Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Poker-hen 119-120

A Double release! Well of course, since we missed out last week, surely we must catch up. It's only natural!

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump for the cleans.

One Poker-hen 119
One Poker-hen 120

"An ominous... Intersection of fate!"

Kazuya re-raises Kaiji. This entire hand as it stands is worth 1 billion yen. That's a lot of cash. Kaiji seems pretty dumb-founded by Kazuya's sudden attack. It's true if Kaiji had put in the King, he could have easily swept this win from Kazuya. But now that Kazuya's backed into a corner, he has to take chances in order to regain his lead. If he can't impress Mother Sophie with this, then he is surely lost. But how does Mother Sophie view this attempt? A courageous charge, or a reckless blitzkrieg?

Kaiji seems to snap himself out of it near the end of the second chapter though. With all this momentum on his side he surely can't back up now. After all he has a 6, which can only be beaten by a 7. We don't know what Kazuya's cards are, so we have no way of knowing what down card he drew. He very well could be holding on to a couple 7's, or he could be sporting deuces. Guess we'll find out in volume 3 of One Poker!

One thing I should mention, which is normally not allowed in regular poker, is something called String Betting. Kazuya did this when he put in his call of two lives and then put in a third life afterwards. Obviously this isn't normal poker, but normally, you can't do that because you can observe your opponent after calling and make the determination whether to just call or raise afterwards. Tricky stuff!



  1. Yuss, double chapter! I checked all weekend to see if maybe you guys uploaded it then, but this is cool.
    Thanks for the hard work guys

  2. Your card is a 6, Kaiji....
    Oh God, he'll do it, won't he? He'll decide Kazuya must have a 7, bet on a 1/6 chance of losing and fold? In this game about bluffing?
    Fucking hell, I just know.

    1. I'll say this again: last time Kazuya had two DOWN-DOWN against UP-UP, so he'd want to play his lowest card, and he played 6.
      This means that the chance for Kazuya's card to be 7 is much higher than 1/6.

    2. The best way to use DOWN cards isn't trying to win showdowns with them, but making your opponent fold and/or making them waste their UP cards. If Kazuya really did play a 7, he's a fool for needlessly re-raising when he could've simply called and more than likely secured 2 lives. As it is, it's like he's trying to pressure Kaiji. He must surely have an actual plan now after getting cornered so much, plus he's seen Kaiji's deductions in action. I'd be disappointed if what you described didn't turn out to be a narrative he conveniently set up.

  3. Ch. 120, page 218-219
    "Kazuya would bear his fangs, here!"
    I always saw him as more of a badger, actually.

  4. At this point, Kaiji should keep up this (genuine) nervousness and call, wait for Kazuya to raise again, then continue to keep up the nervousness and re-raise to 5 while still being nervous. At least, that's how I'd be playing right now. The chance Kazuya has a 7 is non-negligible, but I'd be trying to trick Kazuya into thinking I had played my Up card, making him think I was only feigning nervousness to draw out his bet to the max. Would he call at 5? Maybe.

  5. Kazuya's henchman seemed a bit surprised when he played the 6. I'm guessing he either played it to try and trick Kaiji into thinking he had a 7, or he held on to his 2. In either case he could have drawn a 7 with his latest draw, but I feel like Kazuya is bluffing.