Saturday, April 29, 2017

Akagi Chapter 296: The End

It's over. It's finally over. The 20-year-long, single-night roller coaster ride spanning over 200 chapters has finally come to an end. That's right, the Washizu Arc has finished with this chapter!! We wanted to get this chapter out sooner but there are some commemoration pages at the start that we felt we had to do which took a while to finish, but at least we've caught up before the release of the next chapter!

Thanks so much to Biggums for the cleans and to Tambur for the typesetting! Special thanks this chapter go to Tamo for providing the gorgeous artwork for our credits page! Check her out here!

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"What a great way to die."
I've been waiting for this moment in anticipation for so many years now, and yet now that it's here I feel... conflicted. Honestly part of me wishes it had gone on for a little while longer. It's just always been in the background that Akagi and Washizu have been fighting month after month but now there'll be no more of that. And the Akagi manga itself is going to end soonish as well! It's all very surreal. I guess all good things come to an end and I should try to find a way to move past it, but it's going to take some time.

So I was kind of expecting more out of this chapter, like Akagi mentioning that he still had one more thing he could've done in calling pon with Yasuoka. But clearly Akagi said something crazy that we're going to hear later on so there's got to be more than just this one chapter of resolution. It's not impossible for the remaining chapters to all be resolution to the Washizu Arc, after all.

I'm guessing that what Akagi muttered to Ohgi and Yasuoka was "I don't need the money, I'm leaving". That's why it looked like Akagi was walking past the cars parked outside and why everyone rushed out of the mansion behind him. He was just gonna walk home by himself without any of the money. It makes sense why he'd do that knowing his character, but I'm sure Ohgi and Yasuoka are going to make him take at least 100 Million anyway, since he pretty much made them both modern-day billionaires.

I think it kind of got lost in translation a bit, but Akagi is definitely envious of the way Washizu died. He probably wanted to die at the peak of a gamble as well, but Washizu, greedy as always, died before he had the chance. And now he wonders if the way he'll eventually go will be as good as that. Well... I won't say anything about that. But I'm sure there's plenty of people who know that there's something I could say here.

So now all that's left are the color pages and the credits. A HUGE thanks to Tambur and Crump for making it look so professional. You have no idea how much redrawing Crump had to do, he pretty much had to draw aspects of the background images from scratch. And I made sure the manga excerpts had the exact same wording as our original translations, except for one line that I actually mistranslated in the original because I didn't really know what it meant. But now I can look at it and not even have to look anything up to know that Ohgi was saying they didn't even know where Akagi was.

That really spells out how long it's been to me, even though I don't really think about it that much. I translated that chapter originally in September of 2011 and I haven't been in a Japanese class since 2013. So essentially after 6 years of nothing but reading Manga and translating it with a dictionary I've gotten to a level where I can understand pretty much anything manga throws at me. I guess hard work and dedication really does pay off. And I owe it all to Akagi and Kaiji!

But let's not forget the beautiful end page artwork from Tamo! I saw this while browsing through tumblr and I was awestruck by it so I knew I had to use it no matter what! Thanks so much to her for letting us use it to close out the series. Do you remember the significance of those flowers around Akagi?

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with us these 6 long years at FKMTkrazy translating this manga, and to everyone who's helped us get to this point! We'll see you soon for the sure-to-be enthralling final arc of Akagi!!


  1. Congrats on making it this far! I think this chapter has helped me come to terms with the series finally ending.

  2. 20 YEARS!!! Oh man! Thanks a lot people for your hard work! Dang, now what will happen now? I'm too confused to think straight, that was great "ride".

  3. congrats to you guys! you've made an incredible work translating this!

  4. It's been a good time. Thank you people for everything.
    Those color pages were really needed.

  5. I love the timeline in the beginning, holy shit.

  6. Anyone who's read TEN to its conclusion should recognise what Fukumoto was trying to pull off here with Akagi's monologue.

    As anticipated earlier by the translators, Akagi's reaction is completely consistent with what has been the case each time he finishes a great gamble but doesn't get the desired result.

  7. Congratulations FKTMkrazy and thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for all your hard work everyone!

  9. Some people died before they could see this happen.
    Some people endured JUST to see it happen.
    Thank you very much.

  10. Well guys congratulations and thanks for all your hard work, this however makes me more curious to know what else will happen with Akagi, did he had any other incredible gambles, or was this his pinnacle?

  11. I can't believe I lived long enough to see this.

  12. "Well that sure was a thing wasn't it, readers from 1997. Anyway, I'm out."

  13. Actully I'm very much okey with the ending now. Maby it would have been more exiting of Washizu was closer to victory. I mean he could have atleasted ponned once. Anyway the ending fits and is a great nod to Ten.
    I wonder what happends next, maby a flash to old Akagi before he meets Ten?

    Thanks for all the hardwork I have been going to this blog daily for 2 years now and will probably not stop until you guys stop translating.

  14. Now that I hink about it, there really wasn't a good way to end this. This ending fits though.

  15. In 2009 I watched the Akagi anime and that cliffhanger hit me so hard. Now 8 years later I know the whole story. To everyone on the FKMTKrazy Team fro the bottom of my heart Thank You so much

  16. That monologue was great, especially after having read TEN several times over.

    It's going to be an interesting year, with Akagi finished and very likely One Poker ending (given the raws are at 244). Hopefully we're start getting Zero part 3.

    1. Zero part 3? Is it just hope as mine or have I missed something?

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