Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Zawa Zawa Anthology

Looks like we get to open a present early this year. FKMTkrazy brings you 3 new chapters of the Zawa Anthology To refresh, these are chapters made by various artists and compiled into a single volume, celebrating everything that is Akagi. The good, the bad and the oh-so-ugly.

Thanks to Denji for the translations!

Akagi Shigeranai-kun
Zawa Story
Iwatani Tenhou's Akagi Theater

"In other words... You're an idiot!"

First up is Chapter 20, which is illustrated by Kirishima Itsumi. This is a classroom comedy using Akagi's first name as a pun Shigerunai. As noted in the chapter it means, does not grow thickly. Ken seems to be the class clwon and tries to make a joke, but Akagi with his quick wit seems to see ken's future wuite clearly, saying his life is destined to fail, and he will die. Washizu appears on the second pages and babbles on and on about living eternally, but his dodgeball mirror of the future shows his demise! Is this a prediction for the end of Akagi!? Well, I suppose washing must die eventually, so this prediction isn't shocking.

Next is Chapter 29, which is illustrated by Kanbara Norio. We see Makoto here, who just returned from Tokyo after stealing 50,000 yen from his mother. What a terrible son! But he has god news, he used this money to secure a position as an In-the-manga actor for Akagi. An exciting new technology for the manga industry! Adding a filter being able to make images like certain mangaka would be revolutionary, albeit a bit far fetched. It doesn't go according to plans though. He gets cast as a lowly blacksuit, and with a Zawa effect floating in front of his head to boot! Quite unlucky, but still something to be proud of!

Last up is Chapter 32, illustrated by Iwatani Tenhou. In this chapter Akagi is playing mahjong with three mysterious individuals who appear to be quite the bumbling trio. A drunkard, a freelancer and an editor. Their seemingly pointless plays throw Akagi off his game and he becomes more and more off balance. Does he lose the game? Who knows. We may never know!


  1. I picked these chapters because they're the last ones done by people who have written mahjong manga. Kirishima Itsumi wrote Ippatsu no Onna, and Kanbara Norio wrote the Kahori series. Iwatani Tenhou is just there because he's got Tenhou in his name. Technically there's one last author that has done mahjong manga in this anthology, but I'm saving them for last.

    Anyways, happy holidays!

  2. These were great. Lil' Washizu was my favorite

    1. Naturally. Chicken is still the best chapter of the anthology, and Washizu Volleyball is right up there.

  3. Thank you so much. Happy holidays!

  4. are we still gonna get kurosawa and akagi even if it's christmas?