Monday, July 24, 2017

One Poker Hen 166-167

They multiply! The doubles continue! Can they be stopped? Will they be stopped!?

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!
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One Poker Hen 166
One Poker Hen 167
"No way that kinda friendship exists!"

Look at all those things happening! These two chapters are quite the far cry from the previous 2. I was pretty impressed Kaiji and Kazuya both bet their down card at the same time. They both held on to their UP card looking for the ideal UP-UP scenario. Of course that is the best place for them to be ideally, I have to wonder if sending out the DOWN card so easily is a good thing? I feel like Kaiji could have raised on that 7 and gotten Kazuya off it.

 I've been watching the order on how raising and checking goes. The person who gets dealt the second card has first pick to Check or Raise. Since Kazuya got dealt the card second he would have chosen to raise or check. For the people who have played a lot of poker here, people who check first more often than not can be raised off their card. Going by the fact Kazuya just lost, plus they are both in UP-DOWN, I think I could have seen Kaiji win this one. One can't be too pushy however. Betting their lives in the last round had still taken a toll on them.

Seeing Kaiji get UP-UP makes me happy. However seeing Kaiji get the same UP card that Kazuya gets makes me a little uneasy. I think these two UP cards are going to clash. It should be interesting to see how that turns out.



  1. More than $ 1000 in donations from a fan? Amazing, my respect to that great man.

  2. You beautiful people. Thanks.

  3. Sending love to that amazing Norwegian! Also thanks for the super fast release pace, we will catch up to Japan in no time!

  4. It is quite late, but before the game started Kaiji divided the deck of cards in two decks, one of which they put away so now there is no telling how many cards of the kind are still remaining in the playing deck.

    But look at it: there are so many cards in it that the cards won't run out before the game ends. Thus, we can assume that Kaiji didn't put away one of the two decks, but put it beneath the playing deck so that all the cardd are in the game now and there are 8 aces remaining

  5. Another double upload? Man this is great thanks so much guys! Shit is looking up for Kaiji and the others, but I can't help but feel like Kazuya is going to resort to cheating soon. Kaiji always wins through cheating, and currently he's had no motivator to do so. But if he realises Kazuya is messing with the game and gaining the upperhand, Kaiji will be left no choice but to use his cheating skill to win.

    Can't wait to see what happens. Please keep up the double uploads guys this is fantastic.

  6. Thanks for the double upload! Yeeah! Also, thanks kind Norwegian! :)