Monday, March 27, 2017

One Poker Hen 147

One Poker. One Poker! ONE POKER! ONE POKER!!! continues.

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"He could see an ace!"
A lot of interesting stuff here. Kaiji resolves himself to play the two, but at the last second Chang shouts for Kaiji to caution himself. Kaiji stops dead in his tracks. Frozen. He starts to realize that he may have made a huge mistake. He thought he could kill this demon with advise from an angel. But was it the demon's dark whispers all along?

Kazuya jumps down Chang's throat, declaring Chang a cheater for offering his advice to Kaiji. I have to agree with him here. This is a battle between two people. Two minds fighting for supremacy. Kaiji having someone to counsel him on his decisions is certainly a violation and not fair to Kazuya.  Kaiji's mind is in a state that he put himself in from the start of the game to now. His rational mind has grabbed every piece of information and put together this house of cards. Is it really fair for Chang to come along and interrupt that train of thought? For Kazuya OR Kaiji? 


  1. I'm raging right now, I am 100% sure that Kaiji assumptions were correct, there was no other explanation. Chang only managed to make Kaiji hesitate...

    1. Well i think not cuz at the last page Kaiji was surprised by his choice so i can't see him saying "nah Chang is stupid... im going with the 2".

  2. For the FIRST TIME in Kaiji history I think I figured out the strategy, thanks to MANY clues given in earlier chapters (not just recent chapters, but WAY EARLIER chapters. Think back to the time Chang, Mario and the Japanese guy were introduced. Those chapters were an integral part of the STORY ;) )

    I'm one of the people reloading this page every Monday. Thanks for your efforts in translating, cleaning and typesetting Kaiji throughout all these years. You've been bringing us readers joy since the days of We Can't Decide!

    1. What's your theory?

    2. Yes, what do the raws show?

    3. Please don't post any spoilers...

      I like to read the comments for theory crafting and stuff.

    4. ***This prediction may have a 50% chance of being true. Don't read if you want the complete HOLY SHIT experience of being surprised by awesome Kaiji plot twists (like when you read the Bog slot machine arc for the first time)***

      Yeah, I won't post spoilers (I don't read the raws, only FKMT translations anyway). I remember someone doing a great prediction for the Minefield Mahjong and it turned out as he called it. That was cool and acceptable.

      I'll give some hints, ALL based on previous chapters.

      -Kaiji said a bunch of times to Kazuya that "You're like your dad, you give your opponent a chance to win, you don't cheat". To which Kazuya replied with a dark, sinister "gotcha" grin. I think Kazuya definitely cheats YET he gives Kaiji a chance to win at the same time. He's taking advantage of Kaiji's naive trust in him.

      -What does Kazuya cares the most about? It's not money. His gambling game with Chang, Mario and Japanese guy was all about exploring human psychology, to validate if his belief that "humans are backstabbing hypocrites" is true. What ELSE did Kazuya do of note in those earlier chapters?--> this is the 2nd hint

      ***Stop reading here for real if you want to see the surprise yourself***

      What else did Kazuya do of note? He was writing a book. It feels to me like all the Aces and 2s coming out at the same time is too good to be true, against all odds. The order of the cards given out out is rigged, pre-ordained like in the story found in a book. They are shitty ass cards for Kaiji, YET they still allow for a chance to win, if one plays like an insane, fearless gambler. So Kazuya already wrote the script with the pre-ordained card selection, he just wants to see Kaiji's gambling psychology, how he acts with his life on the line, to see if in the end he will beg for his life, make up excuses to invalidate the gambling match and piss his pants like the minefield mahjong president did

  3. It'd be quite a twist but maybe NOT going with a crazy gamble is the right thing to do? I have a feeling Chang is in the right here.

  4. Did Kazuya already play his card? Given that Kaiji is hesitating in this situation, it'd be clear for him Kaiji has a 2.

    1. I also want to know this

    2. Yes, Kazuya has laid his card down already.

  5. I can't be certain, but the best bet would be to use the king? I feel like at that second Kaiji was using the same flimsy "goddess giving me luck" logic that screwed him over in the tissue box raffle. Honestly, good on Chang for stopping him at the last second. Even if the 2 is the better option, Kaiji needs to take more time to mull over this decision that'll basically cost him his LIFE. Also, thanks so much for updating!! These are the best parts of my week lol

    1. It's the same brand of logic he used throughout all of Minefield Mahjong.

  6. Huh?
    Huh? Huh?

  7. Kazuya has a King i am telling you people

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