Friday, August 4, 2017

HERO Chapter 24

Apologies for our silence on Akagi this past month, I was going through a tough time mentally and didn't think to order Kindai Mahjong until halfway through the month so we're just going to pack the next two chapters together as a double release later this month. To tide you over, here's the long-awaited continuation to the story of the man who succeeds the dying wishes of [censored]! When we last left off, Hiroyuki had found out from his opponent Kawajiri that the lighter he found was an invitation to a second East-West Battle! But... all the information is written on the lighter? All that's on it is a compass and a... a...!

Thanks so much to Biggums and Tambur for the cleans and typesetting on this one!

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"I've solved... the puzzle!"

Some pretty interesting stuff in this chapter, I was amazed that west could've earned 100 Billion Yen per year from the interest on the parlors, that definitely gives the first east-west battle more significance than I remembered. The bar code was interesting, I'm surprised even 60 people made it to the qualifying rounds with that cryptic of an invitation though. And it looks like the Hall Master lost a pinky somehow, probably means he has ties to the Yakuza, which is no surprise either. Look forward to next chapter, where we find out what the meaning of "Over The Three Nines" is!!


  1. Hope you're feeling okay now! And thanks for re-starting this, I was looking forward to it.

  2. OMG! Thank you guys SO SO MUCH for this!!! HERO is back!

  3. Did the host say that from 60 players in one round will reduce the players to 4 players?

  4. Thanks so much for doing more HERO! Such an awesome series. Can't wait to see what happens next!

    Kak - yes, it seems that the purpose of this qualifying battle is to choose 4 players to represent East. I'm not sure if that means the East/West battle will be 4 v 4, or whether the people in charge of East have already decided on some players who are definitely going to represent East and are now choosing the remaining 4. I guess we'll find out.

    So hyped for more!

  5. a HERO release??
    niceeee. : )

    perhaps we'll see kita no shishi or naki no ryu sometime soon.