Friday, June 10, 2016

Tournament Brackets and more!

The schedule for the 2nd FKMTkrazy Mahjong Tournament is all done! You can see it here:

And the tournament lobby we'll be using is here:

If there are any adjustments that you want me to make or any mistakes that you catch, please let me know by Thursday so I can fix them and let everyone else know!

So thanks to there being exactly 32 contestants, there was no need to seed anyone and we can have every single round be top-2-advance! I was just barely able to work out a way to squeeze everyone into two time slots on saturday so we wouldn't have to have any rounds where only 1st place advances! 

Unfortunately, in order to do this, I had to make it so the bottom quarter's first round and quarterfinals would have to be completed in an hour and a half. In order to do this, I will need to speed those games up by introducing a few additional rules, and to make it fair, all the games in the first round and quarterfinals will have to play by these rules as well. So to start, here are the rules that will remain constant throughout the tournament:

  • East-South Games
  • Open Tanyao Allowed
  • Red Fives Off
  • Head Bump On
  • Rounded-up (Kiriage) Mangan
  • Kan Dora Flipped Immediately
  • 4-player Riichi is not a draw
And here are the rules specific to the first two rounds:
  • 3-second discard timer, 5-second time bank for each hand
  • No abortive draws (4 kans, 4 of same wind on first discard, etc)
  • No west rounds
  • Dealer turns only continue with a winning hand, not by tenpai
Hopefully they won't cause too much of a problem!

As for the number of hanchans, the 1st and 2nd rounds will need to be 1 hanchan each. For the semifinals I will set the number at exactly 2 hanchans to make things fair and to not go over the time we have available. For the finals it can be between 1 and 3 hanchans at the players' discretion, and for the final Prize Bout it will be 3 hanchans.

Speaking of the finals and prize bout, they will take place on Sunday at a time that the finalists agree upon, which is why I have not listed them in the bracket. If you do not want to proceed to the prize bout or you have not selected a manga by sunday I will pass your place in that round to the next highest-placing attendee, so 5th place should certainly try and show up if they can!

Attendance Policy

If you are at the Fake Akagi table or the Ginji table, or the following Washizu table YOU MAY BE NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES LATE AS THE TIMES ARE EXTREMELY TIGHT FOR THOSE GAMES. If you are later than that I will have to disqualify you and sub in someone in your place. For the other games you can be 15 minutes late, but again any more than that and I will need to disqualify you.

If there are 2 absentees in a game then the other 2 players will advance with no contest. If there is only 1 absentee, I myself will fill in for them. If there are 2 absentees at 2 congruent games, I and one other person that I trust will fill in for them. This substitute player or players cannot advance even in first; it will be the best of the remaining 3 players. Due to the controversy last tournament, I am requiring that subs abide by the following rules so as to make as little impact on the game as possible:

  • A sub may not kan, even closed
  • A sub may only make calls that advance their hand (for example, they may not chi just to kill off ippatsu or to improve their hand's outs for tenpai
  • A sub may make no more than 2 calls per hand
  • A sub may not win with a damaten hand (closed hand that does not riichi)
  • A sub must avoid dealing in whenever possible. If another player has declared riichi or appears to be in tenpai with an open hand, the sub must fold.
  • A sub may not declare a pursuit riichi, or riichi when another player appears to have a large open hand.
Hopefully we won't have so many absentees that I need anyone else's help to sub, but if I do, I will only accept people willing to abide by the above rules, and NOT RINSHAN

I'll be streaming some or all of the tournament on again, so be sure to tune on in!


  1. Yes! I'm on Suzuki's Table. Perfect

  2. My game starts at 7AM my time, not in the planned timeframes, but I can still play.

  3. If you want to, I can co-cast the Hiroyuki, Nakai and Harada tables. Maybe even Yagi/Urabe and Ten.

    1. sure, that'd be great! You can help commentate any of them you want to!

  4. You know what... I'm gonna go with Winner's Circle after all.

    1. You know what, me too. When I registered I had forgot that it existed, but I'd like to see it more than I'd like Gold Hai.

