Thursday, December 31, 2015

Akagi Chapter 274

Happy new year, everyone! Since we'll be doing something special for new year's day again, Kurosawa's going to have to wait one more week. In the meantime, enjoy this new chapter of Akagi, in which we find out if Akagi will get a Rinshan Kaihou!!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans. I'm getting a new computer for christmas so I'll be able to stream again soon, but not this sunday. The usual mahjong night will be this saturday.

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"This is your one and only chance!"

So in case you didn't get it, the metaphor that Yoshioka and the Narrator are making regarding the mountaintop refers to the fact that "Rinshan" means "Mountaintop" in chinese. By the by, the wall is actually called the "mountain" in japanese, so the dead wall draw is actually the "mountaintop", and getting a dead wall draw tsumo, or a rinshan kaihou, is "blooming on the mountaintop". Just one of the nuances that gets lost when you don't translate things literally.

So although the tile Akagi drew wasn't his winning tile, it was still a souzu tile. This means every draw of his has been souzu except the Pei, from the very start. So I'd say Akagi's luck is really very monstrous right now as well, though I'm sure Washizu's luck is far beyond his.

There was some discussion in the comments section of the last chapter about Akagi getting a double yakuman off Yasuoka and overcoming the point difference, so let me expound upon that a little bit. First of all, his hand can no longer be suu ankou (four CLOSED triplets) since he open kanned the 6-sou, so that's out. Second, he can't get Suu Kantsu, since any kan of the 1-sou he makes would give Washizu his winning tile (you are allowed to rob a closed kan with a kokushi musou). Ryuu Ii Sou is also out, as he'd need to get rid of his 1-sou. Now, he did just get 3 new dora, so if he could find 5 more han from somewhere he could get to counted yakuman. But even then, counted yakuman does not stack with other kinds of yakuman, so there would be no way to get to double yakuman. I have seen a house rule in a certain mahjong manga where a 26-han hand is considered a double counted yakuman, so I suppose that might be possible since we don't know exactly how it's handled in Washizu Mahjong. But much much easier than getting a 26-han hand would just be getting a tsumo or a direct hit.

But in order for that to happen, Akagi needs to either have Yasuoka feed him an 8-sou so he can kan again, or just pray to god that Washizu doesn't get his 1-sou on his next draw... which by the way is still entirely possible.


  1. Happy New Year! For those keeping count, we only have 7 chapters left (281 just came out in Japan the other day). At this pace we'll be caught up by the end of February.

  2. Hearing that Washizu doesn't mind dying if Akagi were to draw his winning tile was really scary for some reason.

  3. I have goosebumps all over my body! This chapter was gold! Thanks guys.

  4. 5 more han, huh? Akagi kans again gets 4 new dora and draws the 1-sou. But if that happends Akagi will be on a single tile wait.