Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zawa Zawa Anthology

A Happy Valentines to you all! Today we bring you another jarring set of chapters from the Zawa Anthology set. Our theme this time: Why it's LOVE of course!

Thanks to Denji for the translations and Crump Biggums for the cleaning.

AHH, Washizu-sama!
You can do it, Ohgi-san!!
Akagi-kun: Love and War

"Why is it... That my heart is pounding so fast?"

AHH, Washizu-sama pits the unrequited love of one of his subordinates against Washizu's one and only heart-throb Akagi. A man who has seen Washizu through thick and thin, to be nary over-looked for the new up and coming homewrecker puts a sour note on Okamoto's near perfect opinion of Washizu. Truly, if Washizu is happy, Okamoto would be happy too, right? 

You can do it, Ohgi-san!! shows us the moments after Akagi is released from the hospital and right before his battle with Washizu. Ohgi aims to please in this 4-koma gag strip style that will leave you breathless with laughter. Or something like that. Ohgi tries to keep Akagi pre-occupied and happy while they see if Washizu will accept another sacrifice for his battle of blood Mahjong game. Akagi seems pretty easy-going, so I think Ohgi is overdoing it to say the least. I can see how he'd be nervous though, treating the man that could net them hundreds of millions of yen in one night wrongly could spell the end for them all.

Akagi-kun: Love and War is the tale of two childhood friends who have stuck together despite obvious personality differences. Iwako (Washizu) has longed for Akagi to confess his obviously undying love for her. But as we all know, Iwako is a ma- woman who waits for no one, not even God himself. She tries to put the moves on Akagi, but Akagi is always one step ahead of her. In the end, he decided that the best way to defuse the situation is with a kiss to the forehead. Truly, a sword in the heart is preferred to being boiled alive by the love of one teenage girl.


  1. I love you, FKMTKrazy, I love you wonderful people.

  2. intriguing but highly disturbing