Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 11

All right, I'm gonna take a short break (I lost a bet and now have to marathon a series...), but when I come back, I've gotten permission from StubbornOne to start from where he left off on Akagi. So I'll start from chapter 37 and work forward. The Nakai arc starts at chapter 50, but I should be able to do it faster if I get some more practice in with the chapters leading up to it.

Anyway, Kaiji Chapter 11 is now out, and Andou still sucks at life. Oh, and Rock Paper Scissors.

  • More in-depth explanation on why a draw would be the best outcome during Andou's match
  • Furuhata bashes Andou a bit more
  • Two and a half pages of Door-Opening imagery
Unlike Funai, I really, really, really dislike Andou. Funai's betrayal was quite smart and good tactically... what Andou does is leave his, Kaiji's, and Furuhata's fates all up to luck, and gives himself a 2/3 chance of ending up way worse than before. It was selfish, stupid, unreliable, and really despicable. But for all of it, Kaiji made the right choice in keeping Andou, because Furuhata is dumb, too. He generally does whatever he's told without thinking, and when he does think, he arrives at totally the wrong conclusion. I also don't think he could have picked much better partners; everyone in that room was similar to them, and those with more stars wouldn't really have teamed up with him that easily. I do think that he could have picked less partners; one would have been enough with all the strategies he eventually comes up with. But eh, he didn't know that. Other than that, most of his choices were pretty rational.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 10

All right, one chapter from the end of the volume. I wasn't really expecting it to take this long, but as it turns out, there is a LOT of new content... just not so much in this chapter. >>;;


  • Kaiji's motivation behind chasing after Furuhata (pictured)
  • Some more motivational talk from Kaiji to Furuhata and Andou
  • Kurosawa-esque moment in the bathroom
Yeah, hate hate hate Andou. Nothing big introduced in this chapter that we didn't already know, except maybe that Kaiji had teaming up with Furuhata in mind right when he started chasing after him. Also, the moment where Kaiji shouts about taking a group piss cracked me up while I was translating it for some reason. It's just so out of nowhere, but oh so appropriate.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 6-9: New Content

Hey, all! I'm FKMTkrazy, and since I usually have a lot more to say about stuff than can be fit in 140 characters on Twitter, I figured I may as well start up a blogspot for the times I just can't fit everything in a single tweet. This will also probably contain some reviews and stuff for things I'm in to at the time, but for now, let's go into some content that got skipped over in the Anime that was in Kaiji.

Okay, first off, I don't remember all that much about 4 and 5, so sorry for that. As for 6, let me just say that EVERYTHING in it is new; it got skipped over almost entirely by the anime, and instead replaced by some summary dialogue.

  • Berating, berating, and more berating by Tonegawa.
  • Insight into reasoning for the insufficient explanation of the rules
  • Motivational speech to Kaiji and the others
  • Extra lines for Ishida
  • Conspiracy theory from that unnamed guy in the audience
I think it's pretty clear why this got shortened down to 10 or so lines in the anime; it's a long speech that really doesn't add much to the plot. It does, however, characterize Tonegawa into the pompous authority figure who isn't really in control. It still leaves us some room for future characterization in later arcs, however. I love Tonegawa to death, but really, this chapter was awful to translate, due to its getting into specifics that I'm not really familiar with.


  • Music from the speakers? What nonsense!
  • Kaiji's plans to rebel against Teiai, and why it wouldn't work
  • Insight into the losing players' motives
I think the biggest thing we got out of this chapter was the insight; in the Anime, there's sort of a lingering implication that the players who lost were all tricked similarly to Ishida, when really, they're in such a daze that they don't realize quite what happened then and there; it's only during their time in the Other Room that it hits them, as seen by their huddling in a corner away from the window. It really is something that brings a lot more depth to the arc, and probably the most important thing left out of the Anime so far. I also found it enjoyable that Kaiji was still thinking of rebelling even now... kind of puts a bit of a new edge on his character. 

  • Funai's talk of human nature and why 12 Draws have never happened
  • Why Kaiji would be ripe pickings for forced prostitution
  • Funai's motives for picking Kaiji and why he'd never betray him for quick cash
This chapter gives some real insight as to just why Kaiji didn't see it coming; Funai beautifully orchestrated the situation into one where Kaiji would choose by himself to go along with his plan. First, he compliments Kaiji and gives a reason why he chose him out of everyone on the ship; he saw promise as a repeater. This lets Kaiji fall back into the listening position, unable to even think of betraying Funai or blowing this chance. Second, he gives reasons why Kaiji should NOT believe him. This seems like a bad strategy, but really, it puts Kaiji into a mindset where he gets to feel as though he's deciding whether or not to trust Funai on his own. Besides, what con artist would give away his con as he's doing it? Third, he gives a pretty good, albeit not infallible, reason as to why it wouldn't benefit him to betray Kaiji: he'd be left forced to leave it up to luck, and that's something that killed off tons of people before them. Finally, and most importantly, he makes Kaiji feel like he needs to hurry; if they don't finish it off in 10 minutes, they'll have added on to their debt, which is not something Kaiji or he wants to have happen.

So, it's pretty clear that Kaiji made a very hasty decision that he had put into his mind by Funai. Would someone like Akagi Shigeru or Akiyama Shinichi have made a better decision? Certainly. But the thing about Kaiji is that he's no mastermind; he has good ideas sometimes, but he makes mistakes and has to pay for each and every one. I imagine that the first thing on his mind was to make sure Funai didn't suspect him of trying to trick him, when in reality, it was Funai doing the tricking.

The real question is: Was Funai morally wrong? I don't think so. He's a repeater, and as is later revealed by the guy in the Other Room, repeaters need to get 4 stars to pass. So he needed to do something like this in order to pass; Kaiji was just his prey of the week. I don't even think he was wrong in taking 4 extra stars from others by the next time we see him; the game pretty much demands that you betray and lie in order to get anywhere. But I can talk more about that when we get there.

Also, prostitution. I love how much detail Fukumoto went into about that. Just love it.

  • "Battlefield" imagery from the Blacksuit
  • Kaiji's analysis of his situation and how he could fix it
  • More in-depth look at Kaiji's motives for losing to Funai
Not a lot here that wasn't said or at least implied in the anime; of note is that they actually added some filler to the anime during Kaiji's attack of Funai. It does cover one path of thinking that was probably on peoples' minds while watching the anime: why doesn't Kaiji just wait to the end and buy stars? It also gives a bit of foreshadowing to people doing just that near the end of the game.

Well, I certainly hope I've kept you interested for this blog post... at least enough so that you'll come back when I post another. I'll be posting links to these posts on Twitter, so you can just keep an eye on that if you want. Until next time, whoever's reading this. >>