Friday, June 9, 2017

Akagi Chapter 298

It seems our fears of Washizu-Sama dying were needless! He's back to the world of the living, but how will he take his loss? And will we finally see what exactly Akagi said?

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"Allow me to thank you for everything I've put you through."

First of all, I'm glad that Washizu understands what the white suits did for him. I knew he wouldn't reprimand them for saving his life, but I didn't expect him to thank them for it so wholeheartedly. I guess knowing death can change a man. I love how even while he's listing off the names of all his white suits he only names 5 names for his 6 goons, meaning the guy with the wavy hair still doesn't have a name even after all this time. He must be really bummed when Washizu forgets about him every single time he names everyone. I also like how Yoshioka was so torn up about his sudden change though, as if being nice was so unlike Washizu that it made him a completely different person.

Of course, the big reveal of this chapter is that Akagi refused his share of the winnings and Ohgi and Yasuoka just left it there. I'm not sure why they didn't just take it with them when they thought Washizu was dead, they could still have just divided up Akagi's share amongst themselves. I guess they did it just in case he woke up out of pity? It looks like about 300 million on the table there, that would fit with what Washizu assumed to be Akagi's share when he was bartering with Yasuoka.

So... if Washizu is going to call Akagi back... are they going to continue the match? When they were talking about the 296th chapter, they always used the phrasing "Washizu Mahjong has been decided" in the original, which I tried to keep intact where I could, but I sometimes had to change it to "the end of the Washizu Mahjong Arc" to make it fit into the sentences gramatically since "the decidedness of Washizu Mahjong" doesn't really make sense... and also I kind of figured that the game being decided meant it was over. But what if it was all a clever wordplay and just because Washizu Mahjong was decided doesn't mean the game is completely over? The tiles are still on the table, and since there's so much talk of honor between the two players, between Akagi's refusal to accept his win and Washizu's wanting to burn the money Akagi had left him, it's not out of the question for them to finish the South 4th Round to see who really would have won of their own Mahjong Ability, even though the game was technically already decided by the rules of the game. If that's the case... Fukumoto's twists are so good they even fooled me.


  1. Time for the runback?!

  2. Okay... They are stretching too much this, the Washizu Mahjong was delayed too many years. The author should have directed the end of the manga after the "death" of Washizu, not to start another eternal round.

  3. Glad the Fukester (lol) didn't let me down. Excited to see what happens.

  4. Ooooh boy second round here we go!

  5. Oh shit. I certainly didn't expect Washizu to just call Akagi back.
    So we've got ten chapters left for them to have a talk, I'm excited