Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kazuya-hen 93

Kaiji is at a major crossroads. Will he save Mario and Chang, or save that money for his battle with Kazuya!?

Thanks to Sonickrazy for the translations and to Crump Biggums for the cleans.

Kazuya-hen 93

"I'm poor, that's who I am." 

Kaiji struggles with the moral and financial implications of making this decision. On one hand, human life is precious, irreplaceable. On the other, how much value does Kaiji have for a stranger who he had never previously met? Time and time again Kaiji has been betrayed by his so-called friends. He obviously doesn't think very highly of people as it stands. He stretched his life and luck to its very limit in order to secure the funds he now has. He will be very shortly engaging in another life or death battle. How much thought and time should he be putting into people who won't be helping him in this effort at all. More than that, they will be severely impeding his abilities by draining his very life force, his money.

We all know that Kaiji is a very nice and sometimes naive person who can get caught up in the moment and make rash decisions. He may very well cave to his emotions and save them, instantly regretting it later. Of course, what is the price of a clean conscience? As it stands, Kaiji still has a clean conscience. Will this be the straw that breaks his back?


  1. Srly you are fucking gods, THANKS!

  2. This is so much better than the entire previous game

  3. This arc is damn good. I know that some people don't find it very interesting because "Kaiji isn't playing", but as we see now he still participate. One of the big theme of the Kaiji series is the notion of trust, friendship and solidarity when money and financial problems come into play.

    I really like this arc. Seeing 3 new characters with their own background is refreshing, it allowed some tension and suspense : Will they win? If not, who will betray his mates?

    Moreover, it brings to the main point of this arc: "Could Kaiji give huge amount of money to almost complete strangers in trouble?" The fact that he is hesitating (because of some reason: jumping from poor to rich, betrayal from his "friends", his future gamble with kazuya, ...) is interesting because it shows that Kaiji isn't someone who firmly believe in his values. He shares some similarities with the people he met before.

    And I think that arc is very important for Kaiji, and because of the decision he must take he somewhat gamble his values and his self-view. Could money really change HIM, our Kaiji? The fact that he is hesitating will surely have a psychological impact on him. And it will be stronger afterwards if at the end he choose to favor money over helping.