Thursday, June 30, 2011

Akagi Chapter 42

Boom! Another chapter in less than 4 days! This time, we have more craziness from Akagi and an all-new round! Go read the chapter if you haven't already; my comments on it may spoil the craziness.

- More introspection towards Urabe
- A new round after Urabe wins a Mangan hand is shown.

Lemme try and clarify what happened in the transition to the anime... I could be wrong on this, but I believe it was made so that Akagi was declared the dealer for the South First Round in the Anime, which made Urabe the South Third Round dealer. In the manga, the player to Akagi's right is the South First Round dealer, making Urabe the South Second Round dealer, and making it so his winning in the South Second Round allows for this extra Honba round. Pretty clever way to move things along, if you ask me. If I'm right, there will be an extra round when [SPOILERS FOR FUTURE CHAPTERS] Akagi overtakes Urabe in the final round. I haven't gotten that far myself, but I'm guessing that Ishikawa will finish up the game with a few extra Honba rounds, and Urabe will be so shaken that he won't be able to fight back, probably covered in the space of a few pages. But maybe I'm wrong and there's some extra rule to their bet where Urabe loses automatically if Akagi overtakes him. Dunno. [END SPOILERS]

Anyway, the new round didn't really affect anything point-wise, since all that happened in the end was that Urabe gave up a trivial amount of points to the player to his left to move to the South Third Round. But the ride there was pretty thrilling, and I imagine people reading the manga for the first time were really rooting for Akagi for the small hope spot he was getting. It also gives some more insight into Urabe's plan going into the South Third Round; he intends to deal into the same player's hand again to move the winds around.

Oh, and for the Mahjong newbies, Kokushi Musou is notoriously tricky to get, since you need to draw every single tile yourself. Another hand like that is the 3-fan Chi-Toi-Tsu hand, but that's much easier since you can get 7 of any pair, whereas you need to draw all the exactly right tiles for Kokushi. I've never gotten one in Mahjong myself... but I did get into Tenpai once for it, waiting on a Chun. Someone else won, though. XD

Monday, June 27, 2011

Akagi Chapter 41

Woo! I didn't take half a month on this one! It's starting to get good now; Akagi's dancing around with Yakuman hands. Also, I've added a poll on the side of this very page! Check it out.

-Kawada beats around the bush before explaining what Akagi's doing to Ishikawa
-Kawada gets a few more lines in reaction to Akagi's actions at the end

Yeah, not much is new in this one, just some bits and pieces. I have something I want to ask, but I don't want to spoil anything in case we have some people who haven't seen the anime, so I'll save it until the end of the arc. So yeah. Fun.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Akagi Chapter 40

Sorry for the massive delay here, I just got LoZ:OoT 3D and have been playing that. >>;; Anyway.

- The first two games are explored in much more depth from Ishikawa's point of view.

Really, I think Akagi is probably much more enlightened than any human on the planet... who else but he could come up with this? I imagine Osamu or Ishikawa tells him about what's been going on, or else he wouldn't have known about Urabe's wager in full and how he could have won and didn't... but who knows, maybe he's actually a devil and looked into the past. I do think he proved fairly well here that being able to calmly think about things thoroughly helps tremendously when the stakes are this high, even if you're a novice like Osamu. That's probably why he's so good at risking his life; he remains calm no matter what happens due to his acceptance of death. Oh, that's a few arcs later when he talks about that. Never mind. He's just cool.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Akagi Chapter 39

Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to myself on this blog... but that's more communication than I usually get from manga editing, so I'll take it. Also, I included an advert at the end of this chapter for a Liar Game Tournament I'm taking part of... They wanted me to, so eh. The link is


  • Interaction between Ishikawa and Osamu, both before and after Ishikawa's meeting with Akagi
  • A few panels showing where Fake Akagi went... he's moping in the corner.
Osamu is a pretty good character IMO, and he plays a bigger role in the next arc, the Nakai arc. He reminds me a bit of Hiroyuki from Ten, only much less confident. Btw, am I right in thinking that Ishikawa was the guy who sat left of Akagi in his very first match with Ryuuzaki and Yagi? I searched all over those two arcs and that's the closest I've come to someone who resembles him...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Akagi Chapter 38

All right, finally able to start where StubbornOne left off on Akagi. I definitely think it's gonna be slower than Kaiji due to the fact that some of the kanji look like little squiggles with the ink style, but I'll hopefully be able to get somewhat up to speed now that I have the opportunity.

  • More introspection towards Fake Akagi's Taichou
  • What caused him to want Akagi back in at that moment
Ok, there were a few things I changed in the overall translation from the anime and StubbornOne's previous chapters... first, the waits' names were changed around a bit; Dual Pon Wait is now a Double Wait, just because it sounded better to me. Probably the most prominent thing that was changed was Urabe's catchphrase; I kept it in the original Japanese as "Niisan", which pretty much does mean "Bro" as he usually is translated as saying. I just changed it to Niisan because I thought it fit him more than bro, and also because it sounds cooler to me. The final thing that was changed was Urabe's manner of speech; I gave him a bit of a Midwestern USA dialect, if I'm tracing the origins correctly. He slurs his words together sometimes in the original Japanese ("Sou Desu Ka" becomes "Sou Dekka"), so I took that concept and ran with it. Something I left unchanged that I could have changed was Fake Akagi's name; I considered changing it to "Nise Akagi" because Fake Akagi has always sounded a bit off to me, but in the end I kept it the same to avoid confusion.