Friday, December 4, 2015

Akagi Chapter 270

Chapter 270 of Akagi is now up! In this chapter, WE HAVE OUR FIRST DISCARD!!!!!!!! Tell everyone you know, the South 4th Round is officially underway!!

Thanks to Crump for the cleans and to Tambur for the typesetting. There will be a mahjong night tomorrow at 3:00 PM PST.

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"In this round, even the tiniest mistake cannot be permitted!"

WE HAVE A DISCARD!!! IT'S OFFICIAL! THE STARTING HAND ARC IS OVER!! That said, it's just Suzuki's discard, and it isn't really all that surprising what he plays. A good chunk of the chapter is devoted to explaining why he did it, though. Akagi also draws his first draw, and gets to Tenpai for Chin Itsu! But in order to get there... he must play his Pei! The pei that could seal his fate! What will he do now?!


  1. "THE STARTING HAND ARC IS OVER!!" hahahah i couldn't help but laugh at this

  2. Now let the first draw arc begin!!!

  3. The 1s draw is good in that Akagi can play 5s to get tenpai on honitsu sanankou, waiting on the pei. However, that's still weak because he has to draw the opaque pei himself, while anyone else drawing it is a win for washizu. There's also the possibility of Akagi or Yasuoka drawing the opaque 1s, letting Akagi drop the pei (for a 111 123 4666 888 = 45s furiten wait if he drew the 1s) for a chinitsu tenpai.

    Of course, it's meaningless to write this as it will probably be explained thoroughly in the two-volume long "Akagi's 1st discard" arc.

  4. How much behind Japan are we again? It screams final hand, it has to be.

    1. It does scream final hand, but if worst comes to worst, Suzuki can ron and we can go into HONBAAAAA

    2. Why would Suzuki go into honba? Akagi will die if the game ends.

    3. In the South 3rd Round it was discussed that if Washizu won the hand he would HAVE to have honba, even though he definitely wouldn't want to in that scenario, so I have no doubt that it also applies to Suzuki winning the hand.

  5. Hoyl fucking shit, a fucking discard AND a draw, TWO DIFFERENT ACTIONS, BOTH ON THE SAME CHAPTER???????????
    This is going too fast man, I can't handle it.