Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Poker-hen 98

A new dawn breaks on Kaiji. I am very happy to announce the start of Kaiji's new arc One Poker-hen! This chapter more than speaks for itself, so I shall leave you to it. Funny enough even though a new arc has started the chapter number hasn't reset.

One Poker-hen 98

"I promise I'll destroy them!!

Doing this chapter was an absolute delight for me personally. Getting to go back and see the perspective of Mikoko and Muraoka were pretty priceless. Mikoko hasn't seen Kaiji in about 4 days. She seems to love drawing it seems. Non-fiction is her forte from the looks of it. I love how that mini Kaiji story played out, confessing his love for her and swearing off gambling... BUT AFTER JUST ONE MORE GAMBLE! I find it pretty hilarious that even though Mikoko loves Kaiji that his bad sides comes out in her stories. She seems to long for Kaiji, but doubts he will ever grow and stop with his ridiculous gambles. Poor Mikoko.

And then there's Muraoka.This was just do funny to me. Screaming and crying like a baby because he lost his money. Threatening to kill himself was priceless too. I was wondering what was going on with him after Kaiji left so this is great closure.

And the machine! The holy machine which decides the fate of all who enter it confines. It seems accurate to assume Kazuya has used this machine before. Multiple times even. I find it interesting that Kazuya would place his life in another things hands. I'm curious to see how this machine works.

From Sonickrazy: This chapter is actually still part of Volume 10 of Kazuya-Hen. Our group had a lot of trouble deciding, and not everyone in the group is 100% satisfied with it, but I've decided for us to split Part 4 and Part 5 between Chapter 97 and 98. Chapters 98-100 will be called Volume 0 of One Poker Hen. The numbering continues after that; Chapter 1 in volume 1 of One Poker Hen is numbered 101. This is purely a decision on where to separate Part 4 and 5.

There's several reasons for this, but just as many against it. A reason for it is that Fukumoto himself took a big hiatus (a year and a half if I recall) between 97 and 98, so I believe in his mind that's where the parts are split. Another reason is that the arc technically begins in this chapter, and ends in the previous chapter, so it makes sense to split it here.

However, this kind of thing is generally not done in the manga community. Technically speaking, this chapter is still part of volume 10 of Kazuya-Hen, and there is no indication anywhere in the chapter itself that the new name is "One Poker Hen". Moreover, "to be continued in Volume 11 of Kazuya-Hen!" is at the end of this volume, so at this point it would seem they had no intention of calling the new series "One Poker Hen". Thus, it might make more sense just to end the part at the end of the volume.

But still, I think that where chapter 100 leaves off is NOT a good place for the end of part 4, and moreover part 5 all begins here in this chapter. Fukumoto was still releasing One Poker Hen as "Kazuya-Hen" well past 101 in magazine format, so it's clear that he had no intention of making it part 5. The only reason that it IS part 5 now, I have to assume, is because the sales agents decided they wanted to distance it from part 4, which was getting consistently bad reviews.

All this in mind, my decision is this. When Volume 10 was finished, there was no intention of making a "One Poker 1", it was going to be "Kazuya-Hen 11". And yet, it IS one poker 1. I believe if Fukumoto were to go back and do it again, he would have chapters 98-100 be part of One Poker. Which is why I am doing so for the english releases.

Some may remember that I initially dismissed One Poker Hen as a rerelease of Kazuya-Hen chapters. This is because Fukumoto was ACTUALLY RELEASING THE NEW CHAPTERS AS KAZUYA-HEN. But One Poker Hen is on volume 8 now so it's clear that it truly is part 5 now. I apologize to anyone I may have dissuaded by jumping to conclusions, but I think you can forgive me as this shit is fucking confusing as hell.

ANYWAY. We now have a new credits page thanks to tellamine! I saw their Kaiji fanart on Tumblr and fell in love, so I asked them if it was okay to use their Kazuya sketch for the credits page of One Poker Hen, and they was more than happy to oblige! After they added a few cards to the background and I made it into a credits page, I have to say it's looking really sharp!

Everyone go give them lots of love!!


  1. What pissed me off about this chapter was that we find out that Miyoshi and Maeda are... pretty much just fine. Probably gonna have to look for a new line of work, but that's it. Should've gotten a little comeuppance at least.

  2. tellamine's blog says their pronounces are "they/them" instead of "she/her".

  3. Finally, Poker-hen! Thank you so much guys!

  4. Poor mikoko had to fall in love with a gambling fool ;_;

  5. As a poker addict, I'm super hyped for this arc! Thanks a lot!

    Are you guys planning to release the Vol.6 Shin Kurosawa chapters?

  6. Wonder if there are spikes waiting for them at the end of the fall, chances are the machine pushes the loser near to the edge, and once it is done the chair falls down, since just the fall wont guarantee that the loser dies, i wonder if Kazuya pimped the thing with more deadly traps.

  7. I can't wait to fully understand the rules of this game. I feel like a retard but even though it seems trivial at first glance, some results just don't make sense no matter how many times I skim through the raws.

  8. I decided to stop waiting for a season 3 and binge-read the manga. Cool that i finished the day you guys start part 5