Monday, July 31, 2017

One Poker Hen 168-169

Let's end out the volume with another double release. If we keep this up it might become a regular thing!

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!
And a special thanks to over $1000 in donations from a Norwegian fan! Let us know if you would like to be credited here!

One Poker Hen 168
One Poker Hen 169
"...That fickle lady luck!"

Well seems like Lady Luck isn't so fickle after all! The Queen Herself has decided to grace Kaiji with Her presence! After the barrage of DOWN cards Kaiji got, draws weren't much better. But it shows how hard the fight to change the flow was for Kaiji. It was like fighting through a castle, wave after wave of guards crashing down on you. You made it to the top of the tower and just behind that door, the captured Queen awaits you. Now Kaiji must begin the fight back down the castle and out the gates. That may prove more tricky while he tries to protect his valuable cargo.

What a time to be alive. Now begins Kaiji's counterattack! But I wonder, what did Kazuya draw?


  1. They really keep doing it, the absolute madmen.
    Thank you.

  2. Am i the only one who got both files corrupted?

    1. I was able to download the first one but the second one is still corrupted. help

    2. I didn't have a problem with either of them.

    3. after 7 different downloads i was able to read this awesome chapter

  3. Hell yeah, this is great.

    Kazuya looks like he might resort to cheating soon and you know Kaiji will retaliate the same way if necessary. I don't think he'd cheat if his opponent was playing fair.

    Can't wait to see where this goes, cheers guys, the double uploads are great.

  4. I love you guys

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