Sunday, September 25, 2011

Akagi Chapter 115

Woo, another installment of Akagi! This time, we get an omen of something to come from Washizu's hand... what could it be...?!

As usual, thanks go to Sasayaki Yako for the translation, and read the chapter or be spoiled.

- Washizu decides to follow his revelation and wait to see how his hand will change.
- Yasuoka draws the 8-man and plays it, expecting Washizu to win off of it
- Washizu instead calls Kan, much to his lackeys' confusion

Yeah, this chapter really caught me off guard... everything up to here was pretty predictable, but this chapter just through all that out the window with Washizu's Kan. I think I have some idea of what he's planning, but if he manages to actually do it, he really does have the luck of the devil.

Besides that, though, Yasuoka's dealing of the 8-man made a lot of sense to me... If Washizu won with it, he'd still be avoiding a Tsumo. If not, Akagi wouldn't lose any blood. This third option was just inconceivable... but Yasuoka really couldn't have avoided it. If he broke up his tenpai, there would be a very small chance of getting it back, and Washizu might have even won, still. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Akagi Chapter 62

Another chapter down, in only 4 days. Still nothing really new, but the Cho-Han arc gets wrapped up nice and neatly, with no serious damage to Akagi's shoulder.

And good news! Yako sent me the translation for 115! Expect it soon.

- The pictured page.
- A half-page of Kuraishi trying to get Yasuoka to leave.

Yeah, nothing really new, here... I found Yasuoka to be quite badass in this chapter, really putting his detective skills on display. So yeah, not a lot to say.

Oh, and I've been translating Kuraishi's title as "Financial Manager" for a few chapters, which was my best guess based on the characters used... but apparently it means "Daigashi", or the Yakuza leader of Gambling Houses... I hadn't checked the Anime until this chapter, and they explained that. So I re-uploaded Chapter 59 and 60 with this change to his title.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Akagi Chapter 61

Aaaand we're back to the anime-covered content, explaining the somewhat fast release. Releases should be faster from here on, too.

No word from s3k70r regarding the new chapters, but I finally heard back from Yako, and she's going to send me 115's translation fairly shortly. So even if we don't get the 5 volumes at once, new chapters are on their way.

- The metaphor about Akagi being a helpless chicken.
- Some introspection from one of the guests looking on to the horrific scene.

Yeah, not a ton is new for a change. I liked the metaphor, but I guess they chose a good time to jump in with the Anime. I finally got around to reading George Orwell's 1984, and this scene reminded me a great deal about the suppression of ideals present in that book... Akagi knows that the dice are even, but if he wants to keep his life he needs to say that they are odd. But, in his normal nonconformist attitude, he would rather die than lose a game that he already very much won. It's kind of like how in the final part of 1984 (spoiler alert for 1984), Winston makes it through his torture by telling himself that the government will not have wiped rebellious thoughts from his mind when he dies; the thought cannot be extinguished. He can say that 2 and 2 make 5 all he wants, but in his heart of hearts he knows it to equal 4. Only, his very saying that it equals 5 makes he, himself believe it after a while, and eventually all rebellious thoughts are really erased from his mind. I think Akagi understands that actions influence thoughts in that way, so he refuses to allow himself to give in to the Kurata group and say that the dice are Odd. That would mean that they would change his thoughts in some way, not to mention that he would have lost the battle. (end 1984 spoilers) Besides, Akagi always has been tough and unyielding, and will continue to be that way until the day he dies.

Also, Yasuoka didn't notice the blood right away here, whereas he was staring at it while Ohgi asked him "what now" in the anime. Not really a major change, but kind of adds a different flow to the scene.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Akagi Chapter 60

And a new chapter in only... 5 days? I'm getting closer to my normal speed now, but who knows if I'll be up to speed any time soon. Anyway, 60 is now up, wherein Akagi is given the 1984 treatment by the Kurata Group.

Also, if you haven't been reading the comments on these blog posts, we may or may not be getting all the chapters up to v19 soon... s3k70r apparently has them and is looking for them among his dvd's. I'm sure I will not be the only one to fangasm if that happens.

- Akagi accepts the offer to bet all his money
- The Dealer suggests that Akagi do the bet prior to his roll, which Akagi counters by having a physical bet rather than a verbal one
- The roll is Even, just like Akagi's bet, but the Kurata group pretends it was Odd and tries to take Akagi's money
- Akagi gets the most pissed we've ever seen him, and sentences the group to hell.

