Thursday, February 18, 2016

HERO Chapter 18

Now that we've caught up with Kurosawa once more, HERO will be taking our Thursday slot until the next volume comes out! In this chapter... it's proof that Fukumoto has nothing to do with this manga. Evidence that it's a betrayal of everything FKMT manga stands for! Something no manga affiliated with Fukumoto should ever have! It's the dreaded... RED FIVES!!!!!!!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans! I'll be streaming Twitch Plays Texas Hold'em Poker this Sunday at 2:00 PM PST and there will be a mahjong night tomorrow at 3:00 PM PST.

"There should be something left... some trace of the lead I had!"

Okay, so red fives aren't actually that big of a deal. This arc takes place in a regular mahjong parlor in 2002, and most modern-day parlors include red fives, so it'd be stranger not to include them. Still, this is the only FKMT manga I know of to include them, and I'm sure they'll be worked into the crazy twists that take place in this arc.

So Hiroyuki does some detective work and realizes that Ichikawa was carrying a lighter even though he didn't smoke. So this lighter becomes the trace of the lead they had, and it takes them to Takadanobaba, a neighborhood in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There, they find a parlor with the kanji for "east" on it, and inside the parlor is a man who knows where the parlor they're searching for is... but won't tell them if they don't have a match with him!

So this dude's name is Kawajiri. If anyone remembers reading his name from the Character Book we scanned 3 years ago, we finally made it to where he's introduced. A young, rich guy with long hair that extends out to the sides and an evil-sounding laugh? Seems just like someone in another fukumoto manga... I can't quite put my finger on who though...

As for the strategy this chapter, Hiroyuki's discard of the red 5-sou didn't really make much sense to me, even after hearing the explanation. The guy to his right was in first, why would it matter to him if the tile was red or not? And moreover, Kawajiri might've had the last 6-sou, in which case that 5-sou might've dealt in to him! It's cool how Hiro was able to read him so well and nail his hand down, but it was a bit too risky for my liking.

So we got to see Hiro in the shower this chapter... will we see Hiroyuki and Kishibe running out of the parlor naked?! The fangirls wait with bated breath.


  1. My biggest hopes for this manga

    are to see Ten naked.

    1. IS that why you wanted this thing to come back so badly, just to see a man naked?

    2. yes.

      THE man naked.

      and of course mahjong.

      mostly nude ten though.

  2. What's the current chapter number in Japan?