  5. Does this mean that you cannot win with a Tenhou when you're a sub!!?
    What magic is this!!?

  6. Would this countdown be correct?

  7. falconhit here. Accidentally put UTC +4 instead of UTC -4 (EST). I can still do that time though.

  8. Who won?

    And more importantly

    What series did they pick?

    1. FalconHit won the main tournament so he got 1200 points on the mahjong night standings page

      Ricu won the prize bout and he chose Shin Janki

    2. Since it's a movie and not a manga I'll be dividing it up into scenes and doing one scene or more every 2 weeks until I get it done... unless I run into a line that I can't figure out no matter how hard I try, then Ricu said I could do Tohai

    3. How will this effect updates of Hero or Strongest Man 2, Pen Chan, and Kaiji?

      Also have you had enough money to buy the last two Akagis

  9. Not completely related, but I do not know where else to post this:

    I think I fully understand WHY you are currently on a break (medical issues), but is there some sort of update or estimate on when you will be able to continue scanlating? Or i.e. what the current status is, i.e. if you consider a less frequent schedule, which would be fully understandable.
    Also do you require donations to purchase the next Akagi, or are you recruiting (temporary) supporters?

    As someone who loves and highly appreciates your releases and supported you in the past and would do so again if needed, it would be great to have some sort of update after all this time now.

  10. Replies
    1. Why RIP Kaiji? He's not dead in the manga is he?

    2. Spoilers are not allowed in these blogposts...

    3. More like RIP FKMTKRAZY HAH..!

      Ha-ah.. ah..

      Whats going on with Tambur..? ざわ ざわ

    4. Who was the 'spoilers' comments directed at?

      Also, "RIP FKMTKRAZY" I say to the writer of this "RIP maturity". Grow up, will you? We are getting these manga scanlations for FREE!!! If we were paying the group to do it for us, then we have a right to be annoyed because these are free and techincally are not legal translated sound like one of those people who downloads cam recordings of new films and then complain about the quality?

      If you think FKMTKRAZY are going too slow, I have a suggestion. Get some books on how to read Japanese kanji and translate them yourself...otherwise stop bitching!

    5. He meant rip to kaiji-the manga. And the guy below is just trolling you. come on how can kaiji die? even if he did, he would gamble God to get his life back and would win ofc. I don't care for large breaks and ofc it is ungrateful to complain... but just a tiny little update of whats going on... would be nice. even if it is "we stop for a year or so". i don't mind.

    6. I loved this last comment :3 almost made my everyday checking of this site worth it. Kaiji season X- Goddó gyamburu hen xD

    7. "he would gamble God to get his life back and would win ofc"

      The funniest thing about this quote is that it's not impossible, if you think of another manga.

    8. I genuinely don't know if Kaiji dies at the end of one poker hen. I'm just learning how to read kanji so can't understand it lol

      I love that last comment...when it comes to fukumoto manta that can happen lol

      As for the troll, well I still stand what I say. I see so many bad comments on scanlators not working 'quick enough' or people putting up torrents of films just out in cinemas and complaining about the quality or the fact they have hardcoded Chinese subs etc and I say if you don't like what's not being offered to you for free and illegally, the you just have to be patient buy the real deal and in the case of untranslated manta, learn to read the language.

      I admit I would love Kaiji updates as well as wanting to know how the heck the Akagi manga ends...fukumoto loves to tease us doesn't he but I know sonickrazy has problems at so I believe impatience.

      Just out of curiosity is Akagi still going or has the manga finally ended in Japan?

    9. Actually I said it only halfway through. He would challenge God in front of the whole afterlife to get his life back or go to hell for eternity. God would cheat with his almighty powers and such but kaiji would win just cuz his odds would be extremely low.(you know how his gambling skill skyrocket when his odds are low like how he won the legendary pachinko but lost all his money on regular patchinko..., with God odds are 0% so 100% he wins). Not only that but he wins a great life with a mountain of fortune(somehow), which... he loses after 2-3 days... gambling. God facepalms.

      Wiki says akagi still running.

    10. This isn't the first time we've had a long hiatus, FKMTkrazy is not dead.

  11. Just a tiny little update would be nice. god, i miss my Kaiji fixes