Monday, June 26, 2017

One Poker Hen 160

One Poker Hen Chapter 160 marks the end of Volume 6! Onward the march continues.

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"Did he underrate this game..."

This is the kind of mind trickery I was hoping for. Looping yourself in circles trying to glean knowledge from what someone did. It reminds me a lot of E-card in that you try to gaze into your opponent's mind. Kazuya is basically trying to figure out how smart or dumb Kaiji is right now. I have said it before, but this match is truly a turning point in the manga, as that real mind games will start to evolve. Fakes and phantom strikes can certainly be effective as well. Something like someone slamming down on the fold button, but in actuality have your hand cupped so it only looked like you pressed it and then gauging the opponent's reaction to the fake fold. Also Kaiji's second pool puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to tells. Showing cards and saying what you'll be putting down can also certainly be effective. Especially if you can pull of a move similar to what Funai pulled on Kaiji on the Espoir. 

At first glance this game may seem tame but, the possibilities are endless. If you have the imagination to pull it off that is.


  1. Thank you guys for translation! Will you update volume folders on you "Downloads Page"?

  2. "Isn't Kaiji in that position precisely, because he makes those kind of risky plays?"

    Is what the voice is telling Kazuya.

    That or Chang and Mario are fucking up by talking when they shouldn't.

  3. Boku no gambling addiction is my favourite mango.

    Seriously though, if i'm not mistaken, a couple or so chapters ago it was actually shown that Kaiji played the 2. Because Kazuya's perspective would have shown a 4 or something.
    Anyway, I love that he almost made the reasonable choice... If you got chips to spare like Kazuya does, the pot odds in this particular case make it worth it to call Kaiji. But I don't think he will because of the mind games.

  4. Honestly, Kazuya's logic is pretty good. It's much better than most people would do in his position, which is really frustrating because its not like we can REALLY judge him for overanalyzing Kaiji. Argghhhhhh I can't wait for the next chapter! Kaiji definitely put down the 2....right?

  5. hey just dropping by to say thank you very much for all the work you guys have done. btw just curious if you guys know anything about a possible sequel to Rei (zero)'s manga. also, was "hero gyakkyou no touhai" dropped? i saw the raw was up to vol 10 but its been a long time since vol 3 was finished.

  6. Trying to determine the truth is legitimately worthless here. If Kazuya calls and wins, the match ends instantly. If he calls and loses, it'll still be 11(+1) vs. 4 lives, Kaiji will probably be left with a DOWN card, he might choke again once out of immediate danger/close to victory, AND Kazuya will still have a 7, the strongest DOWN card - this time for real. Even the threat of Kaiji's card being a 7 shouldn't make anyone fold in this situation. At least then Kazuya will be able to tell himself "yep, my gut wasn't wrong". Just auto-call, no matter how much of a trap that mindset might be. If shit happens, it happens. He's not a pro poker player, so instead of focusing on reads now of all times, it's best to go with pure logic and wait for the next big opportunity. Believing in yourself comes later.

    1. Kazuya's real motivation isn't winning the game, it's to expose people's 'true nature'. So betting on everyone having faith in each other is probably impossible for him, no matter how obvious it becomes.

  7. Thanks again guys!

  8. Spent the day wondering where the new update was before realizing that it was Sunday!! Thank you guys for translating as always :)

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