Sunday, June 11, 2017

E-Card Showdown! Sonickrazy vs. PiGPEN!

This Thursday the 15th at 4:30 PM MST (10:30 PM GMT), PiGPEN and I will be having a rematch at E-Card live on stream! PiGPEN is the creator of Restricted-RPS, the Kaiji Steam Game, and he is also a very prolific game developer, comic creator, and much more at googumproduce! He expertly manipulated me last time, but my excuse is that I didn't realize it was him pulling the strings since it was a "Twitch Plays E-Card" setup where the viewers were on a team against me; they just let him play though since he was so good at it! Will I prove myself as a mind-gamer? Or will I fall victim to PiGPEN's expert manipulations again?! Watch and find out!!!

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  1. Googum is yesdev. That much I can say