Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Akagi Chapter 287

Akagi chapter 287 is now up! Will anything happen this chapter? Let's find out!

Thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Tambur for going all-out typesetting this one!

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"Akagi will die as himself!"

So even though a lot was said this chapter in the end nothing really happened except that Yasuoka reached his hand into the draw pile. The dialogue wasn't all that new either, most of the points were things that have already been stated. All that was really new was Akagi telling Yasuoka it was all up to him, which actually gave me chills when I read it. Just the acknowledgment from Akagi that everything really is out of his hands at this point was kind of awesome.

I haven't read 288 yet so I know as much as you guys do, and one thing that I've been thinking about is the line a few chapters ago when Akagi was taking his draw and got the opaque Nan, "Akagi could feel that this draw would be his last". At the time I kind of dismissed it as pure hype-building, but thinking about it now, it's rare to have a statement like that from the narrator. When the narrator says something, we can take it as objective. When Fukumoto wants to portray a subjective opinion, he usually uses Ohgi or Yoshioka (white suit standing behind Washizu) to do it. So when the narrator says that Akagi senses something, he must actually be sensing it. And Akagi's senses are very, very rarely ever wrong. So either this is one of the very rare times where Akagi's senses have mislead him, or the Nan will actually be his very last draw.

And if it is his very last draw, I have no idea how this match could end in Akagi's victory. If Akagi was waiting on the opaque Nan right now I would say that Washizu would deal in, but he's not, he's waiting on a transparent 5-sou. Since it's transparent, there's no way Washizu will deal in unless he just gives up and deals in on purpose seeing that his luck has run out or something. Even if Yasuoka draws Akagi's winning 5-sou and deals in, that will only be a counted yakuman and won't be enough to come back. And Akagi can't get suu kantsu (4 kans) if he doesn't take another draw; you can't kan from a discard with an open triplet, only a closed one. Yasuoka can pon Washizu's discards, but that won't get Akagi any more draws, it'll only get Washizu more to maybe draw Akagi's 5-sou.

So the only way I can imagine for that to have been Akagi's last draw of the match would be for Washizu to lose his fight to stay alive right as he draws a 5-sou, and die from blood loss (or just faint), dropping the 5-sou in his discards and allowing Akagi to ron. That might be a lame ending, but it could be used as a way to make Washizu's loss not really his own doing or some such.

If it's Akagi's last draw of the ROUND, that allows for there to be more rounds afterwards, so it's possible that Suzuki could win, or Washizu could draw a third Chun, Haku or Hatsu allowing him to kan on Suzuki's tile and reset the game. But why either of them would choose to do either of those things is kind of a mystery.

So unless this manga will have a twist ending where Akagi actually does die, that line was probably a misdirection and this round will go on for a while yet. I don't really expect to see Yasuoka draw any tile besides the Ton, since I don't think Washizu's luck will be anything less than sheer perfection the entire round. There's still lots of room for Akagi and Washizu's hands to transform, so I think this round will continue on at least a few more turns, if not until just before a drawn game.



    I am honestly so happy right now

  2. My first thought is:

    How many chapters will it take before readers actually find out what Yasuoka actually drew from the pile.

    He has 60+ tiles to negotiate to get the 1 tile his side needs and probably no second chance. He'll probably get it and seal off Washizu completely (which is only temporary since he'll probably fish out more good tiles to resurrect the hand).

    For me, Yasuoka's own flashback of his first meeting with Akagi and their shared experiences to date strongly hints he's going to pull it off somehow.

  3. Akagi also said that he didn't intend to have a South 4 round, so we can just take his hunch of having the last draw with a pinch of salt.

  4. I loved Akagi's lines. "Four calls, three kans. I'm out of options. It's all up to you. Please. Draw it." I don't think Akagi has ever asked someone to save him like that! Heavy stuff.

  5. Awesome!! Thank you so much!!

  6. Yasuoka missing the Ton on his draw wouldn't make sense, Washizu missing the subsequent win afterwards would be pretty anticlimatic. Seeing how this round will probably stall to the last few draws, my guess is that after Yasuoka draws the Ton, Washizu will pair up one of his terminal tiles. I haven't seen Suzuki's hand for a while, but he won't have it. Akagi will then draw an opaque tile that's one of the nonpaired terminals in Washizu's hand. This will effectively freeze both hands, since Washizu can't win without dealing in, but both players can tsumo the relevant tile. The game will stall until Akagi tsumos on the last discard or rons off Washizu because he's not afraid of darkness...or just fainting, cause, ya know, he's old and had a hell lot of blood drawn from him.

  7. I can sense the round ending in a draw and Suzuki will be in tenpai and the round will repeat.....I can see this round going on for a few years because Fukumoto likes to tease his fans and keep going, doesn't he?

  8. I have a theory as to what I think is going to happen. Washizu is going to play chicken with Akagi.

    Up to a point I go with Sonickrazy's prediction, but I diverge slightly. I believe Yasuoka is not going to draw the Ton. He's going to get some other nonsense and discard something useless. I believe that Washizu will take his time monologuing until he finally draws his tile. He will fail. But it will be a spectacular failure. He's going to draw Akagi's 5 Sou winning tile.

    Then, Washizu is going to willingly deal into Akagi. It will be up to Akagi whether he decides to Ron or not. I don't think he will. Akagi can choose when he will live. But he can also choose when he will die. That is the insanity that is Akagi.

    As for what happens afterwards, there's any number of ways it can end without Akagi ever drawing again. Of course, that is all based around Akagi's feeling that that last draw would be truly be his last.