Thursday, October 8, 2015

Akagi Chapter 262

We're almost all the way through the volume! And in this chapter, we find out if Yasuoka can support Akagi by drawing a 1-sou or 8-sou!

Thanks to Tambur for the typesetting and to Crump for the cleans. I will be streaming Twitch Plays E-Card this Sunday at 2:00 PM PDT, and there will be a mahjong night this Saturday at 3:00 PM PDT.

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"It's like they're twins!"

Well, this is interesting, wouldn't you say? A very nice Chin Itsu shape for Akagi, and a Kokushi Musou hand for Washizu. The only thing is, Akagi's hand is still very flexible; even if his hand doesn't fill up any more from here, this shape is still a good foundation and should make getting to closed Tenpai pretty easy. On the other hand, Washizu can only hope to get that Kokushi. If he doesn't get any closer, his hand will be in shambles unless he can pair up tiles and go for Hon Rou Tou or Tsuu Ii Sou. So overall I'd say this hand is going in Akagi's favor so far. Washizu's hand is pretty heavy, while his hand is flexible.

I also really liked the contrast between Ohgi and Yoshioka's thoughts this chapter, how they reacted differently to the same scenario. It's the first time we're seeing every bit of the action and every thought from both sides, so you have to appreciate that even if you don't like the pacing. What will happen in the last chapter of the volume? Find out next week!


  1. At first when I noticed the awfully slow pacing I was like "Shit, it's only gonna get worse from now on isn't it", but now i can't believe how good it is to just see them draw their starting hands

  2. Ohgi: Please! Don't pair them up!
    Washizu: Looks like you got your wish

  3. Is this going to end in a Yakuman battle ? Holy shit, things are getting crazy.

  4. Chuuren Poutou Vs Kokushi Musou ooooh this could be fun though I doubt it'll turn out that way, it's far too heavy for either Akagi or Washisu and with both of them having pairs they can't get the 9 sided or 13 sided wait without being furiten.

    If Akagi he were to get a direct hit on Washizu for a Yakuman would that overcome the current points difference between them as well? Not that it'll relevant at that point of course ^^

    1. Yes it would, and a Yakuman Tsumo would do it too!

  5. Imagine if they ended up waiting on the same tile, which in this case could only be 1 sou. That would be pretty awesome.

  6. From Washizu's perspective, kokushi is heavy and has little chance of winning. There is a possibility that Washizu will collect two more terminals, have 9 terminal tiles and try to call an abortive draw. But like double riichi this can only be done before calling, so Akagi or Yasouka might have to discard a useful tile just to call and stop him from the declaring the draw.