Monday, March 20, 2017

One Poker Hen 146

Kaiji faces a truly life threatening decision. What will he choose? What could Kazuya possibly have?

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans!

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"Our lives could be back to even, just like that!"

Kaiji's suspicious nature goes out of control here. He second guesses himself, wondering if Kazuya might have a second Ace. Chang seems confused by this. He doesn't really see any danger right now. He thinks just playing the King will get Kaiji out of danger, ignoring the possibility that another Ace might be hidden. If Kaiji had drawn anything but a 2, there would have been nothing to think about here, but to play the King. It feels like a real test for Kaiji. Can he divine the answer or will he be lead astray, doomed to walk around in a fog until he slips and falls over the edge?


  1. I want to see the 2. Thank you for the update.

  2. I can't wait... give me more... I NEED MORE!! (okno)

  3. I now remember very clearly that Kazuya's kind of cheating involves giving the adversary a fighting chance. I think the machine is rigged to give an ace (or two) to Kazuya and a 2 to Kaiji at the same time

    1. I like to think of it a little differently myself. What if Kazuya was indeed cheating, but he didn't know it? He runs so good at critical moments it's hard to believe right? Kazuya has truly been blessed with good luck, that's what he feels right?

      What if that wasn't the case?

  4. Thankyou!

    Seems like Kaiji is onto something on the last page, it's just too suspicious if Kazuya got pocket aces at the most critical moment of the game. I think Kazuya is able to manipulate the death round and get any strong UP card he wants to counter what Kaiji has, he wants nothing more than to see Kaiji fall.

    Play the 2 Kaiji!!

  5. No game in Kaiji has gone on without cheating of some sort so I've been wondering what Kazuya/Mother Sophie have up their sleeve. Maybe this is it.

    I'm eager to see how Kaiji can use this to his advantage.

  6. Kaiji could think about where are the black men now??? But he has to play a card cheating or not, kaiji has not many options in this game, this card probably will be very important

  7. Plot twist he has a King card.

  8. I feel like Kaiji's projecting a bit of his own feelings onto Kazuya here, what with how he'd never prolong the game unless he had an ace. For Kazuya the game is much more of a pleasure and challenge matter. I don't think that kind of money loss would be painful for him but it'd probably not end his life.

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