Yeah, technically a new chapter, but all of this was kind of implied to have happened in the Anime, anyway. Well, except the betting-before-roll part and the 5/10 yen coins being Odd/Even. I think Akagi's reasoning behind the coin bit was that he knew or at least suspected that the Dealer could manipulate the dice, so obviously betting first would allow them to simply make the roll the opposite of his bet. It was also to make it unquestionable that he had bet on Even, even if it didn't exactly work.

The Kurata group could very well be the lowest, cheapest group of antagonists ever, certainly in the series. They lost fair and square with their own rules at their own game, but forced Akagi to give his money to them, anyway. I suppose this is the downside of having no backup, though, since if the Inada group had been with Akagi, it would be a different story. Akagi certainly thinks of this as lower than low... he didn't care that Ishikawa was cheating, or even that Yagi was, but this goes beyond that and into the "sore loser" territory. They lost, but still forced him to pay up. And he won't have it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Akagi Chapter 59

Wow, massive delay on this one.  There’s just a lot discussed in this chapter, meaning I had to look up a lot of things and slow down the translation. But it’s out, and hopefully 60 will follow soon after.

Also, still no response from Sasayaki about 115. I’m thinking she might not want to translate any more, or maybe she’s just going through some busy times. Dunno. But you still have me! You ALL still have me!!

- Akagi pwns some more, the organizers’ motives are discussed more in-depth
- It is revealed that the organizers can manipulate the dice up to the moment the cup is slammed on the ground.
- Akagi is related to the “Satori”, a mind-reader from Japanese folklore.
- The Kurata group has had enough, and finally takes action, stabbing swords into the ground all around Akagi when the guests have mostly all left.
- The dice-roller tells Akagi that they won’t kill him as long as he never comes back… and bets all his money on one final dice roll.

Yeah, this chapter didn’t exactly cover a ton, but at least we now know that Akagi wasn’t totally reading the flow; he also had the dice-roller’s mind to read. If you want to know, the Satori that he’s being related to is a human-like monster who lives in the mountains in Japanese Folklore… from what I understand, you’ll know it’s near because he reads your mind and repeats what you are thinking back to you. That sounds really creepy, to be honest… just like Akagi.

Also, did they mention in the anime the extents of the bet Akagi was making? I don’t think so… could be forgetting something. From the looks of it, the next chapter goes into all of that, and it’s very badass. There’s only a few more chapters of Cho-Han, though… I guess I can understand why they cut it out in the anime. But it’s still an intriguing section of the manga.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Akagi Chapter 58

Wow, this chapter was hard to do. Took me a good 6 days or so. But for waiting, you get 19 or so pages of new content! Lucky you! (Oh, and I decided to change the name of Odds & Evens to Cho-Han, to avoid confusion with this other game called Odds & Evens.)

Also, I've emailed Sasayaki about Akagi 115, but she hasn't responded. Stay tuned.

- Talk of Akagi's real motives
- Talk of Akagi's being like the hottest of hot fires
- Talk of where Washizu got his money
- Talk about Ohgi's part in the scheme
- Yasuoka's talk about his own gamble with Akagi
- Cho-Han in its full.

Okay, lots of new content in this one. Before we get to the really juicy part, lemme go in order through the first parts. First, Akagi's supposed desire for death is touched upon by Yasuoka. This is brought up again and again in the later parts, but it's interesting to see it foreshadowed as far back as here, and probably even further back if we want to look at it. The fire metaphor was okay, but I felt like it was unnecessary. Something important that's new to this chapter is how Washizu got his money; through his consultancy firm. This probably does get expanded on later, but it was interesting that they cut it out. The Inada group does sort of just appear out of practically nowhere in the anime, so it was good that there was some buildup here. Yasuoka seems more reckless in the manga, since he's ready to just jump in and seal the deal without even knowing if the man in Chiba is Akagi or not. Maybe Akagi's gambling instincts got to him.

And of course, Cho-Han. I can't believe they cut out so much of this in the Anime, it is badass to extremities. I thought Akagi's victory against Ichikawa was unlikely, but the odds of him being undefeated for however long he's been doing it are insanely low. Every match doubles the denominator. There's no way around him having some kind of divine gift at this point; he can see the future. And what's more badass is how it's supposed to be a player vs player game, but he takes the battle to the organizers. Looking forward to what happens next.