Friday, April 1, 2016

Zawa Zawa Anthology

Today we have 5, count em', FIVE new chapters from the Akagi Zawa Zawa Anthology. No really, I'm serious, don't give me that look. Just as a warning Chapter 17 has a spoiler for people who have not read Ten which is an Akagi sequel. Please read at your discretion.

Thanks to Denji and Sonickrazy for the translations!

6: Tribute to Akagi 
17: Akagi VS Gyaru
19: Zawa Zawa
30: I tried to pick up Mahjong from Akagi Shigeru
33: Akagi VS Washizu - Hopeless Showdown
Combined Zawas Link

"This Washizu Mahjong... Is rather full of holes..."

Alright, I'm gonna shotgun these chapters cause god damn, I don't want to waste any time I gots people to go and places to see.

Tribute to Akagi
 Akagi finally has had enough of Washizu. He finds all the holes in Washizu mahjong and exposes them for what they are. I can actually understand the haku with the gloves actually not catching, even through gloves you should technically be able to feel it catch on the grooves in the tiles. 

Probably the best one is Akagi hiding the 4-pin behind the 5-pin. I though this was really clever, until I realized that you have to have your whole hand exposed and one tile missing from your hand is kind of a hard thing to miss.

Akagi VS Gyaru
First off, and last off, I really hate this one. The end.
Zawa Zawa
Zawa Zawa pits Washizu against his toughest foes yet. 3 Woodland creatures. His plans are foiled time and again by them as they absentmindedly go about their lives. Truly, Washizu must cower in fear of even the smallest of squirrels.

I tried to pick up Mahjong from Akagi Shigeru

This one was pretty good. I liked the two and fro banter between Akagi and Osamu. Probably my favorite part is when Akagi states very clearly, that when your clothes get dirty, you just put on a new pair of clothes. Like washing and reusing clothing isn't even a thing to him.
Akagi VS Washizu: A Hopeless Showdown

Definitely my favorite of all five for sure. Each strip had it's own uniquely funny situation. Akagi showcasing the chiselled chest of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken). The art is very clean as well. Nice job Mitsumori Akira.


  1. So, if I get this right, every chapter is done by a different mangaka? I don't think I'll read these, but if Shinobu Kaitani has made one, I'd love to take a look! ^_^

    1. He has done one. They translated it a long time ago. It should be under Akagi baseball in the Zawa Zawa catagory on the downloads page.

    2. Wow, that's so cool, I'll definitely read!

  2. Shoes in SwedishApril 2, 2016 at 6:44 AM


    Bad grammer, it's spelt "Shigeta-kun"

  3. How many chapters are there in the entire Zawa Zawa Anthology?

  4. By telling you hate it you make people curious. Just tell us it's shit next time :(

    1. I thought it was funny.


      But it did make me laugh.