Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The New Kurosawa Chapter 51

It's been just about 3 months since the last FKMTkrazy release. That's a quarter of a year! I think that beats the old inactivity record from 2014. The reason has been stated briefly in other posts and comments, so I'll get on with the new New Kurosawa chapter.

Thanks to Crump Biggums for the cleans, and to our new friend edek437 for stepping up and doing the typesetting.

The New Kurosawa Chapter 51

"I have reached an understanding!"

When we last left Kurosawa, he had easily entered the barrel, mistaking the ritual for a company celebration. After feeling the need to pee he finds out the truth and rightfully starts raising hell. Unfortunately for Kurosawa, the monks revere Master Shonen so much that they twist his words into a valuable lesson.

However, the real Master Shonen comes to save the day within minutes, and even decides to abolish the whole ritual after hearing Kurosawa's thoughts. It looks like this is the end of the Earth Conduction debacle, though the chapter technically ends with Kurosawa gasping for air as Master Shonen accidentally steps on his air pipe.

Honestly I was really hoping that Kurosawa would be stuck in that barrel for a little longer than he was, because I thought that his impersonation of Master Shonen was a bit more unscrupulous than his usual behavior (feel free to remind me of previous incidents where he acted this way, because I have a bad memory). That being said, any time when a modern Fukumoto manga doesn't drag things out for a billion chapters is worth celebrating.


  1. Thank you guys, I'm glad for a new chapter.
    To top things off, it was a chapter where a lot more than I anticipated happened.
    Considering Fukumoto's habits, I was expecting him to be underground for at least 6 chapters, this was a pleasant surprise.

    And I want to thank edek437 so much for helping the rest of you out.

  2. Haha, well on the positive side is not like a bit of oxygen deprivation is going to make Kurosawa any dumber.

    Thanks a lot for the release, i kind of missed you guys, but just a little.

  3. Yay, welcome back and thanks!

  4. God bless you guys

  5. They live!

    And if you're still hurting for editors by the time I (finally) catch up with all the fkmt stuff, I might be able to help you guys out.

  6. I love you guys

    I love FKMT

    I love Akagi

    I love Washizu

    I love Kaiji

    I love Kazuya

    But most of all I love this community.

    No one here is a jerk. Every message is positive, yes! Awesome! Thank you!


    No one is like Why aren't you doing Akagi we aren't caught up with Japan

    Instead its like, do you have enough money for Akagi. Do you need us to give you money. Translated when you can but buy it now just to be safe, we got your back just tell how much you need.

    There are so many Sorry you're sick. Is it serious? Get better soon.

    I love all the people that use this site! Those in charge and the fans.

    I love you all!


  7. OMG I missed you guys!! Thank you so much for the new Kurosawa chapter! And thank you edek437 for helping out bringing more of FKMT goods!

  8. Thank you all for this chapter, and special thanks to edek437 for helping FKMTkrazy! This was worth the waiting!

  9. Welcome back guys and thank you!