Friday, October 28, 2011

Tenma Chapter 2

Atsuize Tenma! Chapter 2 is up! This chapter has Cakes, Protesting, and Mahjong! What more could you ask for?

Thanks again to Biggums for the Cleaning! And read the chapter or be spoiled!

Yeah, a few notes on the translation first. I translated the term "Hanchan" as "Session" in this chapter, unlike last chapter where I kept it as Hanchan. I just felt like, since there was a term available that I could think of, I might as well use it.

The only other thing of note is Tenma's cheating technique for the final round of his match with Hongou; the Japanese name is "Tsumo Giri Henge", which translates most closely to "Draw-Deal Ghost". I considered keeping it as Tsumo-Giri, but I figured that would get too confusing, since "Tsumo" is used for winning by self-draw. Tsumo actually means draw, and the official term for the way it's used normally in english translations is "Tsumo-Agari", or "Draw-Win". But "Draw-Deal Ghost" sounded too lame, so I racked my brain for a while, and eventually came up with "Draw Switch Fake-Out", after going from Ghost to Apparition to Illusion and finally to Fake-Out. It still sounds kinda dumb, and I might go back and change it if I come up with something better.

Now, Hongou. It's a bit jarring to see this kid who looks way older than he is coming in after all this talk of teachers; you get the impression that he's a teacher who's just trying to get Tenma off the sidewalk, and it becomes especially jarring when he punches tenma in the face. But thankfully, he's just a kid, which makes the whole thing better. I'm still not sure if he's a High School or Middle School student; they never say for sure one way or the other. But one thing that's for sure is he looks a damn lot like Tonegawa. And the resemblance kind of fits, since he turns into something like the primary Antagonist of the series from this chapter on.

I like how we get a look at the family life of Tenma, and how the parents aren't shown. Kind of makes Tenma seem like the man of the house. But at the same time, his little sister, Hiromi, is responsible for getting him up and making his lunch and so on, which really gives a strong sense of family unity. Tenma really loves his little sister, wasting no time to check and see if she's okay after the accident, and getting revenge on Hongou for her scraped knee.

Hongou must be filthy rich and have money to burn if he has specially-made light-activated marked tiles when he's not really focused on Mahjong as much as academics or boxing. It seems like a crazy idea, but it could really work as long as the window is tilted in the right way. Hongou really undid his own scheme, though... even if it got dark from Tenma wasting so much time, Hongou seems good enough to defend his points for a round without cheating. Getting irritated about it let Tenma know about his plan. But Tenma's victory was well-deserved, even if it was very unlikely; he really did get the best of Hongou, once again putting his opponent's own trick against them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 14

And as promised, here is the next chapter of Kaiji in a timely fashion. I'm going to go and finish the rest of Tenma before coming back to this, since I'm really intrigued by that manga atm.

Thanks again to Biggums for the excellent cleaning job!

- Brief recap by Furuhata at the beginning for those who didn't quite get the whole balance thing. 
- Furuhata goes over why it doesn't make sense for Kaiji to play Mark again in his head.
- Mark figures out how the three came together and rationalizes that he won't lose to them because of it.

Yep, not a lot is new in this one. Just more of solidifying what we knew. I do like how well Kaiji is acting to make Mark think that he has no plan; His talk about momentum doubles as both a motivational speech for his teammates and a ploy to get Mark to accept his challenge. Other than that, not much to say.

Expect lots of Tenma in the coming weeks!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tenma Chapter 1

And the first chapter of a never-before-seen Fukumoto Manga is now up! I don't know how to upload it to Mangafox if it's not already listed, so if someone wants to do that for me, feel free.

Thanks to Biggums for the awesome job cleaning! This is really starting to feel more like a group, now, rather than just me... There's no longer any manga series that I'm doing solely by myself; I have all sorts of people willing to help now. Which is awesome. :D

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna do the "outline of events" thing for this series; too much happens per chapter for a bite-size summary like that. Also, the pages are HUGE, much larger than normal manga pages are, and consequently the file size is a whopping 55MB. I might just trim them down a bit and resize them in a separate release so they're easier to fit on a standard computer screen at actual size. But I'm very happy with how clear the pages turned out; there's next to no quality lost from the original raws.

