Monday, May 1, 2017

One Poker Hen 152

One Poker has reached the EN- wait wait no. This isn't Akagi. We still have some time. Well, that is IF Kaiji happens to survive this near impossible situation. I certainly can't think of anything that could save him!

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"The seat belt will soon be released."

Wow. Such a great chapter. I really liked that summation of everything Kaiji has gone through from the beginning to now. Since we never really got the chance to scanlate Part 1 of Kaiji I always like to see glimpses into it. He's survived all those trials and it has led him to this moment. Like a pyramid, each brick on top of the next until you have nowhere left to go and you stand on the pinnacle of your achievements, only for it to topple over with time in one fantastical move. Kaiji's life has sure been one amazing ride.

Kaiji's mother huh? I have always wanted to know more about Kaiji's family. He never used the excuse of going to his parents for money when he got into debt. He'd always try and figure it out for himself. I wonder why that is. Are his parents so poor they can't even help him? Or has he deranged himself from them so badly they don't even want to see him? Truly we may find the answer to that in the next chapter.


  1. Wow i knew that this part would end up being the pinnacle of the night, but just finally starting to know something about Kaiji's family is really making me emotional. Thanks for translating like always!!

  2. Looks like Chang is making an offer to Kazuya to save Kaijis life in place of his own. Chang really is loyal to Kaiji unlike the scumbags Maeda and Miyoshi

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  3. This was such a fantastic chapter. I want to guess that the image Kaiji saw at the end was Mother Sophie coming to give him a second chance since Chang and Mario are presumably trying to make a deal with Kazuya.
    Though I would love to have more info on Kaiji's family. It was even briefly mentioned in the beginning that he has a sister. Seeing his relation to his family one day would be quite nice.

    1. Yeah i also think he is hallucinating seeing Mother Sophie, which looks a lot like Kazuya haha.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! Once again, Kaiji gets himself in a pickle.

  5. Can't wait for next week!

  6. Omg. The flashbacks are happening. I can't think of a good ending after flashbacks.

  7. Kaiji The ultimate survivor

  8. The next part will be called Quadriplegic Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji.

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