Saturday, November 7, 2015

Akagi Chapter 266

A new chapter of Akagi is now up!! In this chapter, will Washizu get closer to Kokushi Musou tenpai?! Or will it fall short??? As fair warning, I am fairly, shall we say, out of it right now, so this post may be very weirdly writeen.

Thanks to Tambur for the cleans and to Biggums for the typesetting. I'll be translationg aggg I mean STREAMING this saturday, no sunday at 3:00 PM PST (

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OKAY SO Ohgi spends most of the chapter talking about how unlikely it is that Washizu will draw his koksuhi mukou, but with this chaaa manga weknwo that cna't be what really happens. The glove darw hand and like WOW! is tile. The ohgi say NO but all the guys are ike YES and shoutsing so Ohgi starts to think that maybe Washizu's getting his power from another dimension or somehing and Washizu is all "I'll draww it" end

Ohgi is going from one end to the other this maaa chapter as he first go NO but later yES and chapter are is kind of stretched out, also how koksuhi drawn is fun we'll see how Akagi draw next and if he'll get good tile too


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    1. please be ok dont die on me. if you're gone no one will translate akagi and if no one translates akagi i will kill myself

    2. Yeah I'm fine now I was high last night. Not gonna fix this tho, it's comedy gold

    3. This is the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time. I just can't get over the sentence: "The glove darw hand and like WOW! is tile."

    4. Pot, which is legal where I live.

    5. ahaha, thanks for the good laugh

  3. Damn Crump! that typesetting job tho.

  4. FKMT's pacing is driving even the translators to insanity. Can this man be stopped?

  5. Dear Sonickrazy,

    Could you please tell us what tiles Akagi would need so that he and Washizu would both be waiting on the 1 Sol? Meaning that neither of their partners can assist?

  6. Mokal: There is a huge asymmetry due to point difference. Yasouka cannot deal into Akagi's hand, because that will end the match and kill Akagi. Even if Akagi and Washizu would be waiting on 1-sou, Suzuki could deal 1-sou. Washizu declares a win off it; it doesn't matter if Akagi headbumps it, the round ends and Akagi loses dues to point difference.

    Akagi can win in three ways (1) get a tsumo (2) get a ron of Washizu (3) get a double yakuman ron to surpass the 39000 points difference. All other ways lead to him dying.

    However, this scenario made me interested, what if the point difference was not a problem? It is possible that both Akagi and Washizu would be waiting on a 1-sou and their partners would be unable to deal in due to atama hane? Note Yasouka has a 4-sou, so this scenario is not possible if Akagi had a 1-4 ryanmen wait. I found an artificial way for this to happen, but not a natural one.

    Akagi needs one more tile to complete his initial hand. Suppose he gets a 6-sou.

    112 345 6666 888

    As his first draw, he gets a chun. He makes a Kan out of 6's and gets another chun.

    112345 888 CC (6666)

    He discards the 2-sou

    11 345 888 CC (6666)

    Now he's waiting on 1-sou and chun, but Washizu has a pair of chuns, so the only way to win is with a 1-sou.

    My guess is that Washizu will get an opaque tile, and the 1-sou in his hand will become a dangerous tile. Akagi could draw a pei and be forced to risk dealing into Washizu's hand.