma is on the case!

First, a couple of things about the translation... the paper that Jinnai shows to Mr. Kamada was really hard to do, since it's written with the bare minimum information. Basically, the first one is how much money the loser gives up per 100 points he's down by at the end, and the second one is how much money is taken from the 3rd/4th place finishers and given to the 2nd/1st place finishers every Session. However, the Uma I put in is extremely disproportionate to the Game rate, since the original had only 10/20 instead of 100/200. I did this because the little part of the page Jinnai covers up with his thumb was the character for "Ten Thousand" in the original, but writing out "ten thousand" or "*10k" would require me to squish it down to a size that could be covered up by a thumb, so I just bumped up the part he showed Kamada by a digit so I could just use "K" for thousand.

Also, I couldn't find a suitable replacement for "Nimoupai" in english without making it sound as lame as "Two Tile Feel" or something. It gets explained in the little box, so I figured it was okay.

Jinnai is a pretty cool character; I thought his name was "Shaq Jinnai" until I realized that didn't make any sense. >>;; But yeah, he seems totally immoral, and probably became a pro because of his ruthlessness. The trick where he pretended to be considering a call was pretty crafty, though... I don't exactly see how it was dirty. But the rest of his tricks were crazy, especially the whole razor blade thing.

There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong for Tenma, like if Jinnai had played the 4-sou a turn before the 2 and 3 sou, Tenma wouldn't have known, or the player to his left might not have announced what the tile was he was calling. But it was pretty impressive either way, especially what his strategy turned out to be in the end.