Mahjong Night Standings

Here are the standings for all mahjong nights since 7/13/12, so that they can be kept track of. The scores cannot go below zero, and are based off the end-of-session scores that are shown at the end of each match, rounded to the nearest whole number (just to keep it similar to Akagi/Ten scoring). Presently just for fun, but I dunno, we could throw in a prize or two, somehow.

FKMTkrazy Lobby Special Rules: (Added to be more similar to the ruleset used in FKMT manga, with examples as to where they were)

  • Open Tanyao allowed (example: Suzuki wins with Open Tanyao Only to end the 5th Session)
  • No red tiles (Exactly one arc in all of FKMT manga, the Kawajiri arc of HERO, has included red fives. That's more of an exception, so we don't use them.)
  • Head-Bump/Atama Hane (example: Yasuoka head-bumps Akagi's 1-Pin to stop Washizu's counted yakuman)
  • Kiriage Mangan (All of Minefield Mahjong assumes that 4 han, 30 fu is mangan)
  • 4-Player Riichi (example: In Chapter 2 of HERO, all 4 players riichi'd and the round did not end)
  • Kan Dora flipped immediately (Allows for Rinshan Kaihou to get new dora, like what happened in the Ichikawa arc of Akagi)

"Sashi-Uma Bets": For an added challenge, you and one other player can challenge each other to a Sashi-Uma (aka one-on-one bet). If you have more points at the end of the session than your opponent, you will take a number of points from them (in the list below) that is decided before the game begins. The default number is 20, but it can be higher or lower at the players' requests. Sashi-Uma bets are deducted before the game points are, so it isn't possible to go below zero, even then.


  • Bets must be decided upon before the first winning hand of the game is won. If no point value is decided upon before this point it will be reset to 20 points. If both parties have not agreed to it by this point the bet will be cancelled.
  • Either player may cancel the bet in the 9-second interval between starting the game and dealing the starting hands by saying "cancel" in the chat. No reason must be given, but it cannot take place after this point.

In addition, you may make a player your "rep player" when you are not in the game yourself. For this bet, you are making a Sashi-Uma bet against a player, with a player in the game as your proxy. It operates with all the same rules as a normal Sashi-Uma. All players involved in the bet must agree on this. By default, the "bankroller" (person betting the points) will earn 85% of the points for a win, with the other 15% going to the rep player. For a loss, the bankroller pays all the points to the opposing player.


Standings now published on a spreadsheet! For a bigger version, click here.


  1. I am going to fucking climb up this latter so God Damn hard. Just watch!

  2. Did ashirogi_muto ever participate more than once? I think it may have been my own username from a long time ago but I'm not sure (I participated in a FKMTKrazy game night once back then.)

    1. Ashirogi is a regular, if you only played once then it's not you

    2. Good to see I'm still regarded as a regular, even if I haven't show up for some time now.

      Things have been busy, I'll try to appear this week.

  3. How do I join mahjong nights?

    1. Just go to the IRC button at the top of this page Saturdays at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PDT) and we'll get you playing. Hope to see you there!

  4. A Sashiuma that will live in infamy as the beginning of the Attack on Furuhata
    A: Furuhata
    B: jatelion
    C: Tamburst
    D (私): Skor

    1. Here's my 380 point sashiuma vs Furuhata from last night:

      A (私): Skor
      B: bab_B
      C: FKMTクレイジ
      D: Furuhata

  5. On icr nobody is online, therefore I post here again:

    hi guys! i heard about your FKMT crazy lobby, how can i participiate?^^ I've read that it is every Saturday and I think I may have time this one.
    Btw thx for all you're scanlating!!! I'm a very very big fan of Fukumoto and checking for new chapters every day You're my heros, not exaggerating!

    1. Thanks! Just come on the irc tomorrow at 22:00 GMT and we'll explain the rest!

  6. Thanks a lot for your answer :)
    Well it's some bit late (slept only three hours today), but I will do my best^^
    (GMT +0 I suppose)
    It's Mahjong after all, so what would be better to do, right? XD
    I just can't promise.

  7. I know I'm not here very often, but still... why mah nick got misspeled in standings T_T