Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One Poker-Hen 106

Welcome everyone, take your seat. It's story time!

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans.

One Poker-Hen 106

 "This is a reckless gamble! A night of insanity!"

Kazuya seems to not care too much about what Kaiji picks as far as seat positions or who draws first. It does make sense that technically there is no way to tell which cards are where in the deck, so picking seat positions or who goes first doesn't really matter much. Kaiji seems a little suspicious of this. If Kazuya is the warm-hearted individual that Kaiji has preached, then there wouldn't be a reason for him to be suspicious, considering he won't cheat. I guess he's just being careful for the sake of being careful. 12 lives worth of money is riding on this gamble. Can't miss a beat now.

As for the Ante, I figured it'd be something like this. It makes the game move along regardless of whether each player wants it to or not. I'm curious about if there are time constraints on each hand, or between hands. Since neither person can get up until the game is done, bathroom breaks must be prohibited. I figure a battle of attrition in this case won't happen. It certainly COULD be used as a mind game though. Seems like we'll be seeing Kaiji's hand next chapter hopefully!


  1. Man, this is going really slow

  2. Here's what happened this chapter:

    They sat down.

  3. So Kaiji will question Kazuya about seat position and who goes first, but he won't question him about why they have to buckle in or what the rails are for?

    1. But Kaiji doesn't question Kazuya about the seat position. He doesn't ask him 'how will my seating position matter?', nor 'will going first hurt my chances'? In fact, those two things were brought up by Kazuya, not Kaiji, and all Kaiji did was make a choice, and then demonstrate his suspiciousness of how Kazuya didn't seem to mind what his choice was.

      In regards to the rails and seat belts, we simply don't know whether Kaiji has noticed it or not, but even if he hasn't, it's not surprising: a big machine in the middle of a warehouse? Why wouldn't you expect there to be some rails that function as a transportation mechanism?

  4. Thanks for doing One Poker, guys!!

    Also thanks for the new Kurosawa 2 chapter :)

  5. You cant even go for a bathroom break?
    Now this is an insane gyambru.

    Once again, thanks for taking the trouble.

  6. I would be suspicious about entering my name. The game could be rigged to deal better cards to the player named Kazuya.

  7. I love how suspicious of everything the people here are, that makes the revelation all the more hilarious. Enjoy the pacing, you've got at least another 100 chapters of this.