Saturday, September 24, 2016

One Poker Hen 124

Chapter 124 of One Poker-hen is now up! In this chapter, Kaiji struggles with his decision of whether to play his UP or his DOWN card, and we get to see Kazuya's cards! But even knowing both players' cards, there is no telling what might happen in the game called poker...!

Thanks to Penchan for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans! There is currently a mahjong night going on on the IRC where every game earns you 17 free points, and I'll be streaming akagi-related content on my twitch tomorrow!

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"The tables have definitely turned!"

It's certainly interesting that we got to see Kazuya's cards as a 3 and a 9 this chapter. It serves to let the reader know that Kaiji has the advantage and if he just blindly raised with a random card he'd probably win. But right now, Kaiji is afraid of Kazuya and he doesn't want to take any risks. I think that the best move for Kaiji right now would be to play the 7 and raise. I know it's exactly what he did last hand, but that's exactly why Kazuya wouldn't expect it. He wouldn't expect Kaiji to be so bold after having it backfire on him last hand. And moreover, Kaiji had UP-UP in the 5th hand and played a Queen. It should be clear to Kazuya from Kaiji's reaction in the 6th hand that he wasn't thinking of playing the higher of his two cards then, so Kazuya knows that Kaiji's UP card is a Q, K, or A. If Kaiji raises, I think Kazuya would be forced to fold since this hand Kaiji is highly likely to play his UP card for fear of a repeat of last hand, and if he plays his UP card he'll also be likely to raise. It seems like the same thing he did last hand, but it's different this time since Kazuya has an UP card too, so Kaiji's not the one in the driver's seat this time.

But whether my move is right or not, Kaiji can't see it because he's too afraid of Kazuya. He feels outmatched right now and he's trying to find the safest option, rather than the most profitable one. And considering the stakes of the match, that's understandable.


  1. Thanks for the translation, I've been checking this page every few days just waiting for the next Kaiji

  2. Even though nothing really happened, this was a great chapter! Also I've been starving for more of that One Poker Action!

  3. Great translation and analysis. I think your assessment of Kaiji's options is spot on.

    1. That would indeed seem to be the best course of action. Which probably means that Kaiji will do the exact opposite and play his King while Kazuya gets rid of his 3 and folds.

  4. Thanks for continuing to scanlate!