Now, a few notes about the translation and things I changed from my usual style. Normally I use more cursing in my translations, with "Fuzakeruna!" translating to "Don't fuck with me!" and "Kuso" becoming "Shit", and so on. But because this is a manga aimed at a younger audience, I decided to keep it more light with the language. "Dammit" and "Crap" are used a single time each, which aren't even considered swear words to certain people. Also, as far as Mahjong goes, I switched around some of the terms I normally use... I always say "Dead Wall Draw" for the tile drawn when a Kan is made, but the manga defined "Rinshan" pretty thoroughly in the margins, so I kept that in. Also, "Suu-An-Kou" got turned into "Suu-Ankou", and the same with "Chii-Toi-Tsu" and "Chi-Toitsu", because that more fits with what the names actually mean (four Ankou and seven Pairs).

Now, onto the chapter itself. Definitely wouldn't want to have Tenma's teacher... though if he was snoring really loudly, I guess it's understandable that she flipped out. But man, did she ever flip out. Two full workbooks is a ton of homework, for sure.

I gave the kids from Kantou University a sort of New York accent, and Yoshii himself a kind of Posh way of speaking, considering he does have loads of money and sort of fits the "rich prep" archetype.

Yoshii may have marked the tiles up to get an advantage, but there was still a lot of skill involved to take advantage of it; predicting that Tenma's 3-man would become a useless tile is still pretty incredible. Not to mention that he won two rounds without using the marks at all, and got monster hands in them. But it was kind of his downfall, in the end; he got so focused on taking advantage of his trick that he gave Tenma a free 4-man discard, which was the start of the end.

Oh, and Tenma pulling off a Suu-Ankou by taking advantage of a hole in Yoshii's trick: awesome. It kind of reminded me of Kaiji vs The Bog in that he got a huge chance without realizing it, but still had to have the guts to take the risk of it being a fluke. Definitely looking forward to whatever he does next.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 13

Due to the vast majority of people voting for Maximum quality on the recent poll, for the first time ever, this release uses the .png format for higher quality! Only it's still just a piddly 6MB... because I didn't realize I was supposed to use the "interweave" or some such function. I'll fix it next time.

Anyway, Kaiji 13 now up, and among other things, Kaiji goes and talks to the guy he wants to challenge. Thanks again to Biggums for the awesome job of cleaning!

[note: for ease of writing, I will henceforward be referring to the player Kaiji targets as "Mark" in this blog, because that's what scam artists call their targets, and also because it's a real name, which I find to be very clever.]

- The fact that someone with 5 stars challenged Mark to a match before this, which he turned down.
- Kaiji explains more about how they need to go about manipulating Mark.
- Furuhata takes longer to figure out what "Balance" is.
- Andou takes longer to unknowingly describe what "Balance" is.
- Rather than the narrator, Furuhata goes through why the battle isn't guaranteed to be won by Kaiji.

This chapter doesn't really add a whole lot, it just solidifies what we already know from the Anime. All I really got from it was a loss of respect for Furuhata and how he had to go through the fact that Money and Stars couldn't be a factor in balance. Of course it had to do with cards; this is a card-based game!

I don't really know who's the stupider of the two; Andou or Furuhata. Furuhata had to have the whole balance thing explained to him, but Andou couldn't put two and two together and figure out that his balance and Kaiji's balance were the same thing. I get that two heads are better than one, but I would think one head would be sufficient for what these two come up with.

So, I think I'm gonna be taking a shot at Atsuize Tenma next... it shouldn't take too long, since it's pretty basic, but if Yako's translation of Akagi 117 comes in while I'm doing it, that of course takes priority. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Akagi Chapter 116

And the stunning, divine strategy of Washizu's creation is revealed! Who could have guessed this unlikely twist, and will it come to fruition?!

Thanks again to Yako for the translation! As usual, read or be spoiled!

- Washizu's lackeys are bewildered as to what the purpose of his Kan could be.
- Washizu draws the 3-man with his Dead Wall Draw, and not a moment later calls Kan on Suzuki's discard.
- Washizu draws the 5-man, giving him a closed 4-man wait, but without any Yaku built into it.
- Suzuki calls pon on the 7-man Washizu discards, changing the draw order to make Washizu the one to get the last draw.

