Saturday, December 3, 2016

Akagi Chapter 290 & 291

We've kept you waiting long enough! At last, we're putting out some more Akagi chapters, and two of them at that! I know it's been a while but believe it or not we're basically already caught up, just waiting on the shipment of the magazine with the next chapter. As a reminder, you can help us get these chapters out by donating in the sidebar! Magazine raws are expensive to ship to the US!

As always, thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans.

Akagi 290
Akagi 291

"One's fate should be accepted peacefully!"

We decided to spare you from the pain of opening up the chapter only to have nothing at all of importance happen with a double release again. Washizu's monologue was interesting at least, I think he pretty accurately nailed Akagi's mindset of not wanting to be controlled by his fear of death. I was a little ticked when I read this chapter for the first time but at least he now has the tile in his hand. What transparent tile is it?!?!?!!

"What do you think, Akagi?"

WHOAAAAAAA I wasn't expecting him to actually draw it!! What the hell, how can Akagi escape now?! Honestly I started suspecting it after the end of 290 when I first read it because of how it was all going but it's still surprising to me.

I'm sure the last pages of this chapter caught a lot of people off guard. Washizu feeling despair over Akagi's death? That's something that's never even been hinted at until this point. But if you think about it, it makes sense. Akagi is the closest thing Washizu has ever found to an equal, and by this point he has to respect Akagi's talent a great deal. Not only that, but the biggest motivator for climbing back out of Hell was to defeat Akagi, so now that it's basically over I'm sure he's starting to consider that, without Akagi, his life might not have any meaning anymore, and the purpose of his resurrection is also finished. So of course he'd start to feel despair, start wondering what to do now that he's accomplished his biggest goal and is about to kill the only man he's ever respected.

So pretty much the only way out now is for Yasuoka to pon on the tiles Washizu needs to play for tenpai and then to have Washizu draw the 5-sou and be forced to defend... but I'm starting to doubt if Washizu can even draw something like a 5-sou right now. Drawing this Ton was pretty much impossible, it means that Washizu has an immense amount of luck backing him up, and I'm sure he knows it. Even if Yasuoka and Akagi tell him what they're doing and that if he draws the 5-sou he's dead, I don't think Washizu will let it get to him; he'll have faith in his own draws and reject the idea that he could even draw something like a 5-sou. And when Washizu has faith in himself, his draws don't fail him either. I've considered already that he might deal in on purpose, but I still think that would be too lame of an ending, and moreover disrespectful to the match that both of these men have put their whole heart and soul into completing.

So if that's the case... I can only think of one other possibility, and that's that after Yasuoka calls Washizu's tiles he draws EVEN BETTER tiles. For example he could draw two more dragons and then get a big head and feel invincible and like he doesn't need Suzuki's help. He could start aiming for a closed Suu Ankou or something in order to defeat Akagi with only his own power, without having to rely on Suzuki.

Buuuuuut I really don't like that either so I guess I'm kind of hoping that Washizu draws a 5-sou so at least he doesn't have to throw the match in order to give Akagi the victory. Though it would cement him as a fearsome opponent if Akagi only won because he let him.


  1. amazing job as always: every new chapter have me on the edge of the seat. I also feel it would be cheap if Washizu would let akagi win, but I think it will go in the other way: Washizu will overcome the despair of killing Akagi and only then, he will draw the 5sou

  2. Thank you very much for making my days better!

  3. Well since Washizu needs to discard both the 1man and 9pin to win and both of can be called Washizu will need to make at least 2 more draws, the question is are there 2 more perfect draws left that he can get? I think he's exhausted anything aside from the 1pin maybe that can help his hand

  4. While I believe everything you said about how Wasizu feels about Akagi. Sees him as an equal etc etc all that. While I agree with you on the individual points I disagree on your conclusion. I think that Washizu's feelings of despair come from the sense that Akagi still has one more trick up his sleeve

  5. But were washizu to draw even better tiles, wouldn't that go against akagi's feeling that he wouldn't draw any more tiles?