Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Akagi Chapter 289

We're back with more Akagi! In this chapter, will we finally find out what Yasuoka draws?!

Thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Tambur for the typesetting! I'll be able to make it to the mahjong night on the IRC this Saturday at 3:00 PM PST! 

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I can't believe it. I can't BELIEVE that Yasuoka didn't draw the Ton. All that buildup, all those empty chapters of nothing, all the draws that lined up in perfect unison... all for nothing. And now Washizu has the chance to end the entire game on his next draw.

But come to think of it, looking at Washizu and Suzuki's hands again...

...Washizu already had another out in case he couldn't draw the Ton. He could've drawn the 1-pin, and that would have been pretty much the exact same thing, just not yakuman. But since points mean nothing to Washizu right now, that doesn't even matter. So from the beginning, all that Akagi and Yasuoka's draws accomplished was giving Washizu fewer outs, they never had a chance to completely stop him from ending the game on his next draw. So combined with the two 1-pin in the draw pile, Washizu actually has 3 outs for Tenpai right now. And given how powerful he is right now... I can only conclude that he'll draw one of them. Probably the 1-pin for a fakeout as he thinks he failed but it actually turns out to be the same thing.

So the only option Akagi's side has available if that happens is to have Yasuoka Pon on the 9-pin and 1-man that Washizu will have to play, and then hope that Washizu, in the midst of all this luck where he has drawn nothing but beneficial tiles, will draw Akagi's winning 5-sou tile.

Or... since Washizu is clearly running short on time, maybe he'll just, y'know, die before he can complete his hand. And in Washizu Mahjong, if you die, that's game over. I doubt it, but honestly it seems more likely than Washizu actually drawing a 5-sou now.

Also, this chapter was part of a special issue of Kindai Mahjong for Mukoubuchi's 400th chapter, you can see illustrations from other mahjong mangaka, including Fukumoto, here: http://mahjongkrazy.blogspot.com/2016/10/mukoubuchi-400th-chapter-commemoration.html


  1. I literally jump out off my seat when I was Yasuoka not getting the Ton.

    All this tension can't go on forever

  2. Knowing the luck he has, Washizu will probably draw what he needs.

    I wonder what's Fukumoto's intention in that off-hand comment about what Akagi looked like in Washizu's eyes just before the draw. On the surface it could just mean the blood loss affecting his vision, but is there some kind of deeper meaning which will be made apparent later on? After all, Akagi embodies the power of darkness as far as Washizu is concerned.

  3. Yasuoka, you had one job!

  4. Ways for Akagi to win:
    1. Washizu runs out of luck and draws a useless tile. That way Akagi will have one more draw.
    2. Suzuki keeps poning, leaving only Akagi's winning tiles for Washizu to draw. (I haven't checked if this is possible, but it might be. Iirc the rules about the number of draws differ from regular mahjong). Or washizu draws the killer tile due to bad luck...
    3. Washizu's teammate fucks up and gives Akagi one more draw...
    4. Suzuki gets a miracle double yakuman Ron on washizu. (Highly unlikely if not impossible)
    5. The round is drawn and we will suffer for another decade fkmt's sadism...

    I believe that neither Washizu, nor Akagi were merely lucky. I believe that they both drew the tiles they needed through some kind of cheating. It looks like washizu is currently too hazy to cheat... I believe that washizu's bad draw is close.

    I just stated some conspiracy theories, because why not?

  5. Hey there, just got back from the future, August 2017 to be specific, and I have read all the Akagi chapters up to 300. I have summarized them below. Only click if you want incredibly accurate spoilers for the next 11 chapters of Akagi

    1. 3 chapters of nothing in a year? man, I don't think he could do that to us.

    2. Except he literally just did, 285, 287, and 288

    3. I like your predictions. If we get to Washizu's discard by chapter 300 I'll be amazed.

  6. I think washizu will draw what he needs... and then die before claiming his victory

  7. I think washizu will draw what he needs... and then die before claiming his victory

    1. At the pace it's going now, I'm going to die before he claims victory.

  8. I have to admit, I seriously wtf'd at Yasuoka missing the Ton since considering the pace, I thought the focus would swap to the terminal tiles. But after seeing the chapter, I agree with your prediction: Washizu won't miss the Ton, but Yasuoka will call pon on his 1m and 9p overflow.

    My guess is that Washizu won't draw the 5s. Instead, Yasuoka will draw 1m/9p after the pons. If I remember, Akagi has kan'd at least 3 times. Yasuoka forces the 4 kans draw. Washizu's vision is getting hazy, he can't possibly last another 100+ chapter round.

    1. He will last, if fkmt sais so.

      We will not survive 100+ more chapters...