Wow. Just... wow. Akagi said that there was something about Washizu that was laying dormant way back in 107, but I never expected to catch a gimpse of it so quickly. Whether or not he actually completes this hand, he's definitely found what allowed him to win all these years, at the very least. First he had to figure all this was possible, then he had to draw the 3-man and 5-man on his next turns, and finally he'll need to draw the 4-man on the final draw. If he can pull all that off, it may well be the greatest feat of luck in Akagi since Akagi's win against Ichikawa. And that's saying something.

Also, I liked how the whole "70 discards" thing was a critical part of this, and it wasn't just shoehorned in to explain how close the game was to a loss. If you tried this in regular Mahjong, you'd run out of tiles before Suzuki's Pon.

Definitely looking forward to next time; it should be thrilling indeed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 12

Kaiji is back with a vengeance! He's kicking ass, taking names, and playing cards!

Also, thanks a whole lot to Biggums111 for the cleaning... he did a way better job than I could ever have expected. :O

In other news, I got 116's translation from Yako! Expect it soon.

- We see Kaiji tell the plan to his allies, rather than the narrator explaining it.
- Kaiji hears screams coming from the other room by means of an accident, and loses all doubts about what will happen if they lose.
- Furuhata comes to get Kaiji before the end of his opponent's match with 8 cards, and Kaiji commands Andou to make sure he doesn't play anyone else before him.
- Crevice-jumping metaphor gets expanded upon.

Yeah, lots of new content in this chapter. I found the screams coming from the room to be quite interesting... I don't recall anything scream-worthy happening when Kaiji is sent there in the Anime, so maybe there will be new content when we get there, as well. Either way, though, I admire how consistent the Anime was in their cuts; Kaiji's internal monologue doubting what happens after the game and Tonegawa's speech about how they shouldn't care all goes directly with this moment; the doubts are gone from Kaiji's head with that, but if it didn't happen, he might have given up when Furuhata came to get him, thinking whatever happened wouldn't be so bad.

Also, Furuhata's timing is a bit more rational here than it was in the Anime; he gets him before the 8th card is used, so that they don't have to worry about whether he'll get another opponent afterwards or not as long as they hurry. But it does raise the question of how he knew if the 8th card was a rock or scissors; it seems like he left before the cards were chosen. Unless he left when they entered the "check" phase, which would make the following events have to happen extremely quickly.

Overall, it's good to be back on Kaiji; Season 2 got me in the mood again. Expect Akagi 116 next, and then either Kaiji 13 or a new manga called "Atsuize Tenma", the raws of which were given to me by a kind anon. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Akagi Chapter 63

Last chapter of Volume 7, and only took a... week? Dang. Maybe getting into Grand Fantasia was a bad idea.

Anyway, despite it being the least popular option on the recent poll, I'm going to be doing Kaiji Volume 2 next... my partner doesn't understand mahjong but wants to read my work, and I've kinda secretly wanted to get back to doing it anyway. Sorry for all you Akagi fans out there, but I'll still be doing the new chapters when Yako sends me translations.

- Lots of metaphors, including rabid dogs, burning houses, and fireworks.
- A bit more expansion on Akagi's reasons for what he did
- Ohgi berates Akagi before coaxing him into helping defeat Washizu

Yeah, this chapter reminded me of Kaiji Chapter 6 in that I had to look up a TON to get any idea of what they were talking about. But I guess it wasn't that much, I just took a while because of MMO addiction.

I recently re-read the final arc of Ten, and this chapter sort of goes along with the morals Akagi displays during that part; he'd rather die than give up what makes him himself. I enjoyed hearing what Akagi had to say, and how the other two tried to counter it.

Also, there's a part that got added to the anime where Akagi smugly reads Ohgi's mind about his wanting him to play against the murderer. In the manga, he just looks stunned and intrigued, not to mention speechless after Hirayama's death is told to him.

So yeah, I guess this is a good stopping point to switch back to kaiji, anyway; Ep 14 of the Anime ended where Volume 7 did, and if I go another volume we'll be in the middle of the Washizu arc, perhaps even in the middle of a game. So yeah, good a time as I'll get.