Sunday, April 2, 2017

Washizu Chapter 11

Don't forget we forgot our anniversary, and especially don't think we forgot about the Washizu spinoff manga! The Washizu Mahjong arc of Akagi just finished yesterday in Japan, but we've still got lots of young Washizu's life left to see translated! Well... in most chapters he's young.

Thanks to the usual suspects Crump and Tambur for helping me finally get this chapter done! This isn't the only anniversary present we're giving you though, as I have finished translating and subbing the first Shin Janki movie and it is now available for download over at Mahjongkrazy!

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"With no aging, there can be no death!!!"

I think this chapter only really exists as an excuse for Hara Keiichiro to draw Washizu old with a glove on his right hand. This is also the chapter where Yasuoka makes a cameo, so I guess this is a pretty appropriate time to release this chapter considering the Washizu Arc just ended.

But yeah, this felt like one WTF moment after another, as we've come to expect from this manga. Mera was a cool mad scientist character, and it feels like there's some setup for future chapters at the end with the allied spies and whatnot, but overall it was just a lot of implausibility and craziness. Mera's mind-reading was pretty preposterous too, like how could you tell what tile someone drew by where they felt it? And what about the tiles they didn't feel up? And their starting hand? Washizu didn't really need to use the glove either, he could've just not felt his tiles. But I guess he had to give an "oh shit!" moment no matter the cost.

So I dunno, I thought it was so crazy that it wound up being kind of mediocre. But maybe that's just because I read this chapter for the first time like 4 years ago and it's worn off on me. In any event, that's another chapter of Washizu done, now we can put it away and not think about it for another 2 and a half years. 


  1. "now we can put it away and not think about it for another 2 and a half years"

    you make me so sad. .(

    1. At this rate fkmtkrazy will have the same levels of activity of mahjongkrazy

  2. In my opinion, long episodes of Washizu are definitely better than short episodes. For example I loved the frog arc, 'Dawn Express' and the prison 6.

  3. Man this was so hardcore, i think i am constipated now.

  4. The Akagi arc is really over in japan!? does that mean we'll see the end here soon?

    I honestly never considered that I'd ever see the end, I thought it was one of those constants. Like I'd be 80 and One Piece, The Simpsons, and Washizu Mahjong would still be trucking along.

  5. whoa this manga is ridiculous... at first it was weird then maybe author felt he cant pull anything else from it and turned it into comedy...