Monday, May 22, 2017

One Poker Hen 155

Poker times are here again!

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"These two are so stupid!"

 A heartfelt acceptance! A staggering amount of money promised. Shared Friendship begets Shared Fates. However, is this really a Shared Fate? Back during the days of 17 steps I remembered that an agreement between Kaiji, Miyoshi and Maeda we agreed so that profits would be split evenly. In that hell underground, everything they had was split evenly. Miyoshi and Maeda (Muraoka's henchmen) had an equal split in the bet involving Muraoka. 

He thought he knew what friendship was. But it was destroyed. Quickly and mercilessly. 

While this amount of money is nearly equal profits, Kaiji not once says anything about it being equal. I feel like he still has doubts in his mind. About this entire bet. About them. They may be buried deep though. So deep, he can't quite grasp at them. But I believe they are there. If this comes to mean anything in the future is anyone's guess. Kaiji has always been a generous man. But these bets have left their scars on him. Deep scars that may never heal.


  1. I think Kaiji has learned from each past experience and that's truly what this manga is about. Kaiji becoming a better and better gambler.
    I think the 600 million offer to Chang and Mario will HAVE to come into play, but I can imagine many ways how so it's still up in the air.
    I also love that Kazuya gets annoyed at the "Friendship theatre" because he still believes they're being fake about it and there's no true friendship... and hell... he might not be wrong

    1. How is this a theatre? They bet their lives, in a really bad situation just to give kaiji another chance. how is this acting?

    2. Think about it another way. Before Kaiji lost his red life, he was talking about the value of a life. 200 Million Yen is a gross overestimation of the value of his life. If there was ever a time to bet your life on a gamble, it would be now.

      In Kazuya's mind, Chang and Mario simply took advantage of that. They know that a chance like this will never come to them again.

      What Kazuya is thinking in my opinion, is that they didn't do this out of friendship, but out of possible gains.

    3. Kazuya might even reasonably be expecting to get a glimpse of their "true nature" as soon as they need to decide who will be the first one to literally put his life in Kaiji's hands.

    4. Well, that doesn't seem to matter. Only once all lives have been lost will the three be put to death. Mario losing his life but Chang still having his own still means Kaiji still has 1 life left.

    5. 600 million is HUGE. That's equal to the Bog's winning, and Chang and Mario have the chance to EACH get 600 million while Kaiji/Sakazaki/Endo had to split their 700ish million

  2. So happy that Kaiji made some REAL friends. I re-watched Kaiji season 1 recently, and those scenes with Ando and Furuhata the backstabbers made my blood boil. Was so satisfying when Kaiji knocked Ando down.

    Come to think of it, Kaiji has FIVE friends now:

    -Ishida's son
    -Sakizaki his Bog partner
    -Last but not least, Mikoko lol

    Endo isn't his friend, in fact Kaiji would probably fight with him if they meet again lol

    1. Kaijis world was so big in the previous parts it just makes me sad to think that 3 parts has been over a single night.. I hope part 6 will get back some characters. Would love to see Endo again
      Would be cool if Kaiji ended on part 5 tho

    2. I honestly have the hope that Teiai Corporation comes into play in a bigger, deeper way.
      As in, "now that Kaiji has so much money, he can fight a giant corporation".
      I really believe this story can be taken to a lot of interesting places. When we're talking about more and more money, even the bunker Teiai is building could be an interesting plot device.

    3. Is Ishida's son really his friend tho? they never really interacted all that much, we don't even know his dad, and even if is grateful that Kaiji saved his dad, they don't know each other and Kaiji did it on a whim.

      And Sakazaki pretty much is annoyed at Kaiji and was planning on kicking him out and cut ties with him.

      While on the other hand Mikoko is just acting on impulse because she got a crush on Kaiji, she just want to live up the moment of her youth, but there's no friendship in there, just a woman and her "love" shenanigans, but it is all probably an adventure, she just wants to live that fantasy that is culturally imposed to woman from early on, these things have been covered in Kurosawa, so i wont count Mikoko here.

      And while Chang and Mario could end to be genuine friends of Kaiji, like others have said before, maybe they are just desperate, saw a once in a life time chance, and jumped at the opportunity of richness, and think about it, they did enter a deadly bet before, so you have to come and be suspicious of it. With that said, i do want to believe in them...

  3. I want to belive in Chang and Mario for once, damn you people! why does Kaiji have to be the only naive one? there has to be at least someone else, maybe 2, maybe those 2 are Chang and Mario.

    Granted this all may perfectly end like it always does, with Kaiji betrayed and in hell, but then why would we need Kazuya? why would he have to go out of his way just to prove a point? he could get the exact same results by just being an observer at one of his dad's games.

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